File Title
1 Cutting-edge experiments ride SpaceX's 26th CRS mission to space station
2 Sponsian: Ancient Roman gold coins thought to be 'fakes' reveal long-lost emperor
3 Call for harder line on how we judge conservation
4 A warmer Arctic Ocean leads to more snowfall further south, according to new model
5 Physicists strike gold, solving 50-year lightning mystery
6 Canada geese beat humans in longstanding territory battle
7 Research reveals accent discrimination in hiring
8 Wildlife summit to vote on 'historic' shark protections
9 An ultra-short-period exoplanet discovered with TESS
10 Why Winter Does Not Disprove Global Warming
11 Emperor Charles V's secret code cracked after five centuries
12 Tracing changes to the human diet during the transition from hunting to agriculture
13 Novel nanoparticles deliver innovative cancer chemoimmunotherapy
14 Wet pet food 'seven times worse' for climate than dry
15 Researchers suggest that wormholes may look almost identical to black holes
16 A study offers new insights into the record 2021 Western North America heat wave
17 New CRISPR-based tool inserts large DNA sequences at desired sites in cells
18 A single fiber actuator inspired by human muscles
19 Fair and Sufficient--Keywords for Climate-Friendly Fashion Consumption
20 How cooking food and gathering for feasts made us human
21 Iranian Protesters Claim Regime Is Using 'Nerve Agents' to Quell Riots
22 Study reveals intensive grassland management hampers recovery of soil food webs from drought
23 Possible organic compounds found in Mars crater rocks
24 Overfished lobster found to grow bigger in protected areas
25 Increased grazing pressure threatens the most arid rangelands
26 A (Very) Short History of Life on Earth by Henry Gee--Review
27 Eight glasses of water per day may be too much, scientists conclude
28 Webb telescope reveals blazing hourglass around forming star
29 A light-powered catalyst could be key for hydrogen economy
30 To stop new viruses jumping across to humans, we must protect and restore bat habitat
31 Webb Space Telescope spots early galaxies hidden from Hubble
32 20,000 Died Amid Punishing Heatwaves and Record Temperatures Across Western Europe this Summer, Data Indicates
