File Title
1 Electrons zip along quantum highways in new material
2 Genome sequencing supports Nile rat animal model for diabetes research
3 Turtles in demand as pets, leading to a spike in poaching
4 Why gambling markets often predict elections more accurately than polls
5 Physicists show how tight 'diet' could produce single-chirality carbon nanotubes
6 Compassion has won out when it comes to Canadian support for COVID-19 financial aid
7 Why Melanesia is the world's tropical island frog hotspot
8 3D-printed guns are on the rise in Australia. How can we prevent them being made?
9 Climate talks convene with US and world falling short of goals
10 Molecular fingerprint behind beautiful pearls revealed
11 Flies smell the motion of odors and use it to navigate, study finds
12 Indoor and outdoor wayfinding technology for vision-impaired people
13 Worst oil spills in Europe
14 Nightmare Atlantic oil spill 'could happen again'
15 Pre-pandemic conspiratorial mindset predicted hesitance to accept COVID-19 vaccine
16 Earth-sun distance dramatically alters seasons in the equatorial Pacific in a 22,000-year cycle
17 Food science research could help astronauts eat well on future Mars missions
18 Injections for diabetes, cancer could become unnecessary
19 Copper a clue in the fight against cancer
20 ESO images a wondrous star factory to mark 60 years of collaboration
21 Destruction of forests and grasslands is biggest cause of biodiversity loss
22 Efficient mRNA delivery by branched lipids
23 Psychologists reveal the secrets behind song popularity
24 Peptidic supramolecular assemblies enhance chemotherapy for colorectal cancer
25 Fluid interfaces deform soft particles
26 Militaries Account for Over 5.5% of Global Emissions
27 NASA's MAVEN observes Mars light show caused by major solar storm
28 Creating surface plasmon polariton amplification using free-electron pumping to build a new kind of laser
29 Tianma 65-m radio telescope helps to unveil mysteries of Orion Kleinmann-Low Nebula
30 A breakthrough in non-living materials
31 A Psychologist Offers Advice on How to Handle the Holiday Horror like A Pro
32 What is ESA's Moonlight initiative?
33 Thirsty wheat needed new water management strategy in ancient China
34 New technology creates carbon neutral chemicals out of thin air
35 Children motivated by morality rather than social norms when it comes to question of eating animals, according to study
36 70-plus seems the new 50 for male politicians, but they're threatening the world order
37 COVID Reinfections May Boost Chances of Death and Organ Failure, Study Finds--And the Risk Increases Each Time You Catch It
38 Canine cancers give clues about human health risks
39 Why Putin's retreat from Kherson could be his most humiliating defeat yet
40 Cosmic radiation detection takes front seat during NASA's Artemis I space mission
41 Dead white pelican found on grounds of San Diego Safari Park tests positive for bird flu
42 Irish businesses are largely underprepared for a net zero transition
43 Previously unknown monumental temple discovered near the Tempio Grande in Vulci
44 Europe's increasing pushback against migrants
45 Togo's new climate policies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality--here's how
46 Researchers manage to extend the field of view for speckle-correlation imaging under a limited memory effect
47 Sound waves make stretchy connections for flexible [electronics]
48 A new way of fabricating high-efficiency diffraction gratings for astronomical spectroscopy
49 Some populations of large ocean fish are recovering, but not sharks
50 Global changes in wetlands help clarify the decline of shorebirds
51 New study suggests evolutionary forces are behind collective discrimination
52 Why the Global Helium Shortage May Be the World's Next Medical Crisis
53 A dual boost for optical delay scanning
54 Bibliometric study ranks world-leading institutions researching liver cirrhosis
55 Mineral soil in forests accumulates carbon as trees grow
56 Centimeter-scale multicolor printing with a pixelated optical cavity
57 Should kids be cramming for tests or competing at sports?
58 Using 1980s environmental modeling to mitigate future disasters
59 116 scientists reject WHO's draft PFAS guidelines
60 Section of destroyed shuttle Challenger found on ocean floor
61 Research reveals how a common bacterium may spread from the intestine
62 New study describes how employee opinion impacts CEO dismissal
63 Arts education can support students' growth towards global citizenship
64 Chinese incursions into India are increasing and are strategically planned, study finds
65 Hundred-year-old riddle in botany reveals key plant adaptation to dry land
66 Why we build networks that hurt our performance, and what we can do about it
67 Climate change affects mosquito behavior, making it harder to end malaria in South Africa
68 New research reports no sign of decrease in global carbon dioxide emissions
69 African leaders look to recycling for better health and value
70 Disparities in advanced math and science skills begin by kindergarten
71 What is a flash drought? An Earth scientist explains
72 American workers feel alienated, helpless and overwhelmed. Here's one way to alleviate their malaise
73 NASA's New Launch Date for Its Artemis-1 Moon Mission Is Next Week
74 Meteorologists Are More Accurate than Political Pundits. Where's Their Credit?
75 See Giant Planet Jupiter Looking Its Best in New Images Just Back from NASA's Juno Spacecraft
76 Global Carbon Emissions Showed No Signs of Decline this Year, Scientists Warn
77 World's Largest Population of Giant Oceanic Manta Rays
78 Friendly monkeys have 'higher levels of helpful bacteria in their guts'
79 Having good friendships may make for a healthier gut microbiome
80 Chronic stress can increase risk of dying from cancer, study finds
81 Research finds a negligible climatic impact from the recent methane leak from the Nord Stream pipelines
82 Carbon dioxide emissions rising globally, but drop in China
83 Observatory achieves 'first light' with new planet finder
84 The most precise astronomical test of electromagnetism yet
85 Finland's foresters decry 'unfair' EU climate plans
86 CO2 pollution from fossil fuels to hit all-time high in 2022
87 Watch a virus in the moments right before it attacks
88 Is the future of transport electric? We have to do everything, and fast
89 Iranian regime 'doubling down' on media manipulation in response to recent protests, analysis shows
90 How squid and octopus get their big brains
91 Geoscientists analyze fans' earthshaking reaction to win over Alabama
92 This child was treated for a rare genetic disease while in the womb
93 Experimental data validates new theory for molecular diffusion in polymer matrices
94 Germans more satisfied with democracy as a form of government
95 Why are men in India delaying marriage?
96 US political partisanship affects first impressions of faces
97 Road collisions more likely for takeaway delivery riders working in the gig economy
98 Scientists cite need for more research on leadership development in adolescence
99 Twitter verification has always been a mess. Charging $8 a month won't fix it.
100 33 tips to stay safe online & keep hackers away
101 Egg whites could be key to removing microplastics from seawater
102 Matter will revolutionize your smart home--here's everything you need to know
103 Elon Musk Fires Twitter's Ethical AI Team, Sacked Employees Confirm Layoffs Through Tweets
104 Google Assistant on the Pixel 7 series learns how you talk to better understand your requests
105 Elon Musk's first week at Twitter has been a hot mess
106 iPhone users will soon be able to pay with a single tap using PayPal and Venmo
107 Advertisers continue to flee Twitter as civil rights groups call for a boycott
108 Wi-Fi security flaws could let drones, attackers target you through walls
109 Elon Musk's Twitter Faces Lawsuit for Mass Layoffs: Here's All You Need to Know About WARN Act
110 Twitter losing about $3 million a day: How Elon Musk's 'Deep Cuts Plan' aims to tackle this
111 Elon Musk has been fact-checked by Twitter
112 Now even the RTX 4090 power connectors are starting to melt