File Title
1 Hoppy Health Benefits--Beer Hops Compounds Could Help Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
2 Highest Coral Cover in Central, Northern Great Barrier Reef Since Monitoring Began 36 Years Ago
3 Scientists Reveal that Eating These Foods Can Worsen Menstrual Cramps
4 Warning: Popular COVID-19 Drug May Interact with Common Heart Medications
5 More Successful than Ketamine--a Shocking Depression Treatment
6 For the First Time--Researchers Finally Classify All of Earth's Ecosystems
7 Considered Impossible--New Study of 5 Million People Reveals Genetic Links to Height
8 Hubble Spots a Titanic Stellar Collision that Rattles Space and Time
9 Hubble Hunts an Unusual Galaxy--Distorted by Gravity and Twisted into a Colossal Ring
10 New Durable and Inexpensive Catalyst Reduces Carbon Footprint
11 Pain Relievers like Ibuprofen and Naproxen May Worsen Arthritis Inflammation
12 Evading Volcanic Disaster: Monitoring "Frothy" Magma Gases for Eruption Signals
13 Forgetting Is Natural, but Scientists Say You Can Do this to Slow It Down
14 Behold! NASA's Artemis I Orion Close Flyby of the Moon
15 Simplified "Radical" Process Shines Light on New Catalyst Opportunities
16 Organoid Engineering Breakthrough: Developing Model Systems that Mimic Human Organs
17 Algae-Powered Soft Devices Glow in the Dark When Squished or Stretched
18 Can Stress Influence Your Appetite? A Johns Hopkins Study Reveals that It's All in Your Head
19 Scientists Have Uncovered New Details of the Icy Depths
20 Significant Post-COVID Brain Abnormalities Revealed by Special MRI
21 Unique Black Hole Discovered Spewing a Fiery Jet at Another Galaxy
22 New Technology: The 'Almost Perfect' Diagnosis of an Elusive Global Killer
23 Study: Men with High IQ Are More Likely to Do this Unusual Activity
24 Remarkable Weight Loss--Study Finds New Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
25 Prehistoric Predator? Artificial Intelligence Says Footprints Not "Vicious" Dinosaur
26 Holistic Profiling System Identifies Food Better for Overall Health and Lower Risk for Mortality
27 NASA Orion Spacecraft Captures Stunning Views During Artemis I Lunar Flyby
28 Biologists Uncover New Information About Earth's First Animals
29 Huge Potential--New AI Material Learns Behaviors and Adapts to Changing Conditions
30 Artificial Intelligence Agent Is a Winner at (the Game of) Diplomacy
31 Surprising Findings--Does Reducing Screen Time Increase Productivity?
32 Heart Disease: "Good" Cholesterol May Not Be Good for Everyone
33 Search for Ancient Life: NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Investigates Intriguing Martian Bedrock
