File Title
1 China's No. 2, Premier Li Keqiang, dropped in leadership shuffle
2 Why Japan stands virtually alone in keeping interest rates ultralow
3 In shattered homes, Ukrainians brace for a cold winter
4 Sparkling fish, murky methods: the global aquarium trade
5 Airlines cash in as flexible work changes travel patterns
6 Japan, Australia upgrade security pact against China threat
7 Watch: Helicopter narrowly misses car on road; 'welcome to Ukraine,' says defense ministry
8 Right-wing Meloni sworn in as Italy's first woman prime minister
9 East Iran city, scene of bloody crackdown, sees new protests
10 China reaffirms Xi's dominance, removes No. 2 Li Keqiang
11 China hangs on Xi's every word. His silence also speaks volumes.
12 Chinese President Xi Jinping creates history, wins record third term in power
13 How tumultuous forces of Brexit divided U.K.'s Conservative Party
14 For Trump's backers in Congress, 'Devil Terms' help rally voters
15 How political primaries drive Britain's dysfunction
16 Timeline: Chinese leader Xi Jinping's rise and rule
17 Pakistan requests China to rollover $6.3 billion debt
18 Salman Rushdie lost sight in one eye, hand movement after attack, says his agent
19 Climate protesters throw mashed potatoes at Monet painting
20 Russian TV presenter says sorry but faces probe for call to drown Ukrainian children
21 Uganda reports worrisome increase in Ebola cases in capital
22 Rishi Sunak set to become UK's first Indian-origin PM
23 Indians delight in Rishi Sunak's rise to UK PM on Diwali
24 Male or female title? Italy's new PM Meloni stirs gender debate
25 Nairobi police say Pakistani journalist killed by mistake
26 Rishi Sunak's ascent is a breakthrough for diversity, with privilege attached
27 Rishi Sunak's election as UK PM ground-breaking milestone: Joe Biden
28 Chinese officers charged in plot to obstruct US Huawei probe
29 Joe Biden hosts largest ever Diwali reception at White House
30 Russian talk show host suspended after saying Ukrainian children should be drowned or burned
31 Prosecutors pressure Trump aides to testify in documents case
32 Japan Cabinet minister resigns over Unification Church ties
33 Western officials warn Russia could use a dirty bomb as a pretext
34 UK court to hear Uyghur demands to ban Xinjiang cotton
35 In Detroit, why there is no Black Democrat on the ballot for Congress
36 Nancy Pelosi, Democrats' billion-dollar woman, fights on with majority teetering
37 Xi Jinping tightens his grip on China at a difficult economic moment
38 Rishi Sunak's rise to PM is 'Obama moment for British Hindus,' says UK Hindu temple leader
39 Rishi Sunak's wife Akshata earned Rs 126.61 crore dividend income from Infosys in 2022
40 US: Man who stormed Capitol with dad gets 2 years in prison
41 Dogs get their day at Hindu festival dedicated to them in Nepal
42 US: Bidens thank Asian-Americans for reflecting the soul of 'who we are as a nation'
43 Political stability in UK may give impetus to India-Britain trade pact talks: Experts
44 Rishi Sunak becomes UK prime minister, faces economic crisis
45 Rishi Sunak promises 'economic stability': Top quotes from first speech as UK PM
46 Russian court upholds U.S. basketball star Griner's 9-year drug sentence
47 Cannibalism, pedophilia: Social media fake news roils Brazil ahead of crucial vote
48 British PM Sunak begins Cabinet reshuffle, keeps Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in place
49 India an important manufacturer of vaccines for world, says White House
50 Italy's Giorgia Meloni easily wins confidence vote in parliament
51 Would be serious mistake if Russia uses nuke against Ukraine, says Joe Biden
52 In Rishi Sunak's top cabinet ministers, an emphasis on continuity
53 A secret deal, wishful thinking: How the US-Saudi relationship ruptured
54 Three inquiries, but no answers to who blew holes in nord stream pipelines
55 Universal Resort shuts in Beijing due to COVID measures
56 US vows full military defense of allies against North Korea
57 On Ukraine and on energy, Germany is upsetting its allies in Europe
58 COVID-19: Joe Biden gets updated omicron booster shot
59 Why people are flocking to a symbol of Taiwan's authoritarian past
60 Retailer Zara under fire in Israel over event for far-right candidate
61 Rishi Sunak is a Brexit supporter. Here's what he'll have to navigate.
