File Title
1 Blind camera comparison results: Samsung triumphs!
2 Reliable parental controls for your kid's phone: Wondershare FamiSafe
3 Signal adds Stories to its secure messaging app
4 Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL reach end of life as software updates end
5 Nvidia's 12GB RTX 4080 rumored to return as the RTX 4070 Ti
6 Samsung just made your home broadband look embarrassingly slow
7 Google and Renault are developing a 'software-defined vehicle' together
8 Mastercard CEO Bats for Crypto Laws, Says Long Way to Go for Crypto to Become Mainstream
9 The Amazon Photos app has been redesigned for Android users
10 Here's what Activision Blizzard CEO has to say on the merger deal with Microsoft
11 Netflix's Triviaverse will test your knowledge with rapid-fire questions
12 Nintendo Raises Annual Profit Forecast on Weaker Yen, Sells 6.68 Million Switch Unit in Six Months
13 Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy Z Flip 4: Go with the tried and tested flagship, or flip that trend switch on?
14 Tesla Model 3 deemed the 'greenest' in NCAP assessment
15 Daily Authority: Long live micro-USB
16 Apple's life-saving satellite feature could arrive in your iPhone 14's next update
17 Tesla critic claims his anti-Tesla ad was banned from Twitter for 'political' reasons
18 WhatsApp starts rolling out rich text preview on iOS
19 Garmin's Instinct Crossover is a rugged hybrid smartwatch with a useful display
20 Garmin takes swipe at Apple with its 'months, not days' Instinct Crossover battery life
21 Vikram S Rocket Launch Window Announced, India's First Private Rocket Set to Launch Between November 12 and 16
22 The ultimate all-in-one for streamers, singers, podcasters and audio pros
23 The lawsuit against Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI that could change the rules of AI copyright
24 The iPhone 14 Plus flops! Why Apple made a mistake with its iPhone 14 lineup
25 Elon Musk sends a message to advertisers leaving Twitter
26 DoorDash is piloting drone deliveries with Wing in Australia
27 LG's new stretchable high-res display is bizarre but brilliant
28 Elon Musk Twitter Takeover Raises Fears of Climate Misinformation Surge During COP27 Summit
29 If you didn't install Android 12L on your Surface Duo yet, you should hold off for now
30 Twitter users are joining Mastodon: What is it, Elon Musk's reaction and more
31 Redeem two months of free Apple TV+ and thank Selena Gomez for it
32 European Union opens 'in-depth' investigation into Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard
33 Chip giants join together in new aim to cut down semiconductor emissions
34 In world-first trial, lab-grown blood was just injected into two people
35 Critic claims Twitter rejected his anti-Tesla ad for 'political' reasons
36 EVGA's lost RTX 4090 prototype shows us what could have been
37 Zoom is adding email and calendar features to take on other workspace platforms
38 LG's new stretchable Hi-Res display is the first of its kind
39 Your next big Zoom meeting might take place at a cinema
40 Nvidia's canceled RTX 4080 12GB could come back from the dead with a new name
41 Adobe Lightroom gets support for Pixel 7 RAW images
42 Greasy gamers can up their game with McDonald's new chair
43 Apple could be tracking your every move in the App Store
44 Renault, Google Expand Partnership in Software Services for Future Vehicles
45 Burning a Frida Kahlo drawing to sell NFTs is a bad idea
46 Amazon's Alexa writer's room is where jokes go to die
47 Tesla recalls over 40,000 cars to address power steering flaw
48 Elon Musk Takes Dig at US Politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with T-Shirt Asking for $8 Twitter Blue Fee
