File Title
1 Netflix adds 2.4 million subscribers in Q3 globally, thanks to these best performing shows
2 You wouldn't pay for Netflix's ad-supported plan
3 These four new features are coming soon to your iPhone
4 Apple is no longer selling Apple TV HD but will offer software support
5 DuckDuckGo makes its Mac browser beta open to all
6 Lyft users can now reserve parking spaces
7 Welcoming new iPads, one with a big change!
8 iPadOS 16.1, iOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura finally arrive next week
9 SpaceX's satellite internet service is coming to planes with Starlink Aviation
10 Lyft's app now lets you reserve and pay for a parking spot
11 Apple is pausing iPhone 14 Plus production already, but don't panic--yet
12 Netflix Beats Estimates to Reverse Subscriber Slump, Says Ad-Supported Plan to Attract 4.5 Million Subscribers
13 The Morning After: Apple reveals redesigned iPad, M2-powered iPad Pro and new Apple TV 4K
14 Google Doubling Down on Investment in Its Own Hardware: Report
15 There's more evidence that the iPhone 14 Plus is a sales dud
16 Taskbar updates and File Explorer tabs finally arrive in Windows 11
17 Eleven More Deaths Linked to Crashes Involving Vehicles with Automated Technology, US Government Data Shows
18 These iPads will get Apple's next big software update on October 24
19 SpaceX aims to put 350 Mbps satellite internet on planes with Starlink Aviation
20 Password usage is falling worldwide--but that might not be a big problem
21 Google to reportedly focus on hardware in bid to protect itself from Apple, U.S. regulators
22 Apple Watch Series 8 returns to an all-time low of $349
23 Is this the most secure hard drive platform around today?
24 Adobe's latest AI prototype can make still images dance
25 Apple iPad (2022) preview: A long-overdue design upgrade
26 5 features coming to WhatsApp in coming days: Edit message, increased group participant list and more
27 Netflix to charge extra fees for extra users in 2023
28 A truck for the next generation
29 Meta's AI translator can interpret unwritten languages
30 Deadbolt ransomware is being used to target NAS vendors and customers
31 The Portland Van Abductions
32 Samsung has begun work on a health tracking ring
33 Apple's 2022 Siri Remote includes USB-C
34 Apple store workers go on strike in Australia
35 Using eSIM to switch between phones isn't exactly easy right now
36 Reckless malware operators squandered an "undetectable" Windows backdoor
37 Microsoft wants to build an Xbox-branded mobile game store
38 Biden administration approves $2.8 billion for EV battery production in the US
39 Apple takes aim at the Fire TV with an upgraded way to watch telly
40 FYI: Waze helps drivers find the cheapest fuel with Gas Station feature
41 53% of IT professionals likely to switch jobs in the next one year: Survey
42 Apple has a new woven USB-C to USB-C cable
43 The next version of Thunderbolt is built for multi-monitor setups
44 What is Google Fast Pair and how to use it
45 Google Chrome for Android is getting a huge update for tablets
46 Meta Bulits AI that Translates Spoken-Only Language Under Universal Speech Translator Project
47 Buying this iPad is a terrible choice, but nostalgia is stronger than logic
48 Xbox plans mobile gaming store to compete with Apple and Google
49 The world's largest Raspberry Pi cluster has a rather surprising supporter
50 Elon Musk's SpaceX Rolls Out in-Flight WiFi Services for Private Jets with Starlink Aviation
51 Apple reportedly cuts iPhone 14 Plus production
52 Netflix says it will start charging you for 'extra users' next year
53 BMW will spend $1.7 billion to build EVs in the US
54 Apple is inching closer to Samsung in gloomy global smartphone market
55 The next version of Firefox is solving one of the most annoying PDF problems
56 Adobe 3D Content Creation Tools for the Metaverse, Video Games Launched: All Details
57 Samsung releases new research showing how the pandemic changed our sleeping habits
