File Title
1 Ukraine blames Russia for making grain export 'impossible'
2 Millions at risk of climate displacement in Middle East
3 Clashes as thousands protest French agro-industry water 'grab'
4 Global economy must green faster to prevent dire climate impacts
5 Food shock: Crop-battering disasters highlight climate threat
6 Heat, then floods ruin Pakistani farmers' livelihoods
7 New Zealand farmers protest livestock 'burp and fart' tax
8 Mountainous Lesotho finds gold in trout fish farming
9 How farmers could fertilize more efficiently
10 UN, Red Cross pushes against explosives in populated areas
11 Nomadic Latino migrant labor aids Florida hurricane recovery
12 Ukraine's Zelensky tells COP27 Russia's war harms climate efforts
13 Poland installs fence on Russian border to deter migrants
14 Iraq landslide disaster throws spotlight on informal shrines
15 Mideast at risk of climate-induced food, water scarcity: report
16 Sinking Alexandria faces up to coming catastrophe
17 Chinese cities cancel mass COVID tests in easing of measures
18 China's leaders recommit to 'unswerving' zero-COVID policy
19 China virus cases at six-month high despite grinding lockdowns
20 UK to end deployment of 300 troops to UN mission in Mali
21 EU eyes 'military partnership mission' for Niger
22 UN accuses Mali army and jihadists of massacres
23 Macron ends France's Africa mission, ponders new strategy
24 Africa facing climate impact 'nightmare': Kenyan president
25 Sudan's Burhan warns Islamists to steer clear of army
26 At 'African COP,' continent's climate needs may go unmet
27 'Excellent news': world hails Ethiopia truce
28 Ethiopia warring parties agree to cease hostilities
29 US targets Somali arms network for sanctions
30 Niger govt. denies 'massacre' of civilians
31 Mali militarises police force
32 Ethiopia peace talks enter day two in South Africa
33 Ethiopia PM vows to execute 'promise' of peace deal
34 After Ethiopia peace deal, what's ahead is 'more consequential': rebels
35 Red Cross says first aid convoy arrives in Tigray capital
36 Macron urges strong response to Iran crackdown on 'revolution'
37 UN chief tells Myanmar junta to get democracy 'back on track'
38 Turkish journalist on Erdogan's wishlist worries about future in Sweden
39 Iran army says awaiting orders to tackle Amini protests
40 Jailed Egypt dissident's death in 'no one's interest,' sister says
41 G7 denounces 'brutal' Iran protest crackdown
42 Family of jailed Egypt dissident warn he could die during climate meet
43 Nobel laureates urge Egypt to release jailed dissident
44 Brazil's Bolsonaro still silent on election loss to Lula
45 Lula wins Brazil's bitter presidential vote, Bolsonaro silent
46 Myanmar junta warns ASEAN against peace plan 'pressure'
47 Arts election lays bare Hong Kong censorship fears
48 Iraq parliament approves new government: PM's office
49 Iconic photographer Salgado endorses Lula in Brazil vote
50 Xi in control at China Congress, as ex-president removed
51 Biden gives major abortion speech in final run-up to midterms
52 China blames 'troublemakers' after consulate protest assault in UK
53 Vast phytoplankton blooms may be lurking beneath Antarctic ice
54 Deeper understanding of the icy depths
55 Seasonal changes in Antarctic ice sheet flow dynamics detected for the first time
56 Wearing a mask can impact ability to recognize others, study says
57 Humanity hits the eight billion mark
58 Ancient statues uncovered in Italy could rewrite part of history
59 Planet Earth: 8 billion humans and dwindling resources
60 Early DNA reveals two distinct populations in Britain after the last ice age
61 Unlocking the mysteries of how neurons learn
62 First known Neanderthal family clan fossils discovered in Siberian caves
63 Our brains use quantum computation new research suggests
64 In Iraq, divorce rates soar even as stigma persists for women
65 Iraq unveils archaeological park with ancient carvings
66 Preserving animal habitat could prevent future pandemics, study says
67 Sharks, turtles, disease on agenda of wildlife trade summit
68 Climate change can put more insects at risk for extinction
69 World leaders won't attend key biodiversity talks next month: UN
70 Stem cells could save Sumatran rhino from extinction, scientists say
71 Australia's 'irreplaceable' platypus threatened by dams: study
72 Kenya drought kills more than 200 elephants
73 A better way to tell which species are vulnerable
74 Bird sets nonstop distance record with 8,435-mile flight
75 Taiwan invites Chinese veterinary experts as beloved panda nears death
76 Europe's bees stung by climate, pesticides and parasites
77 Ugandan ivory trafficker gets life term in landmark ruling
78 Methane-eating 'borgs' have been assimilating Earth's microbes
79 The entire planet's ecosystems classified for the first time: study
80 'A shock': divers fish for waste to preserve Greece's Aegean shores
81 Eco warriors: S. Africa school puts green issues at heart of teaching
82 India's capital to shut schools as toxic smog chokes city
83 Air pollution 'silent killer' in African cities: study
84 EU aims for 'zero pollution' in air and water
85 Post-Diwali Delhi wakes to toxic firecracker smog
86 Surfers, miners fight over South Africa's white beaches
87 Gold mining threatens 'forest giraffe' in DR Congo
88 Study explores the potential for mechanical devices to clear the ocean of plastics
89 Amazon founder Bezos says will donate most of fortune to charity
90 Climate disaster aid scheme 'Global Shield' launched at COP27
91 US presses China for debt relief in developing countries
92 Cities under strain: India's predicted urban boom
93 Rewire financial system to aid climate-hit nations: UN chief
94 Desert dust collected from glacier ice helps document climate change
95 Ice loss from Northeastern Greenland significantly underestimated
96 Yellowstone, Kilimanjaro glaciers among those set to vanish by 2050: UNESCO
97 Staying on top of the roof of the world
98 NASA fieldwork studies signs of climate change in Arctic boreal regions
99 Receding ice leaves Canada's polar bears at rising risk
100 Joint experiments conducted to facilitate black soil protection
101 Rising temperatures boost olive growing in Bosnia
102 Better food cold chain crucial for climate, world hunger: UN
103 Arctic Cyclones to intensify as climate warms, NASA study predicts
104 Floods sweep future from Pakistan schoolchildren
105 Australians rescued from roofs after flash floods
106 Floods in Central Africa leave fishermen stranded
107 A home for the dead: The quest for burials in flood-stricken Chad
108 Floods wash away salt industry and tourism at Senegal's 'Pink Lake'
109 US commits another $30 mln. for Pakistan flood relief
110 Climate change set to 'increase hunger' in Africa: UN