File Title
1 Comet Interceptor construction moves forward
2 California approves sweeping climate change strategy that's short on details
3 Scientists testing future technology to extend solar energy measurements
4 Ukraine conflict 'hindering SDGs progress'
5 Where are the best places to land humans on Mars?
6 Here's how Russia's war in Ukraine is still reshaping global science
7 Why Hot Summers Could Ruin Your Winter Road Trips
8 Biodiversity study shows loss of insect diversity in nature reserves due to surrounding farmland
9 Study reveals that wild African elephants choose paths leading directly to their favorite food
10 What goes into a retailer's decision to lower prices?
11 Scientists discover what was on the menu of the first dinosaurs
12 Balancing mining activities with survival of Utah's rare plants
13 Using quantum-inspired computing to discover an improved catalyst for clean hydrogen
14 Linking fossil climate proxies to living bacteria helps climate predictions
15 NASA's Perseverance rover to begin building Martian sample depot
16 Ancient goldworking toolkit from burial near Stonehenge revealed
17 Model shows extinction cascades caused by land use and climate change will wipe out more than 25% of world biodiversity
18 A sensitization strategy achieves hyperfluorescence
19 A deep red, cranberry-tinted lipstick that's also antimicrobial
20 Pentagon has received 'several hundreds' of new UFO reports
21 Atomic structure of a staphylococcal bacteriophage using cryo-electron microscopy
22 Using additive manufacturing to detect counterfeit parts
23 Study examines bacteria living in and on mosquitoes
24 Expanding research into the chemistry of environmentally friendly power generation
25 Fusion skepticism follows a century of genius, fraud and hype
26 Bird diversity increased in severely burned forests of southern Appalachian mountains
27 Astronomers may have uncovered how galaxies change their shape
28 The Dutch cycle twice as much as Germans in winter, finds transport study
29 NASA launches international mission to survey Earth's water
30 UK needs to use phosphorus sustainably, say researchers
31 Rivers and lakes need better protection, says report
32 Earth's water is 4.5 billion years old, says new study
33 Inflating a habitat to destruction to test its limits before going to orbit
34 University of Kent scientists develop body armour that stops bullets travelling at speed of sound
35 NASA's Webb Space Telescope Pierces Star Forming 'Cosmic Cliffs'
36 Here's How Nuclear Fusion Works--And Why It's A Big Deal for Scientists
37 Using machine learning to better understand how water behaves
38 New political redistricting procedure may prevent gerrymandering by forcing parties to act fairly
39 At COP15, businesses urged to act for nature
40 Malaysia landslide death toll rises to 23
41 Marjorie Taylor Greene's Mask Question Problematically Compares COVID-19 Coronavirus to Farts
42 Arctic Report Card reveals rainier, shifting seasons with broad disturbances
43 Why Do We Love Some Animals but Kill or Eat Others?
44 Tracking Elon Musk's Jet Is Legit for Another Reason
45 Humanity Will Wipe Out More than A Quarter of Earth's Biodiversity in the Next 100 Years
46 Biodiversity talks in final days with many issues unresolved
47 When You Can See 'Christmas Star' Planets and Shooting Stars on the Solstice this Week
48 When Funny Science Takes the Spotlight
49 Study uncovers existing limitations in the detection of entanglement
50 Sound of a dust devil on Mars recorded for first time
51 Software Is Unlocking the Mystery of Why Rivers Change
52 Arctic air will blast much of US just before Christmas
53 Space crew using robotic arm to inspect damaged capsule
54 EU reaches deal on major carbon market reform
55 Draft UN nature deal calls to protect 30% of planet by 2030
56 Countries poised for historic deal to protect nature
57 One in three parents say their teen regularly attends religious services with the family
58 New research uncovers hidden long-term declines in UK earthworms
59 These science discoveries from 2022 could be game changers
60 Are bacteriophages the new antibiotics?
61 The first planet found by the Kepler space telescope is doomed
62 Alien planet found spiraling to its doom around an aging star
63 A diamond-based quantum amplifier
