File Title
1 Live Brain Cells Learn to Play Pong in Real Time
2 Strange Long-Lasting Pulse of High-Energy Radiation Swept Over Earth
3 Dark Matter Halos of Newly Discovered Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies Are "Very Odd"
4 Mysteries of the Universe Revealed Under the Skin of an Atomic Nucleus
5 MIT's Powerful Reconfigurable Antenna Enables Advanced Satellite Communications Testing
6 NASA's Mars Sample Return Mission Shields Up for Tests
7 Tongkat Ali Explored: Wellness Scam or Testosterone-Boosting Miracle Supplement?
8 Reduce Your Risk of Cancer, Dementia, Heart Disease, and Death--Scientists Recommend Doing this Activity Everyday
9 Psychedelic Sorcery: How Do Mushrooms Become Magic?
10 Innovative Biotechnology Fuses Targeted and Immune Therapies to Kill Treatment-Resistant Cancer Cells
11 Artificial Intelligence Can Accurately Predict Human Response to New Drug Compounds
12 COVID-19 Pandemic Caused "Unprecedented" Shock Decline in Life Expectancy
13 NASA's EMIT: Dust Detective Delivers First Maps from Space for Climate Science
14 Vegetarians More Likely to Be Depressed than Meat-Eaters--Here's the Science Behind It
15 Groundbreaking Discovery of "Special" Muscle that Can Promote Fat Burning While Sitting
16 Harvard Doctors Reverse Long-Held Ideas About Fat, Diabetes, and Heart Disease
17 New Tool Uses Gravitational Waves to Peer Inside Neutron Stars
18 NASA's Planet Hunter TESS Resumes Normal Operations
19 Common Weed Discovered to Be a "Super Plant"
20 Scientists Solve an Origin of Life Mystery
21 NASA Astronaut, Apollo Commander James McDivitt Dies at Age 93
22 NASA's Geotail Spacecraft Experiences an Anomaly--Data Recorder Has Failed
23 Why Are Drugs So Expensive? It's Not What You Think
24 Ultra-Hot "Super-Earth" Exoplanet 65 Light-Years Away Could Have No Atmosphere
25 Scientists Solve a 50-Year Mystery--How Do Bacteria Move?
26 Surprising Findings--Could Smoking Cessation Drugs Reduce Alcohol Consumption?
27 NASA's NEOWISE Space Telescope Takes 12-Year Time-Lapse Movie of Entire Sky
28 A New, Easier and Safer Way to Synthesize Medicines
29 Why Do Humans Walk Upright? Harvard Biologists Reveal the Secret
30 New Method Allows Scientists to View Cell Secretion in Unprecedented Detail
31 Co-Existence of Modern Humans and Neanderthals in France and Northern Spain
32 New Protein Identified that May Contribute to Alzheimer's Disease
33 Ocean Heating Will Increase Monsoon Rainfall in East Asia
34 Investigators Identify Environmental Factors that Increase Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
35 Researchers Have Pinpointed an Elusive Pathogen in Mexico
36 Molecular Beehive: Physicists Probe "Astonishing" Morphing Properties of Honeycomb-Like Quantum Material
37 Black Death Drove Selection of Human Immune-Related Genes, Affecting Our Susceptibility to Disease Today
38 Scientists Reveal the Best Way to Calm a Crying Baby
39 10,000 Times Quicker: New Breakthrough Could Change the Field of Medical Microrobots