58 Tesla is smoothing its vehicle delivery process to avoid bottlenecks
59 Apple halts iPhone 14 Plus production: Report
60 Tesla's chaotic third quarter saw profits climb but revenue falter
61 Apple iPad Pro (2022) vs. iPad Pro (2021): How the two Pro versions of iPads compare
62 SpaceX reveals plans to launch 350 Mbps satellite internet on planes
63 Microsoft Outlook's Exchange Online mailbox issues will be fixed...eventually
64 Windows 11 is getting new features: All details
65 More than a billion mobile games are being downloaded globally every week
66 New entry-level iPads have a 'weird' Apple Pencil problem: What is it
67 Logitech's official iPad accessories are just like Apple's but a lot cheaper
68 Elon Musk Says Starlink Yet to Receive US Government Funding for Services in Ukraine
69 iPhone 14 Plus Production Said to Be Cut by Apple as Company Re-Evaluates Demand: All Details
70 Warehouse workers in Atlanta accuse Amazon of unfair labor practices
71 Apple Predicted to Launch a Foldable iPad in 2024 Before a Foldable iPhone: Report
72 Biden admin. awards $2.8 billion to ramp up US EV battery production
73 What it's like to drive a Lucid Air after its first major update
74 AMD RDNA 3 flagship GPU could have Nvidia RTX 4090 on the ropes
75 Successful video call from one flying plane to another one in air says Elon Musk
76 Google Maps Lock Screen widgets in iOS 16 is changing how I road trip
77 Tesla Expects to Miss Vehicle Delivery Targets for 2022, Q3 Revenues Miss Analyst Estimates
78 How Microsoft plans to bring gaming to your phones by moving beyond Xbox
79 Elon Musk Excited About Upcoming Twitter Acquisition Despite Overpaying, Sees Long Term Potential
80 Apple iPad (10th generation) vs. iPad (9th generation): What's new in the latest entry-level iPad
81 The Apple Watch Series 8 is already on sale at a huge $100 one specific version
82 Blackmagic's powerful DaVinci Resolve video editor is coming to iPad
83 Protecting the cloud with behavioural analytics
84 Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (2022) preview: iPadOS 16's big new feature make it a power user's dream
85 iPhone SE 4 renders suggest this might be the iPhone XR 2 in all but name
86 AirPods Pro 2 have a big problem on Google Pixel 6 and 7, but there's a fix
87 Robotic Titanium Exoskeleton Gives Wheelchair-Bound Children the Ability to Walk
88 Apple increases the price of the iPad mini abroad
89 Nvidia RTX 4070 could be a powerful GPU--but may not arrive for some time
90 DaVinci Resolve is coming to the iPad
91 Best lock screen widgets for iOS 16
92 Microsoft is looking to keep your SMB safe from DDoS attacks
93 Google Pixel Watch review: Laying the foundation
94 A favorite app on macOS gets updated to make my Mac's display even brighter
95 Intel Core i9-13900K review: an AMD Zen 4 beater
96 Explained: What is moonlighting in IT industry
97 Google Messages gets massive October 2022 update
98 Microsoft confirms blunder results in user data leak
99 Google announces new features and new icon for its Messages app
100 Instagram's new anti-abuse features include DM 'kindness reminders'
101 Which one should you buy?
102 Scammers are targeting US Student Loan Debt Relief applicants, FBI warns
103 Apple Fitness+ comes to iPhone on October 24th
104 The best free video-editing software is coming to the iPad and we can't wait
105 Google's new ad hub offers more control over the advertising it shows you
106 Verizon becomes the first US carrier to pick up Samsung's latest rugged phone (with 5G)
107 VanMoof's new A5 and S5 e-bikes are harder to steal and smoother to ride
108 James Webb telescope captures 'knot' of galaxies in the early universe
109 This free video editor update is set to make your colors pop
110 Biden group casts Dark Brandon in student debt relief ad
111 Google launches new feature aimed to give users more control over ads
112 AirPods Pro 2 aren't working well with Pixel 6, 7, but there's a fix
113 Google is getting sued again, but this suit could set a concerning precedent