File Title
1 These are our favorite science books of 2022
2 Researchers adapt a Nobel Prize-winning method to design new, ultra-powerful X-ray systems
3 'Black widow' PSR J1544+4937 investigated in detail
4 Multifunctional terahertz transparency of thermally oxidized vanadium metasurface over insulator metal transition
5 Kilometer-scale modeling better reflects the relationship between land and precipitation
6 Directly visualizing the cooperative adsorption of a string-like molecule onto a solid with double-stranded DNA
7 Using the nexus approach to identify systematic solutions for sustainable development
8 Methods for building lunar landing pads may involve microwaving moon soil
9 So far, Elon Musk's Twitter Files amount to 'a tempest in a teapot,' expert says
10 Key proteins keep DNA regions close for longer
11 How germ cells cut the cord from their parents
12 NASA's Roman mission completes key optical components
13 On-demand storage of photonic qubits at telecom wavelengths
14 Proposing a new idea for spacecraft propulsion that involves dynamic soaring
15 Big egos, lack of staff training and policy enforcement are major barriers to island conservation
16 A Moral History of the Genetic Age by Matthew Cobb
17 How to spot 'fake news' online
18 Orthodox Judaism can still be a difficult world for LGBTQ Jews--but in some groups, the tide is slowly turning
19 Why married mothers end up doing more housework when they start out-earning their husbands
20 Why we need open-source science innovation--not patents and paywalls
21 Want A Biotech Lab? This Start Up Is Revolutionizing the Bioeconomy with on Demand Lab Space.
22 Telescope-inspired microscope sees molecules in 6D
23 As a sacred minnow nears extinction, Native Americans of Clear Lake call for bold plan
24 Towards conservation and recovery of Victoria's biodiversity
25 Astronomers have identified six massive stars before they exploded as core-collapse supernovae
26 Long-lived lakes reveal a history of water on Mars
27 A Couple Explains How Talking About Their Reproductive Trauma Saved Their Relationship
28 Genetic barriers, a warming ocean, and the uncertain future for an important forage fish
29 Hurricanes Surface Strange Structure on Florida Beach Thought to Be Shipwreck
30 Estimating forest desiccation to better predict fire danger
31 300,000 households across Britain could be homeless next year if government does not urgently change course