33 #MaskUp #BringBackMasks Trend as COVID-19, RSV, Flu Cases Increase
34 Sir Patrick Vallance issues warning over net-zero goal
35 What's an Average Exoplanet? ESA's Upcoming ARIEL Mission Should Provide Answers
36 Would You Pay $125,000 to See the Northern Lights from A Space Balloon?
37 Stop counting cups. There's an ocean of difference in our water needs
38 Less intensively managed grasslands have higher plant diversity and better soil health, research shows for first time
39 New Exhibits at Wellcome Collection Reflect on Historic Science Collections
40 Fireworks have long-lasting effects on wild birds
41 Spending too much money? Tempted by sales? These ways to 'hack' your psychology can help
42 Evidence of Higgs boson contributions to the production of Z boson pairs at high energies
43 TMBIM5, an important piece of the mitochondrial exchange puzzle discovered
44 A Psychologist Explains Why Holiday Sales Are So Hard to Resist
45 Electron pairing in quantum dots as a new approach to qubit research
46 So many online returns end up in landfill--here's what needs to happen to change that
47 Review provides new perspective on grieving the loss of a pet
48 Vehicle pollution zone to cover all of London
49 Dieback of the Amazon rainforest under climate change in the latest Earth system models
50 Direct observations of a complex coronal web uncover an important clue as to what mechanism drives solar wind
51 Travel emissions drop aided lockdown methane surge
52 Researchers reveal role of methyltransferase SMYD3 in hypoxia tolerance
53 Ambient electrosynthesis of urea with nitrate and carbon dioxide over iron-based dual-sites
54 How bacteriophage resistance shapes Salmonella populations
55 Global wildlife summit approves shark protections
56 Exploring how totipotency pioneer factor Nr5a2 activates the genome in zygotes
57 Examining previously unknown molecular mechanisms for environmental adaptation in plants
58 Wolves infected with a common parasite may be much more likely to become pack leaders
59 Land-use change for healthy New Zealanders and a healthy environment
60 Single-use cardboard boxes or reusable plastic crates--which type of packaging is more sustainable?
61 King of rockets, NASA's SLS could soon be usurped by SpaceX's Starship
62 What octopus and human brains have in common
63 1 in every 5 low-paid workers in Ireland are over 50, report finds
64 Researchers find repeated gene duplications and genetic diversification in protein kinase R in mouse-eared bats
65 Project aims to use concrete reefs to increase marine biodiversity off the Danish coast
66 Distribution pattern and environmental factors of belowground bud banks in large-scale environment transects
67 Climate change is increasing the frequency and temperature of extreme heat waves
68 How COVID-19 school closures could affect inequalities in the decades to come
69 What's the best mix of oceans to land for a habitable planet?
70 Working prisoners are entitled to employment and safety standards just like anybody else
71 A new instrument gives the Very Large Telescope an even sharper view of the cosmos
72 Thanksgiving Tornado Warnings Are A Reminder Severe Storms Don't Take A Holiday
73 Animals are key to restoring the world's forests, long-term data set reveals
74 Double telescope study of zone where Wow! signal originated comes up empty
75 Oyster reef restoration rapidly increases marine biodiversity: Study
76 Guess who? Chimpanzee faces reveal family relationships
77 Why this movie about a Martian robot will make you reach for your handkerchief
78 Research aims to develop innovative recovery of valuable raw materials from 'red mud'
79 Skull and partial skeleton found in Morocco helps link ancient whale species
80 Some Archaea found to have integrons, allowing cross-domain gene transfer
81 Study shows prestigious institutions produce more published manuscripts because they have a bigger labor pool
82 What if the dinosaurs hadn't gone extinct? Why our world might look very different
83 How satellites, radar and drones are tracking meteorites and aiding Earth's asteroid defense
84 The world needs to radically transform its educational systems, not just upgrade them
85 Claims that RSV Surge Due to COVID-19 Vaccines Take Clinical Trial Data Out of Context
86 Research Unveils Birthplace of Gold-Rich Stars
87 James Webb Space Telescope uncovers chemical secrets of distant world--paving the way for studying Earth-like planets
88 Energy-rich Qatar faces fast-rising climate risks at home
89 A New History of the Aztecs by Camilla Townsend--Review
90 Around 2,500 Australians Pose Naked for Skin Cancer Awareness
91 Ethiopian schools study suggests COVID has 'ruptured' social skills of the world's poorest children
92 China rocket taking 3 to space station to blast off Tuesday
93 Italy declares state of emergency after deadly island landslide
94 'Alarming' global sperm count decline continuing 'at an accelerated pace,' study warns
95 Bird flu prompts slaughter of 1.8M chickens in Nebraska
96 What headline? 'Gaslighting' Merriam-Webster's word of 2022
97 Wolves emboldened by parasite more likely to lead pack: study
98 Controlling nematode worm behavior using two different light-sensitive proteins called opsins
99 Researchers find positive legacy effects after grassland droughts
100 Tracking Earth's many new lakes and their emerging role in carbon emissions
101 A scalable quantum memory with a lifetime over 2 seconds and integrated error detection
102 Leading plastics scientists call for inclusion of all associated chemicals in global plastics treaty
103 Australia falls short in Great Barrier Reef efforts: experts
104 Sociability genes found in some spiders
105 Hawaii volcano, world's largest, erupts for first time in decades
106 New kind of tropical cyclone identified in the Indian Ocean
107 New species of tyrannosaur, Daspletosaurus wilsoni, hints at ancestor of T. rex
108 New research unearths obscure and contradictory heat transfer behaviors
109 New study is the first to examine what happens when cyclones and fires collide
110 Calcifying organisms are under threat from a combination of ocean warming and acidification
111 Brexit changes caused 22.9% slump in UK-EU exports into Q1 2022 according to new research
112 Low-Frequency Bass Encourages Dancing
113 SpaceX gives Space Coast 52nd launch of the year
114 Math approach may make drug discovery more effective, efficient
115 Study finds that big rains eventually bring big algae blooms
116 What ancient underwater food webs can tell us about the future of climate change