62 Russia digging in for 'heaviest of battles' in Kherson, says Ukrainian official
63 UN: Almost 1 million drought-hit Somalis in al-Shabab areas
64 UK PM Rishi Sunak's new team of ministers
65 China launches a COVID-19 vaccine inhaled through the mouth
66 Global energy transition might take 30 years, Saudi finance minister says
67 Gas crunch eases in Europe--but the respite might not last
68 UK fiscal statement delayed to November 17, says finance minister Hunt
69 Iranian security forces shoot at people gathered at Amini's grave, says witness
70 UK PM Rishi Sunak defends Braverman's reappointment, says she accepted her mistake
71 New UK PM Sunak cheers his gloomy lawmakers with parliament debut
72 Russia's chaotic draft leaves some out in cold, without gear
73 Vladimir Putin monitors practice launches by Russia's nuclear forces
74 Gunmen attack major Shiite holy site in Iran, killing 15
75 Pope Francis warns the 'devil enters' through online pornography
76 'Personally, I'm a big fan of India': China diplomat comments on Delhi-Beijing ties
77 Investigators raid home of Russian celeb Ksenia Sobchak
78 Joe Biden targets hidden 'junk fees' from banks, cable TV, concert tickets
79 Thai transgender activist buys Miss Universe org for $20M
80 Syria reports Israeli airstrikes on targets in Damascus area
81 China's Xi says willing to work with United States for mutual benefit
82 New Zealand women lawmakers outnumber men for the first time
83 Body of missing woman found inside 7-meter python in Indonesia
84 New visa to let tourists with $130,000 live in Bali for 10 years
85 India to see highest global salary increase in 2023, here's how other countries will fare
86 Same-sex marriage is now legal in all of Mexico's states
87 Wuhan locks down part of city center as COVID cases emerge
88 Ten ways China has changed under Xi Jinping
89 Taiwan's return to its 'native harbour' in China is 'on schedule,' says Putin's close ally
90 In survey of world's most secure countries, Pakistan features ahead of India. Here's the list
91 Will take US-India ties to next level again, says Donald Trump
92 When soup and mashed potatoes are thrown, can the Earth win?
93 Russia intensifies its propaganda campaign against Ukraine
94 Here are the most expensive US cities for renters right now
95 'We got their president!' When the Russians met Volodymyr Zelensky, a 64-year-old retired Soviet soldier in Ukraine
96 Vladimir Putin wants to divide Ukrainians. Mykolaiv is a test case.
97 Russia moves to ban 'LGBT propaganda' among all ages
98 China to revise women's protection law for first time in decades
99 COP27-World faces 2.8íC rise after 'woefully inadequate' climate pledges, UN says
100 Ukraine: Evacuations intensify in Kherson; power sites hit
101 ECB raises interest rates again, trims bank subsidies
102 New British PM Rishi Sunak and family to move back to smaller flat above 10 Downing Street
103 'Survival kits' in lifts: Kyiv residents get creative amid power cuts
104 Russia's Putin rules out using nuclear weapons in Ukraine
105 Activist glues his head to 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' painting in the Hague
106 Vladimir Putin says China's Xi Jinping is 'close friend,' hails 'unprecedented' partnership with Beijing
107 British PM Sunak pulls out of attending COP27 summit to focus on domestic issues
108 US orders diplomats' families to leave Nigeria's capital
109 China's latest COVID-19 lockdown affects a major iPhone factory
110 A rising dollar is hurting other currencies. Central banks are stepping in
111 Putin praises Modi: Pursuing independent foreign policy despite attempts to stop him
112 China ramps up lockdowns, COVID restrictions across country
113 A quarter of Canadians are now immigrants; largest proportion from India
114 Japan okays 200 billion dollars spending plan to counter inflation
115 US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband beaten with hammer at home, sustains skull fracture
116 Iran protests flare again as UN voices concern at detainees' treatment
117 Trump says he's happy Twitter in 'sane hands'
118 The Royal Mint begins production of the first circulating coins featuring King Charles III
119 Kanye West back on Twitter after suspension as Musk takes control of platform
120 US sanctions Iranian group that put bounty on Salman Rushdie's life