File Title
1 Volvo officially reveals the EX90 EV SUV, its 'safest car ever'
2 Cloud giants file major EU antitrust suit against Microsoft
3 Twitter 'Official' Tick Starts Appearing on Verified Accounts in India, Original Blue Ticks Still Visible for Now
4 These features will not be part of Microsoft 365 subscription
5 The best gifts for tea lovers in 2022
6 New Amazon Photos ends the worst thing about photo cloud storage apps
7 Mahindra Partners with Three EV Infrastructure Firms to Build Charging Stations for Upcoming Vehicles
8 The Ubertooth One lets you take a bite out of Bluetooth
9 Apple may be tracking the App Store activities of iPhone users
10 Twitter starts rolling out its 'official' checkmarks to celebrities and publishers
11 3 things each does best [Pixel Watch vs. Galaxy Watch 5]
12 The company that verifies safe websites in your browser works for the US government
13 Spotify's redesigned Apple Watch app is easier to use and nicer to look at
14 Apple AR/VR headset to enter mass production in March 2023: Report
15 Disney is winning the streaming wars
16 Microsoft just fixed 68 dangerous exploits in Windows
17 Google One's VPN comes to Mac and Windows
18 Samsung's reluctance to make rollable phones may encourage other OEMs to try
19 Bosch Partners with IBM in Quantum Computing to Find Surrogates for Precious Metals, Rare Earths Elements
20 Twitter's new double-check verification disappears, Elon Musk says he 'killed it'
21 Google tests new design for Gboard emoji picker: What has changed
22 Netflix is looking to acquire live sports streaming rights
23 Someone built a PC in a microwave, because why not?
24 Musk 'killed' Twitter's official checkmarks after only a few hours
25 How to pair your Samsung Galaxy buds to any device
26 Watch out for this Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge botnet extension
27 We might finally catch a glimpse of Apple's rumoured VR headset in early 2023
28 Here's how you could protect your RTX 4090 from melting
29 Can you FaceTime on an Apple Watch? Yes, here's how
30 Kia's 2023 EV6 will cost $7,100 more than its predecessor
31 You're now stuck with the new Gmail interface for good
32 16 weeks' pay, health insurance and more: What sacked Meta employees will get
33 Twitter Blue with verification is now live in Canada, costs $9.99
34 LG 'Stretchable' 12-Inch Display that Can Be Extended Up to 14 Inches Revealed
35 Google Nest Mini deal knocks it down to $18
36 Elon Musk tells Twitter advertisers that 'content is actually improving, not getting worse'
37 Twitter Blue verification separates 'notable' accounts from subscribers
38 Windows 10 21H1 reaches end of service next month
39 Elon Musk Sold at Least $3.95 Billion of Tesla Shares Days After Closing Twitter Takeover Deal
40 Why NASA is launching a new polar satellite
41 Meta may announce job cuts today: WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram may see layoffs
42 Apple's sprawling Pacific Centre, Vancouver store opens next week
43 Windows 11's iCloud Photos integration is now available
44 iPhone apps still track you even when you tell them not to
45 The Pixel Watch calorie bug is a reminder of why accuracy is overrated
46 Mark Zuckerberg Full Statement on Facebook Firing: Read Mark Zuckerberg's message on laying off 11,000 Meta employees
47 Researchers found Apple apps still track users when they turn off analytics
48 Small businesses worry about cutting security budgets as economic worries hit hard
49 Salesforce layoffs: Salesforce becomes the latest company to lay off hundreds of employees
50 Twitter's $8 a month Blue subscription with verification is rolling out
51 ExpressVPN aces three independent security audits
52 Microsoft Faces Full EU Antitrust Investigation into $69 Billion Bid to Acquire Activision Blizzard
53 Spotify's redesigned Apple Watch app feels less like an afterthought
54 Forget video calls, Zoom wants to take over your entire working day
55 Twitter Engineer Allegedly Fired for Helping Coworkers Facing Layoffs After Elon Musk Takeover, Complaint Says
56 Nintendo Switch user data spoofed by lazy 22-year-olds...or not?
57 The best 60 percent keyboards you can buy