32 Crabs have evolved five separate times--why do the same forms keep appearing in nature?
33 Rhino conservation in Nepal creates a burden for communities, infrastructure and other species, study warns
34 Microstructured fiber measures the size of nanoparticles
35 Enhancing and protecting Canada's carbon stocks is essential but insufficient to meet GHG emission targets: Report
36 Transport of air masses in connection with El Nino decoded
37 Examining the promotion of Arabidopsis immune responses by a rhizosphere fungus
38 How tree species link fungal partners across a large-scale forest ecosystem
39 Rare new fossil find the 'Rosetta Stone' of marine paleontology
40 Jawbone may represent earliest presence of humans in Europe
41 Traveling with friends helps even mixed-up migrators find their way
42 Rotten meat could be easier to detect thanks to new biosensor system
43 Warming climate spurs harmful oxygen loss in lakes
44 Rural robins 'get more physically aggressive when exposed to traffic noise'
45 Forest wildflowers and their overstory trees are changing with climate, but not always keeping pace
46 Chemists develop reactions for the general synthesis of promising unexplored compounds
47 Proximity to senior managers enhances inventors' productivity, creativity
48 Art museums team up with scientists to ferret out fakes
49 Tiny, hidden galaxy provides a peek into the past
50 New method lets researchers detect proteins in close proximity in single cells
51 Researchers develop nano-based technology to fight osteoporosis
52 Can virtual reality play a role in veterinary education? Researchers think so
53 Energy footprint found to be reduced by the alternative community lifestyle
54 Armored dinosaurs may have used tail clubs to bludgeon each other
55 Ankylosaurs battled each other as much as they fought off T. rex
56 AI Haikus Are Getting Better
57 How the current Southwestern North American megadrought is affecting Earth's upper atmosphere
58 A single Asian hornet may have sparked the ongoing spread across Europe
59 Using 3D metal-printing topological materials to manipulate full-vector elastic waves
60 Experimental implementation of measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution
61 Astronauts Should Hibernate on the Way to Mars to Stay Alive, Say Scientists
62 Researcher creates algorithms to predict arsenic contamination in private wells
63 Scientists narrow the anchor point in a quantum chromodynamics critical point search
64 Many kids are struggling. Is special education the answer?
65 Researchers introduce method of coloring microscopic coral larvae to aid tracking for conservation and reef restoration
66 Could new cancer drugs come from potatoes and tomatoes?
67 The ancestor to modern brewing yeast has been found hiding in Ireland
68 Researchers find an elusive European parent of lager yeast in Ireland
69 Coastal diatoms' genetic diversity comes to the rescue when aquatic environments change abruptly
70 Collision of prehistoric continents 'cooked' the bones of ancient amphibians, say researchers
71 The Influence of YouTube Videos on Our Tolerance of Sharks
72 Is classroom inclusion or segregation best for children with special needs?
73 The costs of racial discrimination in the labor market
74 Can microrobots improve the safety of dairy products?
75 After year of climate disasters, world off-track to curb warming
76 Strange condition that may have caused woman to vomit over 30 times a day decoded
77 Countries making risky bet on forests and soils to reach net zero
78 UN biodiversity talks open, billed as 'last chance' for nature
79 Webb telescope promises new age of the stars
80 No northern giant hornets found in 2022 in Washington state
81 Extinctions, shrinking habitat spur 'rewilding' in cities
82 The Science of Dogs and Their Unique Friendship with Humans
83 Single Asian hornet queen may have sparked insect predator's aggressive invasion of Europe
84 In 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope brought us new views of the cosmos
85 Discovery of world's oldest DNA breaks record by one million years
86 Quantum processor reveals bound states of photons hold strong even in the midst of chaos
87 Climate archives under the magnifying glass
88 How cells gain control over their bacterial symbionts
89 What Does Polly Say? Species Differences in Vocal Learning by Parrots Revealed by Citizen Scientists
90 A nanofiltration membrane with asymmetric selectivity toward enhanced water recovery
91 Breakage-resistant conductive hydrogel extends service life of triboelectric nanogenerators
92 A bizarre gamma-ray burst breaks the rules for these cosmic eruptions
93 New lidar technique could help robotic vehicles land safely on Mars
94 New research into the embryo health of captive-bred Southern Corroboree frogs
95 Will we ever go back to explore the ice giants? Yes, if we keep the missions simple and affordable
96 Examining the future of Finland's forests and peatlands as a carbon sink
97 Modified CVs can help working mothers mind the employment gap
98 Dinosaurs were in their prime before asteroid downfall, study finds
99 Soil in midwestern US is eroding 10 to 1,000 times faster than it forms, study finds
100 Europe's farm industry on cusp of robot revolution
101 Linking African winds to Atlantic storms
102 Significantly elevated particulate air pollution concentrations found in the Copenhagen Metro
103 People continue to matter, as accounting evolves
104 Ancient stone tools from China provide earliest evidence of rice harvesting
105 Rainwash eDNA provides minimally invasive method to assess tree canopy invertebrate diversity
106 Martian dust devil analogues in the Mojave Desert
107 Research team develops a wearable dataset for predicting in-class exam performance
108 A trade-off between disinfection and air quality
109 You're never too busy for self-gifting, study finds
110 Coupled computer modeling can help more accurately predict coastal flooding, study demonstrates
111 NASA's Perseverance rover collects two samples of Martian regolith
112 A commercial real estate agent's gender does matter--to the seller
113 A novel interfacial regulated broadband photocatalyst