File Title
1 UN climate talks enter home stretch split over money
2 Conflict zones fight 'multiplier' effects of climate crisis
3 US, China agree to resume climate cooperation
4 G20 breathes new life into UN climate talks
5 COP27 leaders urged to fight climate disinfo
6 Linking mass extinctions to the expansion and radiation of land plants
7 Evolution of tree roots may have driven mass extinctions
8 New light on Earth's first known mass extinction event 550 million years ago
9 How magnetism could help explain Earth's formation
10 500 million year-old fossils reveal answer to evolutionary riddle
11 Ostrich-like dinosaurs from Mississippi are among the world's largest at over 800kgOstrich-like dinosaurs from Mississippi are among the world's largest at over 800kg
12 How fluctuating oxygen levels may have accelerated animal evolution
13 Learning about the first animals on Earth from life at the poles
14 Dirt-cheap solar evaporation could provide soil pollution solution
15 Back to the future of photosynthesis
16 Maersk plans large-scale green fuel production in Spain
17 Rich, developing nations head toward climate compensation clash
18 S. African power producers get EUR400 million green loan
19 S. Africa slams 'out of reach' climate aid for poorer nations
20 Global South needs $2 trillion a year to tame, cope with climate
21 W. African bloc backs '30 by 30' biodiversity pledge
22 Most firms' net-zero plans not up to scratch: monitor
23 Pressed by climate vulnerable nations, EU tweaks emissions goal
24 Climate vulnerable nations seek funds, but caught in red tape
25 UK cops flak over carbon-neutral pledges
26 UN climate talks enter home stretch with deep divides
27 Net-zero in fashion, but clothing giants struggle to cut emissions
28 Space Technologies offer opportunity to achieve one-sixth of emissions cuts needed to reach net zero by 2050
29 China says committed to climate fight at UN summit
30 PPPL awarded more than $12 million to speed development of a fusion pilot plant
31 Observation of a self-generated current to self-confine fusion plasmas
32 Canada arrests EV battery researcher for alleged spying for China
33 New materials could enable longer-lasting implantable batteries
34 Stretchable battery packaging with moisture and gas barrier could power wearable devices
35 UK battery firm Britishvolt near collapse: reports
36 Quino Energy aims for grid-scale battery infrastructure
37 A catalyst alloying platinum with a rare earth element could slash fuel cell costs
38 The battery that runs 630 km on a single charge
39 New superfast method to manufacture high-performance thermoelectric devices
40 Crystals generate electricity from heat
41 Space for the future: green steel, sweet air, happy plants
42 Hot rocks could be the next new power source
43 80-year-old mystery in static electricity finally solved
44 Observation of a self-generated current to self-confine fusion plasmas
45 Dream New Zealand job becomes a flight of fancy
46 Bao Tong, Chinese ex-official turned dissident, dead at 90
47 Beijing loyalists in Hong Kong criticise court ruling on Lai's UK lawyer
48 Hong Kong jails first person for insulting national anthem
49 'Law and order returned' Hong Kong's US-sanctioned leader tells bankers
50 Netherlands tells China to close 'police stations'
51 Hong Kong pastor, housewife jailed over 'seditious' court applause
52 Dutch probe alleged illegal Chinese 'police stations' in Netherlands
53 Hong Kong court convicts media tycoon Lai of fraud over lease violation
54 Tough odds for Macau as casinos pray for a pandemic shift
55 Li Qiang: Xi loyalist likely to be China's next premier
56 Xi secures historic third term as China's leader
57 US charges seven Chinese nationals over forced repatriation campaign
58 Qatar gets the Middle East's first pandas
59 Hong Kong to 'trawl world for talent' in reboot attempt
60 Britain summons China diplomat over protest assault
61 Scholz vows not to ignore 'controversies' on China visit
62 Subarctic boreal forest, vital for the planet, is at risk
63 Rainforest giants Brazil, Indonesia, DR Congo sign deforestation pact
64 In Canada's boreal forest, one man works to save caribou
65 Study uncovers widespread and ongoing clearcutting of Swedish old forests
66 GKN Aerospace achieves major milestone delivering its first ground-based liquid hydrogen fuel system demonstrator
67 UN unveils satellite-based system to spot methane
68 Surge of fossil fuel lobbyists at climate talks: watchdogs
69 Dash for gas imperils 1.5íC climate goal: report
70 Nightmare Atlantic oil spill 'could happen again'
71 Oil and gas emissions up to three times what is reported: monitor
72 Island nations call for oil tax, anti-fossil fuel treaty at UN summit
73 Indigenous group again seizes dozens aboard Peru boat
74 Greenpeace UK activists cleared after Russian fuel protest
75 Indigenous people free tourists taken in Peruvian Amazon
76 Europe could face gas shortage next year: IEA
77 Norway brings climate ambitions in line with EU
78 Saudi Aramco posts 39 percent jump in profits
79 Energy giant Repsol fined again after Peru oil spill
80 Saudi, UAE say oil demand not going away, days before COP27 climate talks
81 Austria's OMV profits up amid soaring energy prices
82 China's President Xi expected to visit Saudi Arabia: Saudi FM
83 Shell posts more bumper profits on high energy prices
84 NASA satellites identify more than 50 methane 'super emitters'
85 Sweden's navy conducts new inspections near Nord Stream
86 Iraq arrests businessman suspected in theft of $2.5 billion from tax agency
87 Blue hydrogen and the world's energy systems
88 Dutch to quit 52-nation fossil fuel deal over climate concerns
89 Nigerian gas company declares force majeure over flooding
90 'Black gold' for Guyana and Suriname, a blessing or curse
91 Sentinel-5P data used in new methane detection system
92 Western thirst for African gas raises alarm at COP27
93 Alliance to phase out hydrocarbons struggles to attract members
94 Cuban leader on energy quest to Russia, China, Turkey, Algeria
95 Turkey becomes new route for Russian oil to EU: think tank
96 WVU researchers look to low-tech organic materials for high-tech clean hydrogen fuel production
97 Soil moisture plays biggest role in underground spread of natural gas leaking from pipelines
98 US targets fossil fuel 'super-emitters' of methane
99 Fort McKay: where Canada's boreal forest gave way to oil sands
100 NASA and industry advance jet engines and sustainable fuel compatibility
101 Project Fierce fuels the future of synthetic jet fuel generation
102 CABBI team adds powerful new dimension to phenotyping next-gen bioenergy crop
103 Sustainable Aviation Fuel reduces Airbus' Scope 1 emissions
104 New project will design first Danish reactor for carbon negative hydrogen production from biogas
105 Biofuel on the road to energy, cost savings
106 Germany pulls out of fossil fuel treaty
107 Climate activists challenge TotalEnergies CEO at COP27
108 US urges islands to set example for China, India on methane