58 Elon Musk's Net Worth Falls Below $200 Billion as Tesla Investors Dump Shares Following Twitter Deal
59 Gmail's new Material UI look is being forced on everyone
60 Modders thought it would be fun to make a folding iPhone
61 These beautiful wooden headphones deliver classy music at a great price
62 Zoom video conferencing coming to Tesla vehicles
63 Serif's Affinity V2 apps includes a full creative suite for the iPad
64 New, optional Home Screen redesign tool discovered in second iOS 16.2 beta
65 Meta reducing its workforce by 13 percent
66 iOS 16.1.1 Update Limits AirDrop File Sharing Feature Used by iPhone Users at Protests in China
67 Twitter might get a native payment system
68 YouTuber made a foldable phone using the chassis of a Motorola Razr
69 IBM Osprey Quantum Computer with 433 Qubits Launched: All You Need to Know
70 Chromebook users, here's why you should install the latest Chrome OS update right away
71 US Midterm Elections: Experts Say Misinformation on Facebook, Twitter Limited, Not Stopped
72 Apple iOS 16.1.1, iPadOS 16.1.1 updates with bug fixes are here
73 ISRO's Heaviest LVM3 Rocket Payload Capability Enhanced by Up to 450kg with Successful Engine Test
74 Elon Musk ends remote work at Twitter, tells staff to prepare for 'difficult times ahead'
75 Google Pixel Watch showing inaccurate calorie count for some users, Google is working on it
76 Galaxy Z Fold 4 rival?
77 These four features will enhance your meeting experience in Microsoft Teams
78 The best smartwatches and fitness trackers for healthcare workers
79 Windows 11 gets big gaming boost from Microsoft--but still has a major problem
80 Apple AirDrop limited to ten minutes in China after its use in protests
81 Twitter's verification check mark drama deepens even more
82 Android 13 is here to further improve the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro's holiday appeal
83 Google is rolling out a redesigned interface for Google One on tablets
84 Elon Musk bans Twitter employees from working remotely
85 Survey shows people don't want to pay for Twitter verification
86 Zoom Updated with Inbuilt Calendar, Email, Team Collaboration, and Virtual Coach Features
87 The Morning After: Someone modded a folding iPhone
88 Samsung's Android 13 rollout is getting ridiculous, already reaching the Galaxy A33 5G mid-ranger
89 WhatsApp self-message feature available to some users: Here's how it works
90 Most Americans still charge their phones two or more times each day
91 Survey reveals interesting details about American phone charging habits
92 What is Twitter gray checkmark Official badge that Elon Musk launched and scrapped in hours
93 Apple provides solution to AirPods Pro 2 issue with Google Pixel
94 'I fucked up,' says FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried in public apology
95 Apple has spent more than you think on the iPhone 14 Emergency SOS feature
96 Elon Musk wants to change how blue ticks are handed out on Twitter
97 You'll soon be able to code on GitHub with just your voice
98 Twitter lawyer warns that Elon Musk is putting company at risk for billions in fines
99 Waymo is one step closer to charging for self-driving taxis in California
100 The iPhone 14's best emergency feature will finally launch this month
101 Google Chrome Update with 'High Severity' Bug Fixes on Mobiles, Windows, Mac, and Linux Released
102 iPhone 14's Emergency SOS via satellite feature is coming later this month
103 Twitter battles fake verified accounts hours after new Blue subscription release
104 New Twitter users can't sign up for Blue subscription
105 Microsoft Teams might have launched its most annoying feature yet
106 KFC blames its bot for promoting its cheese-covered chicken on Kristallnacht
107 VR-controlled robots are being designed to treat injured soldiers
108 You can now get Google One VPN on your PC or Mac
109 Audio-Technica's latest earbuds are armed with Anti-Bacterial UV lights
110 Facebook announces hiring freeze, cuts 11,000 jobs in cost cutting drive
111 More Twitter privacy and security executives abandon ship
112 Hacker discovers lock screen bypass bug that affects all Google Pixels