File Title
1 Understanding the link between water consumption and cognitive abilities
2 Nightmares are a good predictor of future dementia--new study
3 Alzheimer's progression slowed by drug in major trial
4 Shaheen Bhatt on how micro-tasking 'helps the hopelessness dissipate a tiny bit'
5 Healthy eating: Bhagyashree shares why makhanas are the perfect snack
6 Can you give yourself CPR if you're having a heart attack? What doctors say
7 COVID may increase heart ailments if it becomes endemic: Expert
8 World Heart Day 2022: Simple habits to keep your heart healthy
9 At what age should people with family history of heart ailments get screened? What parameters should they get checked?
10 Experts on why Supreme Court's ruling, granting abortion access to all married and unmarried women, is crucial
11 Why you must not confuse uneasiness in the upper part of the stomach with gas, acidity
12 What are the different types of abortion procedures available in India?
13 Has the pandemic changed our personalities? New research suggests we're less open, agreeable and conscientious
14 What is the role of surgery in patients with COVID-19 complications? A doc explains
15 Mental health NGO wins UK govt. grant to develop model for autism care
16 Why you should strictly avoid drinking water from plastic bottles
17 Effective Ayurvedic tips to control blood sugar levels
18 Post-abortion care: Experts share immediate and intermediate precautions for faster recovery
19 This is why you must never heat honey, or combine it with ghee, spicy foods
20 What women should know about taking care of their mental health pre and post abortion
21 Consume these nutrients to boost your mental health
22 New drug may turn COVID virus against itself, fight variants
23 Lifting weights once a week linked to reduced risk of premature death--new study
24 Myth or fact: Birth control pills cause weight gain
25 Can lack of sleep invite health risks like blood pressure, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and heart attack?
26 Viral infections including COVID are among the important causes of dementia--one more reason to consider vaccination
27 Dog health: What kind of problems can your pet face due to ticks?
28 My year of stress and constipation
29 Does daily dose of insulin increase risk of cancer in patients with type 1 diabetes?
30 Eight things you must never do after having a meal
31 This is Mira Kapoor's 'favourite snack'; know why you should have it too
32 Here's how spending some time with your pet can 'act as a source of comfort'
33 Why you shouldn't ignore persistent anaemia or low hemoglobin
34 Five things to do in your 20s and 30s to reduce your risk of preventable cancer
35 Should you drink water before tea or coffee on an empty stomach in the morning?
36 What is the 10-minute rule you should follow when cooking with garlic?
37 Can cough syrups cause restlessness, low sugar level, excessive sleepiness in children?
38 Is back pain a warning sign of cardiac arrest?
39 These three things can cause bloating, find out what they are
40 Expert shares three possible reasons you could be struggling to lose weight
41 This is what makes 'low-key' lauki one of the healthiest vegetables
42 Do experts recommend the reuse of insulin syringes?
43 Ever felt choked, anxious, or been unable to move, speak between a state of sleep and wakefulness?
44 Liver disorders in women during pregnancy: Expert shares some dos and don'ts to follow
45 Brown sugar vs. white sugar: Find out which is healthier
46 Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath practises 12-hour fasting...but is that good for your health?
47 If you think scrapping COVID isolation periods will get us back to work and past the pandemic, think again
48 Can the 4-7-8 breathing trick help you sleep better?
49 Rakul Preet Singh's nutritionist recommends this beverage that works as a decongestant, strengthens immunity
50 This 'powerful yogic technique' can help improve vision (but there are some contraindications)
51 Expert shares five healthy eating habits that you must normalise
52 'Listening to my favourite music helps me emotionally reset': Shaheen Bhatt on feeling overwhelmed
