File Title
1 Gmail has a new feature to help with online shopping deliveries'
2 Elon Musk may have 'bad news' for banned users on Twitter
3 WhatsApp gets better for big groups with new Communities and 32-person video chats
4 Apple to continue to rely on Qualcomm for 5G modems in iPhones, here's why
5 WhatsApp's new Communities feature aims to bring related group chats together
6 Google's new Pixel referral program can make you a sweet $1,000--By Alex Smith
7 Uber Whistleblower Says Business Model 'Absolutely Unsustainable' After Firm Attempts to Improve Work Culture
8 Weird cars are becoming the new normal
9 Samsung beware! Arch-rival returns with a surprise UK phone launch
10 Explained: What is WhatsApp Communities feature, what it means for users, how it works and more
11 Mercedes-Benz won't follow Tesla into the robotaxi game
12 The path for successful e-waste management in India
13 These malicious apps are still available on Google Play despite multiple danger warnings
14 Microsoft's plan for ad-supported PCs may not be a terrible idea
15 Cybercrime gangs are recruiting like never before
16 For some, Amazon Music's big Prime expansion comes with big frustrations
17 The best smartwatches for keeping track of your health
18 Hundreds of US news sites hacked to send out malware
19 Tumblr allows nudes again, but porn remains off-limits
20 RTX 4090 too much for your PSU? There's a cheap new Intel GPU instead
21 Porsche Design has stuck a 992 GT3 exhaust onto a $12,000 soundbar
22 Fujifilm's X-T5 is a return to form for photographers
23 Etsy adds image-based search, but only on iOS for now
24 WiFi security flaw lets a drone track devices through walls
25 Creative's new noise-canceling earbuds give you a reason to never take them off
26 Steam on Chromebook enters beta
27 YouTube rolls out widgets for Android: Here's how to add them on home screen
28 Astronauts will 3D print part of a human knee in space
29 Synchron Switch Now Lets You Control Your iPhone or iPad Using Brain: All Details
30 Steam for ChromeOS works on more devices and is easier to install
31 Google wants to let robots write their own code
32 Apple and Qualcomm's bitter 5G marriage will continue for another year at least
33 Elon Musk's plans for futuristic subway replaced by parking spaces
34 This keyboard has a CPU and GPU to help create crazy effects
35 Samsung Galaxy S23 battery saver Light mode possible
36 Google to add extremely useful package tracking feature to the Gmail app
37 Chromebooks with AMD CPUs can now play Steam games--RIP gaming laptops?
38 iPhone Factory Lockdown Shows Risk of Dependence on Zero-COVID China for Manufacturing, Analysts Say
39 iPhone 14 and 15: Apple is finally conforming with the competition (against its will), and I'm all for it
40 The best E-Ink tablets: Do more than reading!
41 Gmail tracker update will make sure you always know where your package is at
42 A swarm of 500 drones will plague New York City with advertising tomorrow
43 Bitdefender wants to help protect your live chat
44 Foxconn Continues Closed Loop Production as China Imposes Lockdown on 600,000 People Around iPhone Plant
45 Qualcomm is predicting a 'double-digit' drop in phone sales
46 Elizabeth Warren wants regulators to examine Big Tech's expansion into autos
47 New phishing campaign lures victims with new Elon Musk Twitter verification rules
48 AMD challenges Nvidia with Radeon RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT graphics card reveal
49 Samsung's next Odyssey Neo G9 will be the 'first' 8K ultrawide gaming monitor
50 AMD has thrown its weight behind decentralized storage
51 Huawei unveils Pocket S clamshell foldable smartphone
52 Netflix's ad-supported plan isn't working on Apple TV devices
53 Barely anyone is using Windows 11 still
54 Patreon launches unlimited ad-free video hosting
55 Charging your EV on Petro-Canada's Electric Highway to cost Canadians 76 percent more on average
56 Apple TV 4K review (2022): Still the best streaming box by a long shot
57 How to use Audio Message Transcription on Google Pixel phones
58 Outdated Android and iOS phones could put US government workers at risk of attack
59 PayPal and Venmo will soon support Apple's Tap to Pay contactless payments tech
60 Snapchat and Amazon team up for AR shopping, starting with eyewear
61 WhatsApp rolls out Communities, 32-person video calls, 1,024 user groups and more
62 Elon Musk Said to Prepare to Charge Users for Twitter Verification as Soon as Next Week
63 Xiaomi testing the next big jump in mobile photography
64 Gmail Package Tracking Features for Users in the US Announced Ahead of Holiday Season
65 AMD RDNA 3 GPUs rumored to be serious rivals for Nvidia RTX 4090 and 4080
66 Elon Musk's begins laying off Twitter employees
67 Keep your Apple device private!
68 Elon Musk could cut half of Twitter's workforce
69 Microsoft to disable Internet Explorer in February 2023
70 How to avoid rashes and skin irritation from your Apple Watch
71 US banks processed over $1 billion in ransomware payments last year
72 Russian Hacker Group Killnet's Distributed Denial of Service Cyberattack Thwarted by US Treasury
73 TikTok to users in Europe: Employees in these 10 countries can get access to your data
74 Samsung apparently knows Apple's first foldable won't be an iPhone--By Alex Smith
75 Flood, wildfire alerts, healthcare and more: How Google is using AI for people's benefits
76 Twitter Down: Twitter users face outage on the day company set to announce job cuts
77 Samsung's latest commercial mocks Apple's lack of a foldable phone
78 Latest iPhone update reveals bad news for Android and Samsung's Galaxy
79 How a Wi-Fi security flaw allowed drones to track devices through walls
80 Joining the one-inch camera club
81 Samsung makes fun of Apple for not having a foldable phone, 'epic' cameras
82 PayPal and Venmo will soon support Tap to Pay on iPhone
83 Realme 10 Pro Series Teased to Feature a Curved Display Ahead of Launch
84 The iPhone 13 is the star of the show for Apple in India, here's why
85 Twitter sued by employees amid mass layoffs
86 Google 'Duo' is gone for good, web app gets Meet branding
87 Daily Authority: Twitter layoffs begin
88 These devious cybercriminals impersonate law firms to steal your data
89 Individual emails to reveal the faith of Twitter employees
90 The Morning After: The new Apple TV 4K reviewed
91 Pixel 7 and 7 Pro problems and how to fix them
92 Twitter Verification leak makes the new system sound worse than we feared
93 WhatsApp rolls out three new features: All the details
94 The Google Home app on the Pixel Watch is a good start, but I want more
95 Twitter is being sued by former employees for Elon Musk's mass firing
96 The Galaxy S23 Ultra may soon top the best camera phones list
97 Twitter job cuts: Elon Musk has reportedly fired most of India staff
98 Twitter reminding users to look out for phishing emails
99 Samsung launches Dropship for easier cross-platform sharing
100 What to know about COP27, the UN climate conference
101 Smartphones can be used to detect the structural integrity of a bridge: Study
102 Samsung's Galaxy S23 rumoured to launch in the first week of February
103 MoneyGram Will Let US Users Trade, Sell and Buy Crypto on Mobile App
104 The dream isn't over--AMD's RX 7900 XTX may still hit 3GHz
105 AI image generator DALL-E is coming to your apps
106 Microsoft customer feedback tool hijacked to send phishing emails
107 Elon Musk Blames Activist Groups Pressurising Advertisers for "Massive" Drop in Twitter's Revenue
108 Why planetary defense efforts are looking for 'city killer' asteroids
109 Wicked fast 2022 iPad Pro is already on sale but will probably sell out very quickly
110 This is what Elon Musk has to say on advertisers leaving Twitter