File Title
1 Apple reportedly delays M2 MacBook Pro and Mac mini until 2023
2 Nvidia RTX 4080 is almost here--with wildly varying prices
3 You'll soon have to update Zoom a lot more frequently
4 Here's why some iPhone models might be hard to find in the weeks ahead
5 Bluesound's new wireless speaker is like a supercharged Sonos One
6 Elon Musk Fires Twitter's Board of Directors to Become Sole Member
7 Elon Musk's SpaceX May Launch Starship Rocket System by Early December: NASA
8 Google defends its Pixel Watch 24-hour battery life claim with detailed stats
9 Repairing an iPhone 14's screen is easier, yes, but only in official Apple stores
10 Before Elon Musk runs Twitter into the ground, here are 7 of his other failures
11 Microsoft warns Raspberry Robin malware is getting a lot sourer
12 PSA: Pixel phones automatically turn into wireless charging pads when plugged in
13 Worried about Nvidia RTX 4090 melting cables? Leaked RDNA 3 flagship pics could prove a tonic
14 These Microsoft servers are helping fuel massive DDoS attacks
15 Twitter verification is the line between order and chaos
16 What ancient advice can teach us about AI
17 Twitter Plans to Lay Off a Quarter of Its Workforce in First Round: Report
18 Two more executives are leaving Apple
19 Important for India and US to Work Together in Science and Technology: NSF Director
20 Instagram outage causes millions of accounts to be incorrectly listed as suspended
21 iPhone 15 Pro Series Unlikely to Get 8P Camera Lens Upgrade: Ming-Chi Kuo
22 Reliable analyst tweets not to expect Apple to deploy an 8-element lens on the 2023 iPhones
23 Post Musk acquisition, hate speech on Twitter soars
24 Twitter, Facebook, Others Will Have to Abide by Local Laws, Says Minister
25 How these factors may bring a 'supercycle' for Apple
26 Startup hiring trends: Hiring cuts, salary spends and more
27 Foxconn Increases Wages, Gives Workers Bonuses to Staff to Quell Discontent Over COVID Curbs: Report
28 Elon Musk Seeks Major Platform Changes After Twitter Takeover, Wants to Relaunch Vine Video App: Report
29 Apple TV app adds support for this video format
30 Elon Musk Boosted Surge in Misinformation, Conspiracy Theories About Attack on Paul Pelosi
31 MediaTek's upcoming flagship chip to reportedly outperform Apple A16 Bionic in GPU performance
32 Google Chrome users, here's why you should install the latest Chrome update right away
33 Twitter has removed 1,500 accounts following coordinated trolling campaign
34 Pixel 7 Pro "barely" survives durability test
35 Shock Android alert! Check your phone now to avoid vicious new threat
36 Explained: What is Vine and why Elon Musk may bring this TikTok rival back
37 Elon Musk Is Twitter's New CEO, Becomes Company's Sole Director After Takeover, Securities Filings Show
38 Most of you would download iMessage for Android
39 Elon Musk's Twitter Investors Include Jack Dorsey, Saudi Prince, Qatar Investment Authority
40 T-Mobile to charge $35 activation fee on nearly all transactions
41 Pantone colors now require a subscription in Adobe Photoshop
42 Daily Authority: Pixel weaknesses revealed
43 These five dangerous Android apps can hack bank accounts, claims report
44 SpaceX may send Starship on its first orbital flight in December
45 Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU flexes its muscles at 13K gaming