64 Measuring gamma-ray bursts' hidden energy unearths clues about the evolution of the universe
65 Endangered loggerhead turtle fitted with GPS tracker, released back to the ocean
66 Stranded dolphins' brains show common signs of Alzheimer's disease--study
67 Hubble captures spectacular image of open cluster NGC 6530
68 NASA developing AI to navigate the lunar surface using landmarks
69 Severe Droughts Triggered 'Barbarian Invasion' Leading to the Downfall of the Roman Empire
70 A cheaper method to recycle activated carbon
71 Santa's Bringing A Piece of the Polar Vortex to Town
72 Researchers realize remote tuning of lifetime of coupled Dirac plasmons
73 Long genital spines on male wasps can save their lives
74 Climate change's effects can be more than the sum of its parts
75 Isotopic signatures in Ryugu suggest it formed close to comets along with some unique minerals
76 Structure of monkeypox DNA revealed using cryo-electron microscopy
77 Twin brother spotted hyenas are often attracted to the same new group when they disperse from their birth group
78 Diving birds are more prone to extinction, according to new study
79 Atmospheric carbon might turn lakes more acidic
80 'Abuse witnessed or experienced' by 95% of Scottish hospitality workers during pandemic: Report
81 New method helps reduce uncertainty in numerical models
82 Study reveals spatial and temporal evolution of precipitation in Indo-Pacific region over the last 40,000 years
83 How magnetic waves interact with Earth's bubble
84 Balloon over Lapland measures the amount of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere
85 The clever glue keeping the cell's moving parts connected
86 A binary merger just outside our Milky Way links long GRB with kilonovae
87 Japanese billionaire Maezawa picks K-pop star TOP, DJ Steve Aoki to join SpaceX moon trip
88 Study shows dinosaurs were 'struck down in their prime' by asteroid
89 SpaceX gives rival's internet satellites ride to orbit
90 Work on world's largest radio telescope begins in Australia, South Africa
91 Forensic team of astronomers probe star's messy death
92 NASA's Perseverance rover collects first dust samples on Mars
93 Virgin Orbit's launch from Britain's first spaceport delayed
94 How daredevil drones find nearly extinct plants hiding in cliffs
95 Focus on commercial use of NavIC, ISRO's future satellites to get additional frequency
96 Japanese company's lander rockets toward moon with UAE rover
97 Scientists discover genetic markers behind human 'sixth sense'
98 US to announce scientific breakthrough on fusion energy
99 Robots set their sights on a new job: sewing blue jeans
100 Can nuclear fusion help fuel the world?
101 China maps out plans to put astronauts on the Moon and on Mars
102 Caltech astronomers' algorithm classifies 1,000 dying star explosions
103 Scientists inch closer to robots that can build almost anything, including other robots
104 Fusion breakthrough is a milestone for climate, clean energy
105 Mars rover captures 1st sound of dust devil on red planet
106 NASA to conduct first global water survey from space
107 The device uses a Raspberry Pi to detect diarrhoea by listening to you on the toilet
108 First private lunar lander captures image of 'crescent Earth'
109 Unexplained leak from docked Soyuz spacecraft cancels Russian ISS spacewalk
110 Micrometeoroid strike could be cause of Russian spacecraft leak
111 Group casts doubt on Amazon's claims of reducing plastic
112 Scientists overlooked the snake clitoris, until now
113 Webb telescope's PEARLS image captures 'galactic diamonds'
114 The 5 biggest scientific breakthroughs of 2022: Fusion energy, 'life after death,' and more
115 Astronomers discover that two distant exoplanets are mostly water
116 NASA's Juno to explore most volcanic place in the solar system
117 Webb image reveals previously obscured newborn stars
118 NASA orbiter finds curious pattern in Martian craters
119 No evidence of space aliens so far in the Pentagon's UFO deep-dive
120 Robotic arm to inspect leaky Soyuz spacecraft, Russia says
121 Hubble captures 'cosmic smokescreen' of Lagoon Nebula
122 NASA image shows Hubble's sparkling new view of Carina Nebula
123 Scientists freeze Great Barrier Reef coral in world-first trial
124 Oppenheimer wrongly stripped of security clearance, US says