File Title
1 Disadvantaged children missing out on meals in childcare
2 War in Ukraine widens global divide in public attitudes toward US, China and Russia: Report
3 Fully mature hair follicles grown in cultures
4 Chang'E-5 samples reveal how young volcanism occurred on the moon
5 Some Asian animals found thriving near humans
6 Reducing noise pollution with acoustic walls and rubberised roads
7 New dates suggest Oceania's megafauna lived until 25,000 years ago, implying coexistence with people for 40,000 years
8 The science of how plants register trauma includes a precursor to the calcium wave
9 Tiny Tennessee fish protected, but US has yet to say where
10 A broader definition of learning could help stimulate interdisciplinary research
11 Interest rates may not rise as much as expected, says Bank of England economist
12 How to 3D print the fossils of the great museums of the world
13 Research links local news, civic health of communities
14 Derbyshire fossil study reveals insights into Peak District's 12 million year-old climatic past
15 Hubble views a turbulent stellar nursery
16 Online program to support children with reading difficulties helped them make significant progress, study shows
17 Media coverage of brown bears in Romania
18 Discovery of new ecosystem--'The Trapping Zone'--creating oasis of life in the Maldives
19 Modern archaeology reveals the secrets of an Iron Age power center
20 Prions induce toxic huntingtin oligomers
21 Anomalous magnetic moment of the muon--a new conundrum comes to light
22 New covalent organic framework material accelerates solar fuel generation
23 Embedding iron oxide into liposome bilayer to trigger ferroptosis
24 How 'closing the gap' may close doors for First Nations women in new plan to end violence
25 Lessons We Learnt from Paul Farmer
26 Science moves a step closer to curing hair loss
27 Along the Missouri river banks, one turtle thrived while the other declined
28 ESA Mission to Venus Should Crack Code on Planet's Past
29 Is Earth Spinning Faster? How Ancient Solar Eclipses Are Shedding New Light on Earth's Rotation
30 Western wildfires spark stronger storms in downwind states
31 LED tech boosts saplings, hopes for UK net zero bid
32 Central Asia identified as a key region for human ancestors
33 Lake Mead brain-eating amoeba death among few in US
34 Particle physics pushing cancer treatment boundaries
35 Alien megastructures? Cosmic thumbprint? What's behind a James Webb telescope photo that had even astronomers stumped?
36 Novavax COVID-19 Booster Gets FDA Authorization, Does this Deserve More Attention?
37 Surge in Young Kids Hospitalized with Respiratory Illnesses like RSV, Flu
38 What Is an 'Eclipse Season?' How the Moon Aligns with Earth for this Week's Solar Eclipse then A 'Blood Moon' for America
39 New Discovery of 2,200 Year Old Stargazing Map Sheds New Light on Ancient Astronomy
40 New data transmission record set using a single laser and a single optical chip
41 Farmers in US Midwest struggle amid prolonged drought
42 India launches 36 internet satellites delayed by Ukraine war
43 Butterfly wing patterns emerge from ancient "junk" DNA
44 Israel to spend millions on Einstein museum
45 3 Fatal Flaws of Online Dating, and A Psychologist's Recommendation on How to Overcome Them