46 Musk might soon increase Twitter Blue's price and make Twitter's verification paid
47 Is Donald Trump returning to Twitter? Here's what Elon Musk has to say
48 Porsche's new Dolby Atmos soundbar uses a actual car exhaust for decoration
49 ESR magnetic kickstand powerbank: charge your iPhone in a snap!
50 This Google Drive update should make it so much easier to keep your shared files safe
51 Apple iPad Pro review (2022): An impressive stopgap
52 Buying an iPhone 14 Pro for the holidays? You may have to settle
53 Twitter discontinues ad-free articles for Blue subscribers
54 Musk suggests lower $8/mo price for Twitter verification after backlash
55 Elon Musk buys Twitter: Everything you need to know
56 Apple iOS 16.1, iPadOS 16, Android security patch and more: A list of important updates in October
57 Cloud migration is showing little sign of slowing, in spite of global economic issues
58 Elon Musk on why Twitter verification cannot be free
59 Amazon Music now offers 100 million songs, but they're shuffle-only
60 YouTube brings Showtime, Paramount+ and other streaming services into its main app
61 The DMA could force Apple to change how iMessage and other services operate
62 Microsoft Outlook really wants to help you to focus on your work
63 Tesla Autopilot Crash to Put Legal Question of 'Man vs. Machine' Driver Responsibility to the Test
64 FTC sues Chegg for exposing sensitive student data
65 Cloud migration is showing little sign of slowing, in spite of global economic issues
66 Tata Group to add up to 45,000 workers at iPhone parts plant
67 Mercedes-Benz EQE electric sedan will start at $76,050
68 Meta thinks it has a great new way to save water in its data centers
69 Instagram won't make an iPad app, but its web interface is getting better
70 Elon Musk announces how much Twitter will charge you for the coveted 'blue tick'
71 Audio-Technica resurrects its Sound Burger portable turntable from the '80s
72 Many businesses just aren't getting their AI rollouts right
73 Tata Said to Plan Hiring Up to 45,000 Women Workers Within 24 Months at Hosur iPhone Parts Plant
74 Mass production of Tesla's Cybertruck to start in late 2023
75 Tesla Said to Plan Start for Mass Production of Cybertruck Pickup Truck by End of 2023
76 AMD's profits have cratered as the PC and crypto miner markets slow down
77 Cracks are appearing in the App Store as revenue declines
78 Microsoft expands CyberShikshaa; to provide cybersecurity training to 45,000; 10,000 jobs
79 Twitter could stop offering ad-free articles to Blue subscribers
80 This fake GIMP Google ad just ends up serving malware
81 Twitter's Former Bosses Eligible for 'Golden Parachute' Payouts Worth Over $112 Million, Filings Show
82 Microsoft makes it easier to use pictures from your Android phone in Word or PowerPoint
83 Google's Nest Wifi Pro speeds limited to 50Mbps for some users
84 NASA's first test of its next-generation heat shield is delayed until at least November 9th
85 Criminals hijack antivirus software to deliver malware
86 Google Chrome is getting Microsoft Edge-like side panel for faster search results: Here's how to enable it
87 Former New York Post employee apologizes for racist posting spree
88 iPhone SE 4 May Get 5.7-Inch to 6.1-Inch LCD or OLED Screen, Display Specifications Not Finalised: Report
89 Google is discontinuing support for the standalone Street View app and pulling it from app stores
90 Elon Musk wants to make Twitter's edit button free for everyone, report says
91 Tumblr will now allow nudity but not explicit sex
92 Elon Musk is officially the CEO of Twitter (for now)
93 How to recover deleted playlists on Spotify
94 Bed, Bath and Beyond confirms another major data breach
95 Amazon Prime music is now ad-free, but with big catch
96 Japan Pushes Citizens to Sign Up for 'My Number' Digital IDs Amid Privacy Concerns
97 Musk wants to revive Vine, likely to compete with TikTok
98 iOS 16.1 to Be Announced Tonight: Expected New Features, How to Install It
99 India's Web3 Professionals Interested in Developing Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming: KuCoin CEO
100 Micron Ships Latest LPDDR5X Memory Chips to Smartphone Makers
101 Google Hangouts is well and truly dead
102 Twitter Said to Discontinue Access to Ad-Free Articles for Twitter Blue Subscribers
103 Google Maps on WearOS affecting some smartwatch users: Here's how
104 This Xiaomi concept lets you use a full-blown camera lens on a phone
105 Xiaomi concept clips a full-size Leica lens onto a smartphone
106 Google revamps Assistant parental controls and adds a kids' dictionary
107 Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept Lets You Use Leica M-Series Lenses with Phone, Offers Focus Peaking, More
108 Google is shutting down its dedicated Street View app
109 Rejoice! Task Manager is finally getting a search bar in a future Windows 11 update
110 Weird cars are becoming the new normal
111 China Plans to Ship 25 Million Virtual Reality Devices Worth CNY 350 Billion by 2026
112 Samsung wants the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to come with a lighter body, better cameras, and S Pen slot
113 Microsoft tests new Office feature for Android devices
114 Is your mattress causing you back pain?
115 Google Drive now allows you to select an expiry date for files before sharing them