File Title
1 Social justice storytelling helps librarians advocate for patrons, themselves
2 Elevated CO2 levels cause mineral deficiency in plants resulting in less nutritious crops
3 Three factors that might explain why some snails survived the end-Triassic mass extinction event
4 Spin transfer and distance-dependent spin coupling in linearly assembled Ag-Cu nanoclusters
5 Carbon Emissions Could Make Crops Less Nutritious--And Lead to Protein Deficiency, Study Finds
6 Talk of 'Christian nationalism' is getting a lot louder. But what does the term really mean?
7 The origins of human society are more complex than we thought
8 NASA Armstrong develops tech to bring space launch to any airport
9 Why some big corporations must split up to survive
10 The relationship between grassland biodiversity and productivity under influence of multiple-resource addition
11 Scientists Warn Dangerous Monkeypox Variant Circulating in Central Africa Could Fuel New Outbreaks
12 How population growth and climate change are connected
13 Political violence in America isn't going away anytime soon
14 Crowdsourced cell phone data could keep bridges safe and strong
15 Survey highlights fragility of American democracy, stark partisan divides
16 Novel single-crystal production method opens up promising avenues for studies in solid-state physics
17 IceCube neutrinos give us first glimpse into the inner depths of an active galaxy
18 Defect in cellular respiration renders sac fungi infertile
19 Annual Arkansas Poll finds economy still top concern for Arkansas voters
20 How NASA's Roman telescope will scan for show stopping explosions
21 Novel nanowire fabrication technique paves way for next generation spintronics
22 A new approach for high-throughput quantitative phase microscopy
23 Report says native fish overlooked as invaders in US waters
24 Summer mechanical hedging to prune eight cider apple cultivars
25 Could coffee offer protection from catching COVID-19?
26 Disconnection, not teens' screen time, is the problem
27 Polarized X-rays reveal shape, orientation of extremely hot matter around black hole
28 Sharp divide in state legislative abortion response during first two months after Dobbs decision
29 Oldest paleogenome from the African continent tells of the extinction of the blue antelope
30 Aggressively patriarchal worldview attracted Swedish women to the Islamic State, study finds
31 Psychology researchers publish book on innovation and creativity
32 Research shows COVID-19 lockdown did not lead to quieter offshore ocean
33 Companies often don't match climate talk and lobbying, study says
34 Sunlight-absorbing organic compounds are produced on the wet surfaces of atmospheric particles
35 Island archaeology could be a model for space exploration
36 New research on how cosmetics increase attractiveness in men
37 Researchers' revamped AI tool makes water dramatically safer in refugee camps
38 Sustainability claims behind booming food technologies lack evidence, study finds
39 In organizations, group dynamics influence individuals' likelihood of blowing the whistle on wrongdoing
40 Combining neutrons and X-ray imaging, scientists study meteorites to explore how Earth acquired its water
41 Exploring the use of biostimulants within the Georgia golf industry
42 Why keeping it in the family can be good news when it comes to CEOs
43 The Complete Case for Canceling Daylight Saving Time Clock-Shifting Forever
44 Global warming in the Arctic increases megafires on the permafrost
45 Carnivore gut microbes offer insight into health of wild ecosystems
46 Scientists identify the highest-ever recorded volcanic plume
47 First manned flight of Boeing Starliner delayed until April
48 India's capital to shut schools as toxic smog chokes city
49 Cat allergies may be tamed with allergy shots plus an asthma therapy
50 Fishing Cats Face Many Human Threats. What Can Be Done to Save Them? / Science
51 Deaths from Alcohol--On the Rise for Decades--Soared During COVID Pandemic, CDC Says
52 Dutch to shoot paintball pellets at wolf to scare it away
53 Kenya drought kills more than 200 elephants
54 Schools clash with parents over bans on student cellphones
55 Creating high-quality, thick graphite films
56 A new weapon against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
