File Title
1 Solving the mystery of the 'little skate,' a fish that walks on two legs
2 Are you heading to Florida's Gulf Coast? Beware of red tide affecting several spots
3 Welcome to Janssen, the 'Hell Planet' of Lava and Diamonds Where A Year Lasts 18 Hours
4 Daylight exposure helps ease better into sleep at night, study suggests
5 Study reveals one major reason why you might be struggling to get to sleep
6 New study confirms light from outside our galaxy brighter than expected
7 A Dating Expert Highlights Two Big Benefits of Finding Your Intellectual Match
8 Russian ISS spacewalk cancelled due to coolant leak: NASA
9 Nevada flower listed as endangered at lithium mine site
10 Brazil sees area burned by fire nearly double in November
11 Drought encouraged Attila's Huns to attack the Roman empire, tree rings suggest
12 Scientists release UK roadmap for managing phosphorus--key ingredient behind all the food we eat
13 Getting More Exercise--'The More Exercise the Better'--Cuts Risk of Severe COVID, Study Finds
14 Study decodes 'unexpected danger' that lurked under ancient Mayan cities
15 Astronomers Make Multispectral Map of Binary Star's Latest Nova Outburst
16 2022 was the year long COVID couldn't be ignored
17 White House Restarts Free COVID Testing as Cases and Deaths Rise--Here's How to Order Free Rapid Tests
18 Ten Strange and Amazing Historical Artifacts We've Launched to Space / Science
19 No, Yellowstone isn't about to erupt, even after more magma was found
20 Researchers establish mode of action of crucial signaling complexes
21 Machine learning reveals how black holes grow
22 New 3D-printing ink could make cultured meat more cost-effective
23 Mitigating corrosion by liquid tin could lead to better cooling in fusion reactors
24 Mapping the world's food production footprint on climate and environment
25 Researchers develop all-optical approach to pumping chip-based nanolasers
26 New fluorescent sensor reveals a key protein involved in interactions between cells
27 Optoelectronic resonator increases the sensitivity of an electron pulse detector
28 Russian space capsule leak likely caused by micrometeorite
29 NASA's Juno spacecraft's mission has lasted longer than expected
30 London Underground polluted with metallic particles small enough to enter human bloodstream
31 Where the target came from--and why we're losing sight of its importance
32 House Passes Legislation Banning the U.S. Shark Fin Trade
33 How scientists can turn latest breakthrough into a new clean power source
34 Are prices real? How ghosts of calculus and physics influenced what we pay for things today
35 Netflix's 'Ancient Apocalypse' is more fiction than fact, say experts
36 Harmful fungal toxins in wheat are a growing threat, says study
37 Recycling carbon emissions could be key climate solution but won't be easy, report to Congress says
38 Testing the stress levels of rescued koalas allows us to tweak their care so more survive in the wild
39 A shield for 2D materials that adds vibrations to reduce vibration problems
40 NASA's Webb Space Telescope unveils young stars in early stages of formation
41 NASA sensors to help detect methane emitted by landfills
42 New book examines tallgrass prairies' ecological history, effects on Indigenous cultures
43 Timber demand could help save forests
44 With historic droughts on the rise, we must reclaim our water
45 Study probes how plague spreads through wild rodent populations
46 Harnessing smartphones to track how people use green spaces
47 Gender or biological sex not as decisive in economic decision-making as previously thought, study finds
48 The Sun Just Unleashed A 'Remarkable' Series of Solar Flares on Its Most Active Day for Years
49 Wearable electronics could soon be made with a starch-based material to prevent e-waste
50 Plastic pollution kills sea urchin larvae, shows study
51 Study investigates 'virgin birth' in aquarium sharks, even when potential mates are nearby
52 Social ties can increase salary for low-wage workers
53 Scientists develop a method to allow trees to flower in mere months
54 How a policy to address a groundwater shortage inadvertently increased air pollution in northern India
55 Scientists create chemical compound that can reverse effects of methamphetamine and fentanyl
56 Study of World Cup's turfgrass may help crops yield more from less
57 Adult children more likely to be estranged from dad than mom, national study finds
58 Better digital tools could help immigrants access benefits
59 Mammals island-hopped from Australia to colonize the world, claims paper
60 Developing a standoff coherent Raman spectrometer
61 Visualization of the deforming atomic wavefunction with attosecond time-resolved photoelectron holography
62 A pressure-sensitive device capable of characterizing gases using structural colors
63 Artificial intelligence helps Brazilian breeders select desired traits of native fish
64 First comprehensive assessment of effectiveness of tertiary treatment processes in removing emerging contaminants
65 Wood-eating clams use their poop to dominate their habitat: Study
66 When using virtual reality as a teaching tool, context and 'feeling real' matter
67 A birefringence-managed normal-dispersion fiber laser delivering energy-tunable chirp-free solitons
68 Tons of Airborne Microplastics Drop onto Cities Every Year
69 Study shows how relational values contribute towards sustainability
70 Relativistic mirror made of plasma at kilohertz repetition rate
71 Researchers synthesize new compound for production of plastics
72 Astronomers discover two potentially habitable exo-Earths around a star near the sun
73 Audits can bring bad news or benefits to small businesses
74 What Does the US Fusion Breakthrough Mean? Is It Just Hype?
75 New research on antibiotic-resistant bacteria may be a step toward new treatments for infections
76 Game theory shows why sexual misconduct is underreported
77 Climate change belief not split along political divide
78 Astronomers make most extensive study yet of young stars' magnetic activity
79 Why this Week's Shortest Day of the Year Is Getting Longer
80 Greenland's glaciers might be melting 100 times as fast as previously thought
81 South cleans up from tornadoes as blizzards advance north
82 Claudine Gay named first Black president of Harvard
83 Why New Year's resolutions fail, even though people know how they can succeed
84 Experts from 14 nations discuss global gene drive project registry
85 Dynamical fractal discovered in clean magnetic crystal
86 Christmas-colored droplets hint at solutions for fog harvesting
87 Marine researcher identifies new bottlenose dolphin subspecies
88 Newly identified protease inhibitors may aid uninhibited potato cultivation
89 Researchers analyze risk of population disruption as a result of decarbonization
90 Panama shuts down huge copper mine in contract dispute
91 Brazil dam fuels fears for river
92 New funding announcements at high-stakes UN nature summit
93 US backs fund for sustainable safaris in Africa
94 The drone that could save bats from the terror of wind turbine blades
95 Separation of Fiji and Vanuatu tied to Samoan seamounts
96 Poorer physical health among those who experience discrimination in Canada
97 How JWST's glances back in time are reshaping cosmology
98 The Top Ten Dinosaur Discoveries of 2022, Science
99 Adult mouse brains are teeming with 'silent synapses'
100 A key advance for quantum technology
101 Researchers compile world's first 'atlas' of airborne microbes
102 Research explains why sexual arousal can turn men off long-term relationships
103 How Safe Do Cities Feel? Machine Learning Techniques Could Help Find Out!
104 Scientists develop low-cost system to measure space weather without leaving the ground
105 Physicists create the first two-dimensional ferrimagnetism in graphene
106 Scientists reveal why Brussels sprouts taste better as you get older, and why your grandparents were right all along
107 Astronomers discover irregularities in the cores of red giants
108 The last vital ingredient for life has been discovered on Enceladus
109 New DNA analysis provides first accurate tuberculosis genome
110 This was a year of both triumphs and challenges
111 Growing fears of 'dead pool' on Colorado River as drought threatens Hoover Dam water