File Title
1 Part of a lost, ancient star catalog has now been found
2 Why Marshlands Are the Perfect Lab for Studying Climate Change / Science
3 Enzymes in human cells probably evolved from primordial organisms
4 Atmosphere of excitement as Europe's JWST astronomers study climate on other planets
5 Huge solar storms may not explain shadows of radiation in trees
6 Personality influenced college students' romantic relationships during the pandemic, study finds
7 Researchers develop hierarchically self-assembled homochiral helical microtoroids
8 A technologically advanced society is choosing to destroy itself. It's both fascinating and horrifying to watch
9 New radio-loud high-redshift quasar discovered
10 Ceramics that breathe oxygen at lower temperatures help us breathe cleaner air
11 Student-led dinosaur excavation culminates in airlift
12 Do You Find Yourself Committing Relationship Sabotage? Here's How to Address It
13 Wounded whale washes ashore in northern France
14 Scientists decode behavioral patterns of dominance between the sexes in mammals
15 Genetic analysis of Neolithic people from Mesopotamia shows blend of demographics
16 Which countries will push to end fossil fuel production? And which won't?
17 A Psychologist's Advice on How to Heal the Wounds of Being Forced to Grow Up Too Fast
18 Working with mountain communities could help water systems adapt to climate
19 Farmers in China and Uganda move to high-yielding, cost-saving perennial rice
20 Understanding rogue waves of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
21 Low-loss, chip-scale programmable silicon photonic processor
22 Subtropical Storm Nicole Prompts U.S. Hurricane Watches
23 Hubble inspects two galaxies connected by a luminous bridge
24 Officials Issue Stern Warnings at COP27 Summit
25 Automatic voter reregistration can substantially boost turnout
26 Study highlights the complexity of dryland dynamics under a changing climate
27 Early planetary migration can explain missing planets
28 Climate compensation for poorer countries must top agenda at COP27
29 Beer hops compounds could help protect against Alzheimer's disease
30 Microbiologist discusses widespread impacts of bird flu in the UK
31 How a divided America splits on QAnon, racism and armed patrols at polling places
32 Why brand marriages sometimes go bad
33 Entomologists issue warning about effects of climate change on insects
34 Chemists develop enzyme-free cholesterol testing system
35 Fearful cats also express other problematic behavior, making socialization important at early stages of life
36 At least 15,000 killed by hot weather in Europe in 2022: WHO
37 Geobiologists shine new light on Earth's first known mass extinction event 550 million years ago
38 Exploring how Americans sought out scientific health information during the pandemic
39 Wages trump safety standards for global apparel workers
40 Researchers investigate how microbes that can both eat and photosynthesize might evolve in a changing environment
41 Glucose-starved yeast poisons neighboring microorganisms as well as its own clones
42 Earth's oldest stromatolites and the search for life on Mars
43 Sea urchins keep on trucking while other marine life languishes in the Florida Keys
44 Venus Could Still Harbor Ancient Microfossils, Says Geologist
45 Study finds that Americans are more likely than others to share COVID-19 misinformation online
46 Video reveals that springtails are tiny acrobats
47 Environmentally friendly 'biofoam' could address plastic pollution crisis
48 Maryland sites are among the most polluting coal ash waste dumps in the nation, study finds
49 Designing next-generation metals, one atom at a time
50 Should maize farmers in sub-Saharan Africa store or sell their grain?
51 Rare fossil clam discovered alive
52 Anthology explores racial inequities during COVID-19 pandemic
53 Artificial intelligence deciphers detector 'clouds' to accelerate materials research
54 Experiments to study gravity's impact on bone cells are heading to the International Space Station
55 Researchers find that education intervention doesn't live up to its promise
56 PFAS levels lower in buildings with healthier furnishings
57 The secret to the skillful skydiving of wingless springtails
58 Are COVID 'comas' signs of a protective hibernation state?
59 A Loss of Support for the Maldives Shark Sanctuary
60 Satellites help scientists track dramatic wetlands loss in Louisiana
61 To light up the dance floor, turn up the bass
62 Global South needs $2 trillion a year to tame, cope with climate
63 Cities under strain: India's predicted urban boom
64 How female false widow spiders use their 'spidey senses' to attract mates--study
65 Their lagoons languishing, precious Spanish wetlands go dry
66 Archaeologists find vast tunnel under ancient Egyptian temple that may lead to Cleopatra's tomb
67 Want to fill the dancefloor? It's all about that (very low) bass
68 Low-Protein Diet from Processed Foods Drives Overeating and Is Fueling Obesity Crisis, Study Finds
69 As certain young fruit flies mature, their eyes pop out of their head
70 UAE, Egypt ink major wind energy deal on COP27 sidelines
71 New quantum phase discovered for developing hybrid materials
72 Displaying optical images at the nanoscale resolution
73 Paxlovid Associated with 26% Lower Long COVID Risk, Here Are the Study's Limitations Though
74 New way to boost simulation of atmospheric aerosol nucleation
75 Why the Weird Ediacara Fauna Didn't Survive Earth's First Known Mass Extinction
76 Survey finds US researchers most concerned about fighting misinformation and tackling increased online abuse
77 Sensing platform for studying in vitro vascular systems opens possibilities for drug testing
78 Team creates crystals that generate electricity from heat
79 A Psychologist Offers 2 Suggestions to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Criticism
80 Plastic ingestion widespread in Welsh seabirds, study suggests
81 New method enables global internal solitary wave propagation forecast in global oceans
82 How does a skeleton move? A new tracking method to quantify skeletal kinematics in freely moving rodents
83 Scientists reveal an unexpected gene in transparent worms
84 Newfound Closest Black Hole to Earth Has Astronomers Baffled
85 Drastic retreat of Norway's largest glacier highlights scale of climate change
86 Moving beyond the media's 'deficit lens' is essential for racialized people to claim belonging
87 A sustainable recipe for combining cellulose with hydrophobic polymers for advanced applications
88 New report outlines a major initiative to study geologic hazards related to subduction zones
89 Sri Lankans skip meals as food prices soar
90 Why free speech absolutism threatens human rights
91 Can juries still deliver justice in high-profile cases in the age of social media?
92 Study shows Nigeria's young waste pickers are at risk
93 Is the global decline in democracy linked to social media? We combed through the evidence to find out
94 Transparency, amnesty may boost reporting of sexual violence
95 Biodegradable microplastics in soils cause carbon dioxide emissions to rise
96 A review of research achievements related to the study of extreme heat waves
97 Study sets the basis for identifying biomarkers of latent malaria vivax infections
98 Tiger sharks that interact with tourists are larger and have higher hormone levels, study shows
99 Termite queen and king are the best parents in the world, until they're not
100 People promise much to charities, but donations remain unsent
101 Pandemic disrupted city sustainability efforts, yet increased focus on initiatives
102 Plagues of the past have a lot to tell us about current crises, according to a new study
103 Tracing tomatoes' health benefits to gut microbes
104 How responsible are rich countries for global warming?
105 What purpose do reduced mitochondria serve?
106 New device may offer a better way to prevent tick bites
107 A study discovers a surprising relationship between the teeth and the evolution of pregnancy
108 A more sustainable version of 'click chemistry'
109 Cover crops can lower yields, according to new study
110 Colonists nibble at Gran Chaco, South America's other big forest
111 Tropical cyclones act as 'massive heat pumps' that fuel extreme heat
112 Geoscientists discover 500,000 years of climate history in central Mexico
113 Up to 32 frog species thought to be extinct may not be, new research shows
114 Large common share ownership positively associated with social responsibility, says research