49 T-Mobile reportedly spends more cash to add more spectrum for 5G service
50 Adobe Lightroom now supports all color profiles for Pixel 7, 7 Pro RAW images
51 Microsoft's DirectStorage can cut game loading times by 200%
52 Microsoft admits Xbox vs. PlayStation war is over and it lost
53 You can now print emoji in Google Workspace spreadsheets, should you ever want to
54 Renault Announces Ampere EV Unit Spin-Off as Firm Reorganises Towards Electric Future
55 Peacock is adding live TV from every local NBC station
56 Noise launches new headphones with 50 hours of playtime: Price, features and more
57 Still using the 'old' Gmail design? Your time is up.
58 This Microsoft Teams update might solve one of your biggest office problems
59 Nvidia's selling a nerfed GPU in China to get around export restrictions
60 Medibank says it won't pay a ransom despite threats to leak data
61 Apple is apparently working on a 'Custom Accessibility Mode' for iOS
62 Garmin's latest Apple Watch Ultra rival comes with 'hybrid' functionality and a reasonable price
63 Apple working on iOS 16.1.1 update to fix ad-related issues, Wi-Fi bug: Report
64 Audi's new flagship Q8 e-tron SUV boasts a maximum range of 373 miles
65 iFi Uno is a tiny, cheap DAC that easily upgrades sound from your phone or laptop
66 Nvidia Announces Advanced A800 Chip for Chinese Market that Meets New US Export Controls
67 Gmail's new interface is here to stay
68 Devialet's first portable speaker packs a powerful punch at an insane price
69 Oculus creator Palmer Lucky built a VR headset that can kill you
70 Twitter's revamped verification scheme will have two checkmarks, and one isn't for sale
71 This Sonos-style amp from SVS turns any speaker into a streaming machine
72 40 percent of US Disney Plus subscribers picked the bundle with ESPN Plus and Hulu
73 Cool MagSafe chargers: check out the Momax transparent series
74 Oculus founder's modified Meta Quest Pro takes immersive VR too far
75 Elon Musk sells another $3.9 billion in Tesla shares
76 Telus, Energir and Electrobac donating various services to Ukrainian refugees in Quebec
77 Twitter's solution for ruining verification is another check mark
78 Elon Musk considered putting all of Twitter behind a paywall
79 Worried about iPhone 14 Pro shortages for Christmas, Foxconn comes up with a Hail Mary play
80 Businesses everywhere are still spending a huge amount on databases
81 Twitter Alternatives: From Mastodon to Clubhouse, Here Are the Top Platforms Users Are Moving To
82 Transforming industries: The human-first digital approach
83 Hybrid work improves productivity and work-life balance, say employees: HP Study
84 ISRO to Conduct First Runway Landing Experiment of Reusable Launch Vehicle
85 Bitcoin Hits Year Low, Crypto Market Tumbles Down by 11 Percent Amid Binance's Takeover of FTX
86 Instagram now allows you to schedule posts
87 Red Bull's all-terrain e-scooter is made for maniacs with very deep pockets
88 New York Times makes important changes to Wordle
89 Disney now matches Netflix's subscriber numbers across its combined services
90 Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Said to Take Accountability for Overstaffing Firm Ahead of Layoffs
91 DDoS attacks: Hacktivists step away, new danger comes from professionals
92 LG unveils world's first high-resolution stretchable display: All details here
93 Twitter to introduce a second verification tier for 'official' accounts
94 Instagram on the web has been redesigned for large screens
95 Oreo Maker Mondelez Pulls Twitter Ads, Says Hate Speech Increased 'Significantly' After Elon Musk Takeover
96 Explained: Blue tick, grey tick and more--what are the different type of Twitter accounts
97 Dear Google, all Android users need this feature
98 Audio-Technica just launched 'auto-sterilizing' earbuds and I 100% don't get it
99 Twitter engineer claims was fired for making tool to help co-workers prepare for job cuts: What he made and more
100 Red Bull Racing's first e-scooter packs plenty of F1 racing pedigree
101 Apple may add 'Custom Accessibility Mode' to iOS: What this means for iPhone users
102 Urgent Chrome alert! Check your browser now to stop vicious new threat
103 Zoom announces multiple features for the video calling platform: Full list of all the new features
104 Meta announces huge job cuts affecting 11,000 employees
105 The world's first foldable iPhone is real (kind of) and it actually works (not for long)
106 Meta to cut more than 11,000 jobs in one of biggest US layoffs this year
107 Meta is laying off more than 11,000 employees
108 Meta to Lay Off More than 11,000 Employees in One of Biggest US Job Cuts in 2022
109 Galaxy S23 Plus vs. Galaxy S22 Plus
110 IBM's latest quantum computing processor triples the qubits of its predecessor
111 Put your dongles away; this adapter can add four monitors to your laptop