34 As Never Seen Before: NASA's Webb Reveals an Exoplanet Unlike Any in Our Solar System
35 Scientists Unravel the Molecular Structure of One of the Most Important Immune Receptors
36 NASA Artemis I--Flight Day Seven: Orion to Exit Lunar Sphere of Influence
37 Discovery of 119-Million-Year-Old "Selfish" Genes Casts Doubt on Established Evolution Beliefs
38 10 Key Questions of Intelligent Computing
39 Superconductivity Breakthrough: Spin Correlation Between Paired Electrons Demonstrated for First Time
40 Scientists Discover a Link Between Mitochondria and Cancer
41 Experts: "Polypills" Could Save Millions of Lives Each Year
42 What Thanksgiving in Space Is like for Astronauts Onboard the International Space Station
43 A New, More Effective UTI Drug
44 A New Sound Levitation Breakthrough
45 Antioxidant Flavonols--From Fruit, Tea and Wine--Linked to Slower Memory Decline
46 Artemis I Mission: Unexpected Loss of Communication with Orion Spacecraft
47 World's First Continuous-Wave Lasing of Deep-Ultraviolet Laser Diode at Room Temperature
48 Astrophysicists Solve 40-Year-Old Black Hole Jet Mystery with NASA's IXPE
49 A Warmer Arctic Ocean Leads to More Snowfall in Northern Eurasia
50 NASA Artemis I--Flight Day Eight: Orion Spacecraft Exits Lunar Sphere of Influence
51 Human "Plant Blindness"--New Study Identifies Cause and Cure
52 Weird Wonder Fossil Discovery Adds Piece to Puzzle of Arthropod Evolution
53 A Bleak Picture: More People in the UK Are Dying than Expected
54 Unparalleled Precision: Researchers Reveal New Information About Photosynthesis
55 A Low-Cost Drug from the 1960s Could Help Treat Colon Cancer
56 New Measurements Provide a Glimpse of the Quantum Future
57 Drinking Even Low Amounts of Alcohol During Pregnancy Changes Baby's Brain Structure
58 Scientists Have Found a Way to Manipulate Digital Data Stored in DNA
59 A Bizarre Case of Hypertension Immunity
60 NASA's Perseverance Rover Discovers Possible Organic Compounds in Mars Crater Rocks
61 NASA Artemis I--Flight Day Nine: Orion Spacecraft One Day Away from Distant Retrograde Insertion
62 Caltech Mathematicians Solve 19th Century Number Riddle--Finally Prove "Patterson's Conjecture"
63 Scientists Answer: Are Women Really Better at Remembering Words than Men?
64 Highly Intelligent: What Octopus and Human Brains Have in Common
65 New Tool Reveals What Happens When We Learn
66 Earth Might Be Experiencing 7th Mass Extinction, Not 6th--"A True Decrease in the Abundance of Organisms"
67 Why Do Hurricanes Have Such Huge Destructive Energy?
68 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Completes First Flight with New Navigation Software
69 Today's Spacewalk Thwarted by Spacesuit Problem
70 Unexpected Result: COVID-19 Vaccination Improves Effectiveness of Cancer Treatment
71 NASA Artemis I--Flight Day 10: Orion Spacecraft Enters Distant Retrograde Orbit
72 Looming Crisis: Alarming Study Shows Significant Decline in Sperm Counts Globally
73 Warming Oceans Will Likely Shrink the Habitats of Many Marine Mammals
74 Saving Lives: A New Medical Adhesive
75 Ancient Roman Gold Coins--Long Thought to Be Fakes--Now Authenticated
76 Black Holes More Powerful than Thought--Magnetic Fields Reach Deeper into Galaxies
77 Groundbreaking New Technology Allows People to Listen to Music Through Touch
78 Astronomers Discover Important New Information Regarding Star Formation
79 Scientists Reveal that this Type of Dating Profile Sparks More Attraction
80 MIT Finds Indoor Humidity "Sweet Spot" to Reduce Spread of COVID-19
81 Unprecedented Detail: Researchers Capture How Genes Fold and Work
82 Cambridge Scientists Detect Signs of Dementia Nine Years Ahead of Diagnosis
83 Magma Beneath a Long-Dormant Volcano Has Been Observed Moving Upwards
84 NASA Artemis I--Orion Spacecraft Enters Moon Orbit
85 New Study Reveals a Secret to Becoming More Active
86 NASA Artemis I--Orion Spacecraft Surpasses Apollo 13 Record Distance from Earth
87 Personality and Divorce: Breakups Are More Common in Albatross Couples with Shy Males
88 See the Far Side of the Moon: Incredibly Detailed Pictures from Artemis I Orion Close Lunar Flyby
89 Large Parts of Europe Warming Twice as Fast as the Planet--Already Surpassed 2íC
90 MIT Reveals: How Nervous Systems Integrate Environment and State to Control Behavior
91 Science Textbooks Wrong? 525-Million-Year-Old Fossil Defies Common Explanation for Brain Evolution
92 Berkeley Analysis Reveals the Age of Yosemite Valley
93 Surprising Findings--New Samples Shed Light on the Moon's History and Makeup
94 COVID-19 "Severely Ruptured" Social Skills of the World's Poorest Children
95 Completing Einstein's Theories--a Particle Physics Breakthrough
96 Risk of Seizures Is Higher After COVID-19 than After Influenza--Especially in Children
97 Celestial Fireworks Display: Hubble Captures Shreds of Luridly Colored Supernova Remnant
98 Light-Powered Nanomaterial Catalyst Could Be Key for Hydrogen Economy
99 NASA Artemis I--Flight Day 12: Orion Tests Star Trackers and Reaction Control Thrusters
100 Unparalleled Precision: Scientists Reveal the Net Charge in a Single Platinum Nanoparticle
101 New Alzheimer's Breakthrough Expands Range of Potential Drugs
102 Nationwide Problem: Serious Lung Infections Caused by Soil Fungi
103 Key Discovery for Future Design of Laser-Fusion Energy Reactors
104 Huge 285-Mile-Long River Discovered Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet--Could Accelerate Ice Loss
105 James Webb Space Telescope Reveals Oldest Star Clusters in the Universe
106 Newly Discovered Cluster of Genes Increases Longevity
107 Promising New Cancer Therapy Developed by Albert Einstein College of Medicine
108 Why Alzheimer's Disease Damages Certain Parts of the Brain--New Genetic Clues
109 History-Making Event: Orion Goes the (Max) Distance--268,563 Miles from Earth
110 NASA Assesses Launch Pad for Damage After Launch of the World's Most Powerful Rocket
111 At Risk for Diabetes? Scientists Recommend Doing This
112 20 Times More Intense: New Material Will Help Improve Phone and Television Displays
113 New Report: Earth Is "Unequivocally" in Midst of Climate Emergency
114 New Banana-Derived Therapy Is Effective Against All Known Coronaviruses and Flu Strains
115 Why Comorbidities Persist: HIV Infection Leaves a "Memory" in Cells
116 AI Predicts Future Heart Disease Risk Using Single Chest X-Ray
117 NASA Artemis I--Flight Day 14: Deep Space Testing Continues
118 Two Minerals--Never Before Seen on Earth--Discovered in Massive Meteorite
119 New Form of Antimicrobial Resistance Discovered--One of the World's Greatest Health Threats
120 Too Much Motivation Affects Your Perception and Decision-Making
121 SOFIA Finds No Phosphine--a Potential Sign of Life--on Venus
122 NASA Scientists Use Discover Supercomputer to Create Black Hole Jets
123 Mysterious Astronomical Signal Is Black Hole Jet Pointing Straight Toward Earth
124 Psychologists: Dark Personality Traits Make People Susceptible to Fake News
125 Puzzling Scientists for Nearly 50 Years: Mystery of Namibia's Fairy Circles Finally Solved
126 Startling News: A Certain Type of Stroke Is on the Rise