57 A Psychologist Offers Advice on How to Cope with Dissociation During Sex
58 Using bioengineered yeast to feed humans off-Earth
59 January 2022 Eruption of Tonga Volcano Produced Highest-Ever Recorded Volcanic Plume
60 New model found for microsphere-enhanced interferometry
61 Water cutoff countermeasures using disaster emergency wells
62 Using molecular isomerization in polymer gels to hide passcodes
63 Readers discuss the search for dark matter and 25 years of Mars rovers
64 An algorithm to detect gerrymandering
65 Harbor Seals Have A Sense of Rhythm
66 How do you keep a solar sail stable?
67 Is it too late to stop climate change?
68 The West Coast whale fossil and the ethics of private collecting
69 Efforts to adapt to climate change are not keeping pace with the growing risks
70 Molecular tug-of-war gives cells their shape
71 Why a chain of tiny Pacific islands wants an international court opinion on responsibility for the climate crisis
72 Spin photonics to move forward with new anapole probe
73 Socially responsible companies laid off more workers than their peers during the COVID-19 pandemic
74 Examining why parties in conflict cease fighting
75 Eco-activist attacks on museum artwork ask us to figure out what we value
76 Australia's borders are open, so where are all the backpackers?
77 New book confronts the intersection between mobility and the climate crisis
78 Fluorescence achieved in light-driven molecular motors
79 Understanding marine heatwaves using the Southern Hemisphere's longest running daily ocean temperature records
80 Biodiversity of Europe's mammals as rich as it was 8,000 years ago, according to new research
81 Parallel alignment of dressing fibers accelerates wound healing
82 Limiting antibiotics for cows may create new dairy market
83 The Uganda Ministry of Health Is A Model of Public Communication During A Health Crisis
84 Puerto Rico's Hurricane Fiona recovery efforts may be repeating same failures from Hurricane Maria
85 New study of comets provides insight into chemical composition of early solar system
86 Team adds powerful new dimension to phenotyping next-gen bioenergy crop
87 Endangered Devils Hole pupfish is one of the most inbred animals known
88 Semi-nonlinear etchless lithium niobate waveguide with bound states in the continuum
89 China's Secretive Spaceplane Has A Mysterious New Traveling Companion
90 Report examines how agroforestry can deliver for nature and the climate
91 Mysterious Gemstone Found 100 Years Ago in King Tut's Tomb Likely Formed When A Meteorite Hit Earth
92 Common path principle improves shape metrology of complex precision optics
93 Zero deforestation in the Amazon is now possible--here's what needs to happen
94 Gaining structural insight into the influenza virus
95 Investment, power and protein in sub-Saharan africa
96 Oldest planetary debris in our galaxy found in new study
97 Devi the elephant, 45, euthanized at San Diego Zoo
98 A Psychologist Busts 3 Common Myths About Recreational Marijuana
99 How a quest for mathematical truth and complex models can lead to useless scientific predictions
100 'I wonder if we're too late': Glaciers are yielding their ancient secrets too fast
101 Your Clitoris May Have More Nerve Endings than Previously Realized, Over 10,000
102 Equipment that's designed to cut methane emission is failing
103 Monarch butterflies return to Mexico on annual migration
104 UN climate summit opens with warning against 'backsliding'
105 The World Is Falling Far Short on Climate Adaptation Plans
106 Australia's 'irreplaceable' platypus threatened by dams: study
107 A Psychologist Teaches You How to Turn Self-Doubt into Career Rocket Fuel
108 Blue whales eat 10 million pieces of microplastic a day: study
109 Arctic fires could release catastrophic amounts of CO2: study
110 Why It's Not Enough to Just Spend More Time with Your Partner, According to A Psychologist
111 Trapping Zone in Maldives Is Buffet for Sharks
112 Greenland Shark Finally Gets Protection
113 8 billion humans and dwindling resources
114 Lianas more likely to infest smaller trees in Southeast Asian forests, transforming knowledge in understudied area
115 Climate woes bad and getting worse faster
116 Scientists finally unravel purpose behind mysterious ancient Greek stone spheres