46 The Naked Eye Sky this Week
47 Scientists Show Eel Breeding Grounds for the First Time
48 The Battle Over Trade, Immigrants and Semiconductors
49 Different blossoming schedules have kept these flowers from driving each other extinct
50 Plastic recycling remains a 'myth': Greenpeace study
51 Test scores show historic COVID setbacks for kids across US
52 A Modern History of Ancient Trees
53 Protons may be stretchier than physics predicts
54 Positive ESG ratings in the past led to 25% drop in philanthropic giving
55 New method can quickly derive contact binary parameters for large photometric surveys
56 Young star-forming complexes detected in the galaxy NGC 4324
57 Science Sleuths Solve Century-Old Mystery of Martian Meteorite's Discovery
58 UK's oldest human DNA obtained, revealing two distinct Paleolithic populations
59 Mississippi River or A Desert? Photos Show Stunning Impact of Record-Low Water Levels
60 Tree traits to boost macadamia production
61 Water extraction is key cause of the Darling River drying, study finds
62 What do Americans think about controversial topics in schools?
63 Employers can't fill vacancies, but many do surprisingly little to help workers return after a long illness
64 Canadian policy-makers must change direction fast in the post-pandemic era
65 Chandra's X-ray vision combined with JWST reveals even more details about the universe
66 Europe's bees stung by climate, pesticides and parasites
67 Researchers study the feed efficiency of pregnant Angus heifers
68 Endangered whale's decline slows, but population falls again
69 New approach to 'cosmic magnet' manufacturing could reduce reliance on rare earths in low-carbon technologies
70 Several beautiful new bird species found on remote Indonesian islands
71 New research chronicles forest recovery after Montana's 2017 fire season
72 Mathematical modeling suggests counties are still unprepared for COVID spikes
73 The Tragedy of Wasted Deforested Land
74 Cats distinguish between speech directed at them and humans
75 Study shows that global mitigation efforts to avoid climate change cannot neglect small and medium emerging emitters
76 New potential from one-pot, one-step polymer synthesis
77 Population aging, economic status may amplify air pollution health impacts
78 Australians polarized about 'return to normal,' social media analysis shows
79 Lower than normal rainfall linked with a higher chance of food insecurity
80 New moon marks end of monarch-spotting season
81 Landslides shaped a hidden landscape within Yellowstone
82 Astronomers discover a planetary system with a Neptune-mass planet and a massive sub-stellar object
83 Electrons that flow like liquids pave the way for robust quantum computers
84 Ancient bacteria might lurk beneath Mars' surface
85 Could Music Reduce the Odds of ICU Delirium? A New Trial Will Find Out
86 Greenbelts are effective at slowing urban sprawl, new research shows
87 NASA's 'Lucy' Spacecraft Sends Back Images of A 'Full Earth'
88 Migrating birds drawn by light face higher chemical exposure
89 A new tool at BESSY II for chirality investigations
90 Researchers create lunar regolith bricks that could be used to construct Artemis base camp
91 Exploring the reasons for--and possible solutions to--the widespread world language educator shortage
92 Clouds could be the cause
93 Recordings show some 'mute' animals communicate vocally: Study
94 We need to stop thinking of insects as 'creepy crawlies' and recognise their keystone role in ecosystems, say scientists
95 Force firms to reveal their impact on nature: major businesses
96 UV-to-red light converting films accelerate plant growth, could help improve global food supply issues
97 Study reveals secret communication between sea creatures
98 Here's what happened to the Delaware-sized iceberg that broke off Antarctica
99 2,700 year-old rock carvings discovered in Iraq's Mosul
100 Climate pledges still 'nowhere near' enough for 1.5íC: UN
101 Just like Us, Jurassic Mammals Cared for Their Young / Science
102 Study of scavenging activity in south-eastern Australia shows value of carnivore conservation and rewilding
103 Why fuzzy definitions are a problem in the social sciences
104 New tool can help with coordinating climate and air-quality policies to improve public health
105 NASA's new citizen science project to capture elusive upper atmospheric electrical phenomena on camera
106 Cancer drug could potentially be used against malaria
107 How many bees can you fit in an X-ray machine? Researchers peer inside swarms for a deeper look at their distribution
108 Bills with research language more likely to advance through legislative process
109 'Forever chemicals' persist through wastewater treatment, may enter crops
110 Elevated levels of arsenic and other metals found in Nevada's private wells
111 Ozone hole continues shrinking in 2022, NASA and NOAA scientists say
112 Layered double hydroxides for oxygen evolution reactions
113 People with paranormal beliefs more likely to be spooked by science and the COVID-19 vaccine, sociologists suggest
114 Webb offers never-before-seen details of early universe
115 Nose picking lemur 'could shed light on behaviour deemed improper in humans'
116 New research shows link between workplace bullying and conspiracy beliefs
117 New class of porous metal nanoparticles will yield new capabilities in absorption, chemical sensing and separations
118 2D graphdiyne a potential key element for future generations of energy storage and conversion technologies
119 Successful synthesis of rare isotopic atropisomers with high rotational stability
120 Sustainable way to make breast cancer drug could boost South African production
121 An Asteroid as Big as the World's Tallest Building Will Pass Close to Earth on Halloween
122 NASA's Lucy spacecraft provides new views of the moon