40 Autumn in the Adirondacks--Vibrant Fall Colors Pop in Satellite Photos
41 First Neanderthal Family Revealed by DNA from Remote Siberian Cave
42 Puzzling and Counterintuitive Discovery: Heaviest Element Ever Found in an Exoplanet Atmosphere
43 Adult Brain Structure Is Not Fixed: Scientists Discover Depression Treatment Increases Brain Connectivity
44 New Study Indicates North Atlantic Is Close to a "Tipping Point"
45 New Pill Replicates Exercise and Strengthens Muscle
46 Study Finds that Children Don't Actually Believe Everything They Are Told
47 Scientists Use Machine Learning to Peer into the Future
48 New Research: Does the Mediterranean Diet Really Decrease Your Risk of Dementia?
49 Happier and Improved Cognition: Study Finds New Benefits of Regular Activity Routines
50 Eating at Night Linked to Depression and Anxiety-Like Moods
51 Researchers Find that Resilience Can Be Learned, and Can Even Be Reinforced
52 DART Asteroid Impact Aftermath: Hubble Spots Unexpected Twin Tails in "Stunning Surprise"
53 Temperature Drops Can Cause Catastrophic Coral Collapse
54 Gravitational Lenses: Spyglasses into the Universe
55 Accelerating Plant Growth with Film that Converts UV Light to Red Light
56 Wearing a Mask Can Change Your Behavior
57 New Research Suggests that Obesity Is a Neurodevelopmental Disorder
58 What Makes You at Risk for Alzheimer's? Researchers Have New Insight
59 Scientists Discover Mechanism of Hearing in Near-Atomic Detail
60 Shocking Experiment Indicates Our Brains Use Quantum Computation
61 Massive Carbon Storage: Protecting Very Old Trees Can Help Mitigate Climate Change
62 Increased Crop Yields Could Result from Plant Hormone Breakthrough
63 SHIELD: Why NASA Is Trying to Crash Land on Mars
64 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Spectrographs and Spectroscopy
65 NASA's X-57 Maxwell All-Electric Aircraft Powers Up
66 Marshmallow World Discovered: Giant Fluffy Planet Orbiting a Cool Red Dwarf Star
67 Unlocking the Mystery: How Mosquitoes Smell Humans
68 The Truth Behind Sleep: Why Sleep Deficiency May Do You More Harm than You Realize
69 New Method Exposes How Artificial Intelligence Works
70 Not Science Fiction: Methane-Eating "Borgs" Have Been Assimilating Earth's Microbes
71 Physicists Baffled by Proton Structure Anomaly
72 Scientists Have Developed a New Explanation for Consciousness
73 NASA's EMIT Mission Detects More than 50 Methane "Super-Emitters" from Space
74 Progress 82 Cargo Craft Safely in Orbit Following Launch--Heading to Space Station
75 This Week @NASA: Webb's Supreme Look at a "Star Factory" and Artemis Moonwalks
76 New Evidence Indicates that Bears Are Not Carnivores
77 Genome Sequencing and Genetic Engineering Could Help Protect Ocean Ecosystems
78 439-Million-Year-Old Fossil Teeth Overturn Long-Held Views About Evolution
79 South African Town Covered in Mining Waste After Dam Collapse
80 What Happens if Your Body Clock Is Out of Whack? Disrupted Circadian Rhythms Linked to Cancer
81 Eating Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Midlife May Sharpen Thinking Skills and Improve Brain Structure
82 Gene-Edited Butterfly Mutants Reveal Secrets of Ancient "Junk" DNA
83 After Many Years of Searching--Potential First Traces of the Universe's Earliest Stars Discovered
84 Supernova Explosions Reveal Precise Details of Dark Energy and Dark Matter
85 High-Tech Quantum Sensors: Navigating When GPS Goes Dark
86 Unique Property Found in Complex Nanostructures for the First Time
87 New Findings Shed Light on the Mystery of How Cells Handle Stress
88 Newly Discovered Protein Could Help Save Lives
89 Hubble Space Telescope Spies a Cosmic Keyhole
90 Tantalizing Science and Dangerous Hazards: NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Reaches Long-Awaited Salty Region
91 Breaking an Optical Rule--Engineers Manipulate Light at the Nanoscale
92 Vitamin Supplements Can Help with Cystic Fibrosis
93 Entanglement-Enhanced Matter-Wave Interferometer: Now with Double the Spookiness!
94 Discovery Could Dramatically Speed Up the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
95 War in Ukraine: What Are Tactical Nuclear Weapons? An International Security Expert Explains
96 Researchers Uncover Why Adults' Hearts Don't Regenerate
97 A New More Effective Cancer Treatment
98 Black Death Shaped Evolution, Setting the Course for How Our Immune Systems Respond to Disease Today
99 Most Extreme "Wobbling Black Hole" Ever Detected--Exotic Phenomenon Predicted by Einstein's Theory of Gravity
100 Cannabis Users Experience More Pain After Surgery
101 Stanford Researchers Make a Cancer Breakthrough--Clever Synthesis of Rare Cancer-Fighting Compound
102 Naturally Occurring Metabolite Identified that Converts "Bad" Fat to "Good" Fat
103 Russian Cargo Craft Departs Space Station, Burns Up in Destructive Re-Entry in the Earth's Atmosphere
104 Russian Cargo Mission Nears Launch During Human Research on Space Station
105 Laying Geological Groundwork for Life on Earth--Early Plate Tectonics, Flipping of Geomagnetic Poles
106 Debris Avoidance Maneuver: Space Station Thrusters Fire to Avoid Russian Space Junk
107 Who Are Better Surgeons--Men or Women?
108 Loneliness Could Double Your Risk of Diabetes
109 New Insecticides Were Supposed to Be Harmless to Bees--But They Can Be Devastating to Honey Bee Health
110 TanSat Successfully Detects Human-Caused CO2 for the First Time
111 Best Evidence Yet: Lowering Blood Pressure Can Prevent Dementia
112 Life on Mars: Ancient Bacteria Might Lurk Beneath Mars' Surface
113 Destructive Atmospheric Reentry: Seeing How a Spacecraft Dies
114 Study Finds New Health Benefits of Walnuts
115 Horrifying--New Study Indicates that Popular Sugar Substitutes Worsen Your Memory
116 Scientists Successfully Track Down a "Mystery Gene"
117 Derivative of "Love Hormone" Oxytocin Reverses Cognitive Impairment in Alzheimer's Disease