53 Are sprouts the ultimate superfood?
54 5 things you must do to prevent back pain as you age
55 World Mental Health Day: Five ways to help genderqueer teenagers
56 Pollen does more than make you sneeze. It can cause thunderstorm asthma, even if you're not asthmatic
57 What role do pillows, mattresses play in determining the quality of your sleep?
58 Can diabetes affect mental health, and vice versa?
59 Diabetics, here are some healthy breakfast options for you
60 Three effective ways to lose weight without counting your calories
61 Hyderabad hospital saves baby's life with 'high frequency ventilation' in ambulance; find out more
62 This juicy fruit can help relieve chronic constipation: 'It acts as a natural laxative'
63 'I am grateful to be alive': Selena Gomez lays bare her mental health struggles in documentary trailer
64 Can hemp help reverse chronic conditions like diabetes?
65 Myths or facts: Contact lenses can get stuck in the eyes; are not for those with high power
66 The good, bad, and ugly facets of 'chai' (plus, some forbidden combinations with milk tea)
67 'Mental illness can happen to anyone,' says Deepika Padukone she visits mental health patients in Tamil Nadu village
68 How lifestyle changes can help reduce pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients
69 Radical action can end stigma, discrimination against people with mental health conditions: Lancet report
70 World Arthritis Day: Some common myths busted
71 Rheumatoid arthritis: These Ayurvedic remedies will help relieve swelling, pain
72 Anxiety can look different in children. Here's what to look for and some treatments to consider
73 'If fasting for a day makes my family happy, I am more than willing to do it': Why women observe 'nirjala' Karwa Chauth vrat
74 Know all about 'tandulodaka,' the Ayurvedic remedy for UTI, white discharge, burning sensation when urinating
75 Khloe Kardashian reveals she had a 'rare' tumour removed from her face
76 What is the 20/20/20 rule to prevent digital eye strain?
77 Why you must consume soya 'with caution'
78 Nearly half of COVID patients haven't fully recovered months later, study finds
79 Get relief from chronic constipation with this easily available natural laxative
80 Understanding the link between air pollution and increased risk of stroke, death
81 What is ADHD coaching and do I really need it?
82 Are diabetes, weight gain potential risks associated with skipping meals?
83 'I tend to eat a lot when stressed. Is it a sign of emotional eating?'
84 Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Common signs and symptoms you should know about
85 Know more about 'military method,' a technique that helps you fall asleep in 120 seconds
86 Expert shares 'healing foods' that can help improve thyroid function
87 Can you change the way your body smells?
88 Some dos and don'ts after breast cancer surgery
89 Optimise your post-workout nutrition for better recovery with these expert-approved tips
90 What is avian flu, the disease afflicting viral TikTok emu Emmanuel?
91 Are you a 'true crime' fan? What mental health experts say about consumption of everything grisly and gory
92 These signs indicate that lack of sleep is affecting your immunity
93 Do you feel tired and sluggish all the time? Make these 8 lifestyle changes
94 No, it is not 10,000; the number of steps needed to lose weight isÉ
95 Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How breastfeeding protects mother and child
96 Make potatoes and rice diabetes-friendly with this simple trick
97 Your bathing habits can affect digestion; three things to keep in mind when taking a shower
98 Dental care after 30: Tips to maintain good oral health
99 As XBB cases surge, experts advise caution against this 'new class' Omicron variant
100 Social media use and poor wellbeing feed into each other in a vicious cycle. Here are 3 ways to avoid getting stuck
101 Hair straighteners may pose a small risk for uterine cancer, study finds
102 Can diabetes increase the severity of dengue? Can the mosquito-borne illness impact your blood sugar levels?
103 Problems conceiving are not just about women. Male infertility is behind 1 in 3 IVF cycles
104 Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What you need to know about its impact on pregnancy, fertility
105 This is probably why you are unable to lose weight
106 Raw or cooked: What is the best way to consume carrots for maximum health benefits?
107 Constipation: 10 foods to ease bowel movement naturally
108 Understanding the link between a Mediterranean diet and reduced risk of dementia
109 Half the world has a clitoris. Why don't doctors study it?
110 World Osteoporosis Day: Do we lose height as we age?
111 Your favourite perfume could have 'more than 100 toxic ingredients'; here's how they can affect health
112 This festive season, stay hydrated with these expert-approved tips
113 Are you a mosquito magnet? It could be your smell
114 Breast self-examination: Learn how to do it correctly
115 Oral health: Does the material and shape of your tongue cleaner make a difference?