File Title
1 Sun-soaked North Africa pushes for cheap energy
2 Wireless power from space
3 Africa renewable energy investment at 11-year low: research
4 Bridging periods of reduced sunlight and peak loads in a climate-neutral way using salt
5 A novel concept for photovoltaics developed at TU Dresden
6 NASA astronauts complete spacewalk to prep for upcoming solar array upgrades
7 New discoveries made about a promising solar cell material, thanks to new microscope
8 Research collaboration produces all-perovskite tandem solar cell with high efficiency, record voltage
9 'Unstoppable' renewables help climate, security
10 Nine countries join alliance to boost offshore windpower
11 US to offer leases for Pacific offshore wind energy platforms
12 UAE, Egypt ink major wind energy deal on COP27 sidelines
13 Spain, UK making headway on renewable energy: report
14 Brussels under pressure to tighten car pollution rules
15 Farizon's futuristic truck to hit road in 2023
16 Renault to list electric car unit on stock market, partner with China's Geely
17 Oil-rich Saudi launches first electric vehicle company
18 Toyota keeps net profit forecast despite production woes
19 Stellantis China Jeep joint venture to file for bankruptcy
20 EU strikes deal to ban combustion-engine cars by 2035
21 Will climate change doom US truck habit? Detroit says no
22 Climate activists target sports cars at Paris motor show
23 Kenya debuts electric bus in clean energy push
24 Uber shares surge as company says consumers still strong
25 Volkswagen says China recovery accelerating
26 Iraq shelves plans to reinstate conscription
27 CORRECTED: Lebanon extradites to Iraq 'Saddam grandnephew' accused of IS link
28 Flowery facelift for heart of revolt in Iraqi capital
29 American shot dead in Iraqi capital: security sources
30 Iraq considers reinstating conscription
31 Iraq's new premier sacks senior officials
32 Iraqi sentenced to death for anti-regime activist's killing
33 Major Iraqi parties push for new government by Saturday
34 Iraq judge quizzes five tax officials over missing $2.5bn
35 Xi, Kishida to meet as N. Korea fires missile
36 US, Japan and S. Korea warn Pyongyang against nuclear test
37 Biden to press Xi on N. Korea in G20 talks
38 North Korea fires ballistic missile, Seoul's military says
39 The weakest link? North Korea's crumbling air force
40 N. Korea vows 'overwhelming' response to US-South Korea war games
41 US assails China, Russia on N. Korea after missile barrage
42 Seoul scrambles jets after detecting 180 N. Korea warplanes
43 North Korea fires three ballistic missiles, Seoul says
44 Japan warns some to shelter after North Korea missile launch
45 Why did North Korea fire a missile across the maritime border
46 N. Korea fires 17 missiles, one close to S. Korea
47 Biden, Xi 'agreed' nuclear weapons should never be used
48 US, Russian spy chiefs meet on Moscow nuclear threat
49 US-Russia meeting expected soon on resumption of nuclear inspections
50 Scholz defends China trip with accord on anti-nuke message
51 US worries over Russian nukes; Russia says seeks to avoid nuke powers clash
52 New Swedish PM says open to nukes under NATO
53 Pacific nuclear legacy overshadows US talks in Marshall Islands
54 IAEA to conduct 'independent' probe into Ukraine dirty bomb allegations
55 Russia undertakes nuclear drills as fighting heavy near Bakhmut
56 Reliving the Cuban missile crisis: 'We were going to be incinerated'
57 US says Russia informed it of nuclear exercises amid tension
58 'Dirty bomb' warning fits Russia record of deception
59 Analysts say Moscow's 'dirty bomb' claims just a diversion
60 Zelensky slams Russia's 'dirty bomb' claims, calls for 'harsh' response
61 Russian nuke use would be 'act of hostility against humanity': Japan PM
62 Erdogan says confident US, Russia won't use nukes
63 Biden says 'confident' China 'not looking' for North Korea to escalate
64 Jet engine installed on NASA's X-59
65 China close to rolling out most advanced stealth bomber yet
66 Private jets at COP27 spark conflicting claims
67 China shows off newly approved passenger jet at major airshow
68 China new home prices see sharpest decline in over seven years
69 China unveils sweeping measures to rescue property sector
70 Asian shares surge as investors cheer slower US inflation
71 China factory gate prices fall for first time in nearly two years; as ultra-rich get squeezed
72 Lavrov 'in good health' after hospital checks on G20 summit eve
73 Biden and Xi to meet at G20 summit
74 Harris to visit Philippines in show of US support on China
75 India at 75: Melting glaciers, heatwaves and climate crisis
76 Macron urges more Chinese pressure to end Ukraine war
77 Study finds evidence that fuel regulation reduced air pollution from shipping
78 China attacking Taiwan a 'mistake' like Russia in Ukraine: top US general
79 Biden says no 'imminent' China plan to invade Taiwan
80 Taiwan to set up more language centres in US, Europe
81 Taiwan expects greater China pressure after Xi cements power: FM
82 Taiwan hosts democracy activists from Hong Kong, Russia and Iran
83 US must prepare now for China invasion of Taiwan: admiral
84 China sees 'much faster timeline' on taking Taiwan, Blinken warns
85 China will 'never commit to abandoning the use of force' on Taiwan: Xi
86 Elon Musk 'doesn't know much' about Taiwan, says premier
87 Sweden to send military, humanitarian aid to Ukraine
88 Flowers, mines welcome Ukraine forces on road to Kherson
89 'We can't survive on our own': locals help out neighbours in Bakhmut
90 Russian Kherson retreat would be Ukraine's victory: NATO chief
91 Ukraine has 'strong bipartisan' US support: NATO chief
92 Little respite for Ukrainian artillery fighters near Bakhmut
93 Ukraine's occupied city of Kherson without electricity, water after strike
94 Russia, Ukraine exchange 107 fighters in prisoner swap
95 UN Security Council renews Bosnia peacekeeping force
96 Ukraine's 58th brigade in the heart of the Bakhmut mire
97 Kyiv residents 'get by' after Russian strikes cut water and power
98 Italy's Meloni backs Ukraine in NATO chief call
99 Macron urges China to play 'greater mediation role' on Ukraine
100 IAEA chief still hopes Tehran visit will take place
101 'No progress' in discussions with Iran: UN nuclear watchdog
102 Iran plans to supply Russia with arms 'unacceptable': NATO chief
103 Iran team to head to Vienna for UN nuclear watchdog talks
104 Blinken sees no 'near-term prospect' for Iran nuclear deal
105 Iran's Raisi says US 'dragging feet' over nuclear deal
106 Iran's nuclear agency says email server hacked
107 Blasting crackdown but eyeing deal, West in quandary over Iran
108 EU sanctions to target Iran 'morality' police
109 UK to join EU project to speed up troop movements
110 India fact-checkers face threats, jail in misinformation fight