File Title
1 To save California coasts, scientists turn to the humble oyster
2 Study sheds light on rebirth code of Lop Nur
3 Nile is in mortal danger, from its source to the sea
4 Eager beaver: dams improve quality of river water hit by climate change
5 Rethinking mountain water security
6 Jailed Egypt dissident on 'water strike' as UK vows support
7 A thirsty COP27 climate summit plagued by glitches
8 USU leads international space mission to shed new light on Brazil's vexing GPS problem
9 BeiDou making mark among navigation systems
10 Next-gen space-based positioning tech planned
11 Keysight combines 5G and SatNav systems to accelerate location based services
12 ESA plans for low-orbiting navigation satellites
13 At Sandia Labs, a vision for navigating when GPS goes dark
14 KKR leads Series B funding round in AI leader Advanced Navigation
15 NASA returning to the Moon with mega rocket launch
16 Advanced Space leads Lunar pathfinder efforts for NASA
17 CAPSTONE initial insertion at the Moon executed as planned
18 Twin tail revealed in new Hubble image of Didymos-Dimorphos system following DART impact
19 Shadow hunters capture Didymos asteroid eclipsing stars
20 ARCA Space launches the AMiE crypto coin
21 How scientist monitored and early warned potential hazardous near-earth asteroids
22 Method for decoding asteroid interiors could help aim asteroid-deflecting missions
23 NASA's Lucy spacecraft prepares to swing by Earth
24 Thirty thousands near-Earth asteroids discovered and rising
25 SwRI experiment helps predict effects of DART impact
26 Largest potentially hazardous asteroid detected in eight years
27 Spectral evolution of a dark asteroid surface after ten years of space weathering
28 NASA continues Psyche asteroid mission
29 Arecibo Observatory scientists publish major study on near-earth asteroids
30 NASA Lucy spacecraft captures moon images and 'Terminator Mosaic'
31 Microsoft and Planet to provide AI and satellite data for African climate projects
32 Spire Global unveils solution for dark shipping detection
33 Ground Survey Datasets Released to Validate Satellite-based Remote Sensing Data
34 Alpha Data powers NASA's climate change mineral dust detector on Space Station
35 Geophysicist Leigh Royden looks at Earth from the top down
36 Give climate some MAGIC
37 'Earth is in our hands': Astronaut Pesquet's plea for the planet
38 Mapping planet Earth for better positioning: ESA's GENESIS mission
39 Planet launches nonprofit program to drive more access to timely, global satellite data
40 NASA dust detective delivers first maps from space for climate science
41 Metaspectral raises $4.7 million to launch fusion, a cloud-based AI platform
42 Tenchijin develops a land surface temperature product with next level resolution and frequency
43 Northrop Grumman-built NOAA satellite launches with enhanced data tracking
44 Sidus Space signs MOU with Mission Space for Space Weather Intelligence Data Partnership
45 Europe's all-new weather satellite arrives at launch site
46 Chinese satellite in-flight calibration research approved by World Meteorological Organization
47 Europe heading for warmer-than-average winter: forecaster
48 China sends multirole satellite into orbit
49 Future terrestrial ecosystem will produce more oxygen for atmosphere
50 NASA air pollution instrument completes satellite integration
51 Ceramics that breathe oxygen at lower temperatures help us breathe cleaner air
52 Record rise in climate-warming methane in 2021: UN
53 New NASA tool helps detect 'super-emitters' of methane from space
54 WALLABY builds an intergalactic map in the outback
55 Black holes don't always power gamma-ray bursts, new research shows
56 NASA's Swift, Fermi missions detect exceptional cosmic blast
57 Gold-rich stars came from ancient galaxies
58 Red-supergiant supernova images reveal secrets of an earlier Universe
59 Magnetized dead star likely has solid surface
60 Planets can be anti-aging formula for stars
61 Observation puzzles researchers
62 'Marshmallow' world orbiting a cool red dwarf star
63 Near-infrared light uncovers vast populations of forming stars, many still encased in dust
64 New tool allows scientists to peer inside neutron stars
65 Cosmic chocolate pralines: General neutron star structure revealed
66 Searching for traces of dark matter with neutron spin clocks
67 The most precise accounting yet of dark energy and dark matter
68 Astronomers create new technique to assist in search for dark matter
69 Advanced light source upgrade approved to start construction
70 Overcoming the optical resolution limit
71 New laser could reshape the application of integrated photonics
72 Deep learning with light
73 FRIB experiment pushes elements to the limit
74 Magnetic quantum fluid: extremely fluid in two ways
75 New quasiparticle discovered in moire patterns
76 From Graphene to Gravity: Exploring the Physics of Emergence
77 Physicists confirm hitch in proton structure
78 Tiny particles work together to do big things
79 Can cosmic inflation be ruled out
80 UNH research tests fundamental force advancing understanding of universe
81 British institutions join search for answers on early universe
82 World's first optical atomic clock with highly charged ions
83 Rockets to uncover electric circuit that powers the Northern Lights
84 No longer evergreen: Germany eyes diversity to save forests
85 Finland's foresters decry 'unfair' EU climate plans
86 Brazil's Lula, world leaders bolster UN climate talks
87 France backs Lula's proposal to hold climate conference in the Amazon
88 Conflict zones fight 'multiplier' effects of climate crisis
89 US election outcome unlikely to impact fight against climate change: experts
90 Earth-sun distance dramatically alters seasons of equatorial Pacific over 22,000-year cycle
91 Win or lose, Pelosi wants Republican cooperation on climate
92 Twitter takeover raises fears of climate misinfo surge
93 World leaders gather for climate talks under cloud of crises
94 'Why are we here?': Climate activists shunted to COP27 sidelines
95 COP27 summit racing against the climate clock
96 Egypt's COP27 climate summit a 'watershed moment'
97 Kerry sees Brazil, Mexico rising climate hopes ahead of summit
98 UK's Johnson to attend COP27 summit in Egypt
99 Colombia declares rainfall disaster
100 Calls for Egypt protests trigger security clampdown ahead of COP27
101 Scholz chides climate activists for targeting artworks
102 G20 breathes new life into UN climate talks
103 Earth can regulate its own temperature over millennia, new study finds
104 Brazil's Lula, world leaders bolster UN climate talks
105 California lab-grown meat start-up gets first green light
106 GMO skeptics still distrust big agriculture's climate pitch
107 'Voracious' giant snails spark alarm in Venezuela
108 Smart farming tech offers sprout of hope in Greece
109 Farmers in China, Uganda move to high-yielding, cost-saving perennial rice
110 Catholics could help cut carbon with meat-free Fridays: study