File Title
1 Argentine ants will do anything for sugar, but they won't do this
2 Helping acoustic concepts resonate with students
3 The secret to STEM diversity may lie in peer mentorship
4 Examining the three dimensions of a flower
5 A Janus carbon electrocatalyst can balance intrinsic activity and electronic conductivity
6 Sharing is caring with fire ant venom
7 Scientists discover shark graveyard at the bottom of the ocean
8 Squeezing microwave fields by magnetostrictive interaction
9 How karst caves can be used as a terrestrial simulation platform to test and design human bases in lunar lava tubes
10 Study unravels the role of DNA methylation in oceanic microbial communities
11 Rust-coated irrigation pipes hint at lack of nitrate in groundwater
12 Researchers develop new 'raspberry-shaped' nanoparticle for precision drug delivery
13 Mars Was Covered in Deep Oceans. Then 'Something Catastrophic' Happened, Say Scientists
14 A husband-and-wife team solve the mystery of how worms develop their gut
15 Circular bioplastics offer solution for climate crisis and growing resource consumption
16 Wildfires don't deter Americans from moving to at-risk regions
17 From Shetlands to Azores, Europe's space race takes off
18 Civil society wants voice heard at COP15 biodiversity meeting
19 Canadian university identifies low carbon foods for student meals
20 Arctic Sweden in race for Europe's satellite launches
21 Americans' spending found to decline consistently after age 65
22 Murderous 1600s pirate hid out in US colonies with impunity
23 Hawaii road in limbo as Mauna Loa lava continues to crawl
24 Humans are 'surprisingly' poor at picking up cues of aggression in dogs, study says
25 Oddball gamma-ray burst forces revision of theoretical framework
26 Dinosaurs were thriving before asteroid wiped them out, landmark study reveals
27 Spider Goats, Genetic Modification, and the Will to Change Nature
28 The metric system is gaining new prefixes. Here's what to know
29 Discovery of World's Oldest DNA Breaks Record by One Million Years
30 Seven of the Wildest and Weirdest Attempts to Curb Animal Pests / Science
31 Scientists reveal secrets to burping black hole with the Green Bank Telescope
32 Tidal disruption event J150052 was caused by a rapidly spinning intermediate-mass black hole, study finds
33 Experimental nanosheet material marks a step toward the next generation of low-power, high-performance electronics
34 Scientists remove yeast cell's sex drive and turn it into a cannabis tracker
35 A rough morning at home can lead to employees being more helpful at work
36 New genomes to help protect Britain's wild and ancient apples
37 Research reveals pandemic lessons to help sustain and grow faith communities
38 Georgia Is Becoming an EV Leader--That's Good for Our Climate
39 No supersonic boom for dinosaur tails
40 How a cell's mitochondria make their own protein factories
41 Early churches found in ancient African kingdom
42 NASA scientists map global salt marsh losses and their carbon impact
43 How does a cell move? 'Pull the plug' on the electrical charge on the inner side of its membrane, say scientists
44 International study warns against drawing premature conclusions
45 Are outspoken social media users more polarized in their views on racial equality?
46 Cubic silicon carbide wafer demonstrates high thermal conductivity, second only to diamond
47 Colombia, a global biodiversity hotspot, faces rising threats to bird species from expanding human footprint
48 Implications of the latest wave of mega-fires for the European Green Deal
49 Researcher aims to uncover details of plant invasions in tropics
50 Finding faults and examining stresses following Japan's giant 2011 earthquake
51 Supreme Court admissions case could upend environmental justice laws
52 How the selfish genes of yeast succeed
53 New electrochemical measurement output uses data science to reveal microbial electricity generation mechanisms
54 Brief activity bursts offer health benefits for non-exercisers
55 How to build a resilient brand
56 Findings for invasive insect's life cycle could aid management in southeastern US
57 A new computational system streamlines the design of fluidic devices
58 Warming seas' negative impact on giant kelp starts in early life, says study
59 Industry lobbies against biodiversity goals: research
60 To resolve youth violence, Canada must move beyond policing and prison
61 Mauna Loa lava no longer imminent threat to Hawaii highway
62 Rare Apollo mission moon rock back in Cyprus after 50 years
63 Study shows new way for simple production of vicinal diamines
64 Florida mints radiated as peninsula sank and resurfaced during ice ages, finds study
65 Racism and Discrimination Are A Key Public Health Threat--But Overlooked and Dismissed Using Poor Science, Researchers Warn
66 Convictions remain rare for police accused of sexual assault
67 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022: The Funny Winning Images
68 Study documents first-known instance of male jaguars forming coalitions
69 A Full 'Cold Moon' Occults Mars On A Rare and Auspicious Night for Crewed Spaceflight
70 Deep-space optical communication demonstration project forges ahead
71 Assessing El Nino 'flavors' to unravel past variability, future impact
72 Japanese billionaire Maezawa announces crew of artists for lunar voyage
73 Let the lava flow! Iceland's volcano show is a hit
74 Study finds commonly used sweetener is linked to anxious behaviour
75 SpaceX gives rival's internet satellites ride to orbit
76 New, portable device detects glow emitted by plants to measure their health
77 Microbial miners could help humans colonize the moon and Mars
78 Irish woman joining Japanese billionaire on first civilian flight to moon
79 50 years ago, physicists found the speed of light
80 Short one-minute bursts of exercise during daily tasks can prolong lifespan, study finds
81 Why pandemic fatigue and COVID-19 burnout took over in 2022
82 Adventures in nanotech: Growing a metallic snowflake
83 PAN-based activated carbon fibers for efficient adsorption of nitrate ion contaminants
84 Baby seals show off vocal skills
85 Cupric oxide exhibiting both magnetic and dielectric properties at room temperature
86 How Colombian Hummingbirds Are Linked to the Plants They Feed On
87 Discovery of critical inhibitory site in an energy-producing enzyme could lead to the rational design of antibiotics
88 Three techniques, three species, three different ways to fight drought
89 A big step toward producing rhino gametes
90 International research team creates previously unknown nitrogen compounds
91 Adventures in nanotech: Growing a metallic snowflake
92 PAN-based activated carbon fibers for efficient adsorption of nitrate ion contaminants
93 Baby seals show off vocal skills
94 Cupric oxide exhibiting both magnetic and dielectric properties at room temperature
95 NASA's Webb reaches new milestone in quest for distant galaxies
96 Discovery of critical inhibitory site in an energy-producing enzyme could lead to the rational design of antibiotics
97 Why do cats knead?
98 Longitudinal field laser processing enabling high aspect ratio 10 nm features produced in sapphire
99 How views from space have changed the way we see Earth
100 Study identifies genomic region related to sex determination of macroalga Undaria pinnatifida
101 Researchers shed (laser) light on emerging water treatment technique
102 Edible coating made from silk can extend shelf life of foods
103 Airlines are finally admitting contrails are an environmental problem
104 Ultrafast writing with light
105 How to rebuild an atomic clock
106 Without more data, a black hole's origins can be 'spun' in any direction
107 Greta Thunberg effect evident among Norwegian youth
108 Biocompatible polymer protection for vaccines and drugs
109 Experts urge COP15 policy makers to support research to find, catalogue, protect disappearing deep-sea species
110 Surprise discovery set to improve drug development
111 Structural studies offer 'how-to' guide for designing cancer drugs
112 Air for disadvantaged LA residents is more polluted, more toxic