File Title
1 Astronaut James McDivitt, Apollo 9 commander, dies at 93
2 How NASA plans to return an asteroid sample to Earth
3 Over 30,000 near-Earth asteroids have been discovered; here is what you need to know
4 Patagonia condor repopulation drive faces wind farm threat
5 International Space Station to resume spacewalks, six months after incident
6 Webb Space Telescope renders Pillars of Creation with new depth, clarity
7 Genes link bipolar, schizophrenia, once thought unrelated
8 ISRO scripts history with successful commercial mission LVM3-M2
9 Astronomers make discovery that can 'dramatically narrow' search for aliens
10 Japanese engineers weave fabric that can heat or cool a wearer
11 Scientists reconstruct epic biblical battles in groundbreaking new study
12 NASA instrument detects dozens of methane super-emitters from space
13 International Space Station swerves away from Russian anti-satellite test debris
14 Ancient bacteria could still be beneath Martian surface
15 NASA announces new team to study UFOs
16 Webb captures 'unprecedented' image of galaxies merging near supermassive black hole
17 First test flight of Gaganyaan mission in February next year: ISRO official
18 ISRO successfully carries out key test of its heaviest rocket's engine
19 As InSight lander nears end, NASA details meteorite strike on Mars
20 Webb captures galaxies merging through shroud of dust
21 Webb captures 'haunting portrait' of the pillars of creation
22 NASA's Lucy captures stunning images of Earth and Moon during flyby
23 Mars Express looks at mysterious Martian moon after software update
24 Hubble captures peculiar portrait of 'cosmic keyhole'
25 This Japanese startup wants to become the Moon's very own FedEx
26 Elon Musk's SpaceX expects first Starship launch to orbit this year--NASA
27 Eerie image shows spectacular aftermath of a large star's death
28 T-Rex skeleton draws crowds in Singapore before auction
29 China launches 3rd and final space station component
30 Massive 'planet killer' asteroid hiding in Sun's glare could pose threat to Earth
31 NASA image shows Sun 'smiling' down at us
32 SpaceX launches first Falcon Heavy mission since 2019 from Florida
33 Blue whales found to swallow 10 million microplastic pieces daily
34 Time to say goodbye to NASA's InSight Mars lander
35 Can Rocket Lab catch the rocket with a helicopter this time?
36 NASA's Artemis 1 launch now set for November 14
37 Dutch princess 'can't really go outside' after threats
38 'Nukes without any cohesion': US President Biden terms Pakistan 'one of the most dangerous nations'
39 Ukrainian deminers remove deadly threats to civilians
40 20 nations at high risk from global warming might halt debt payments
41 In UK fallout, lessons for a world facing harsh economic realities
42 Despite its barrage of missiles, Russia still loses ground in Ukraine
43 Indonesia bans cough syrup material linked to Gambia child deaths
44 Activists in UK court after soup thrown at Van Gogh picture
45 Twelve shot dead in Mexico bar attack in gang-plagued state
46 China will never renounce right to use force over Taiwan, Xi Jinping says
47 Taiwan says it will not back down on its sovereignty
48 Religious polarisation in India seeping into US diaspora
49 UK leader Liz Truss goes from triumph to trouble in 6 weeks
50 China's party congress promises continuity, not change
51 Democrats spent $2 trillion to save the economy. They don't want to talk about it
52 Iran's loyal security forces protect ruling system that protesters want to topple
53 Japan PM orders probe of Unification Church problems
54 How Ukraine's surrogate mothers have survived the war
55 'Coffins are already coming': The toll of Russia's chaotic draft
56 New UK Treasury chief aims to calm markets with statement
57 Australia reverses recognition of west Jerusalem as Israel capital
58 Drones embody an Iran-Russia alliance built on hostility to the US
59 UK PM Liz Truss says 'sorry' for mistakes, policy U-turns
60 Pentagon considers funding Musk's Starlink network for Ukraine, says report
61 'Done on the sly': France's flawed return of skulls to Algeria
62 Trump Hotels charged Secret Service exorbitant rates, House inquiry finds
63 Iran: Competitive climber Elnaz Rekabi may be imprisoned after competing without hijab; Tehran terms it 'fake news'
64 Indonesia to demolish soccer stadium where stampede killed over 130
65 Just Stop Oil: All about the UK activist group that is climbing bridges and throwing soup at paintings
66 France begins nationwide strike amid soaring inflation
67 Danes confirm 'extensive damage' to Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines
68 Ukraine moves to cut diplomatic ties with Iran after drone attacks
69 Biden prioritizing abortion legislation before midterms
70 Millions of cookies: MacKenzie Scott gives Girl Scouts $85M
71 Looking forward to cooperative efforts from Pakistan to eliminate terror threats, says US
72 US citizen tortured, sentenced to 16 years in Saudi Arabia prison over tweets, says family
73 Indonesia says 74 children have died from acute kidney injury this year
74 Children starve as Yemen teeters on a return to fighting
75 Iran's Elnaz Rekabi, who competed without hijab, in Tehran
76 Amid 89% surge in student visas, UK envoy promises to cut down application time
77 Rishi Sunak's warnings about Truss' economic plans were largely right. But he still has enemies
78 Putin declares martial law in four unilaterally annexed regions of Ukraine
79 US set to provide USD 450 mn. F-16 sustainment package to Pakistan despite India's objection
80 Iranian state media trolls Britney Spears
81 The Iranian drones in Ukraine's already crowded skies
82 Where have all the men in Moscow gone?
83 Students, legal scholars push California universities to hire students who entered U.S. illegally
84 Russia asks Philippines to honour helicopter purchase deal
85 In Los Angeles, politics prove more complex than a racist conversation
86 New Italy government will be pro-NATO, pro-Europe, says Meloni
87 Biden expands effort to secure U.S. energy independence
88 Russia shrinks forces in Syria, a factor in Israeli strategy there
89 How Finnair's huge bet on faster flights to Asia suddenly came undone
90 6 New York landlords prosecuted for overcharging tenants
91 New Zealand passes Plain Language Bill in bid to make democracy more 'accessible'
92 Liz Truss resigns after six weeks as UK prime minister
93 Russia says outgoing PM Truss was a 'catastrophically illiterate' disgrace
94 Our lettuce outlasted Liz Truss, British paper declares, as PM quits
95 Liz Truss quits as UK PM: Who are the front-runners to replace her?
96 Iran's Olympic chief claims no punishment coming for climber
97 Diwali will be public school holiday in New York City starting 2023
98 Liz Truss is eligible for taxpayer-funded allowance of $129,000 a year for life
99 Japan PM heads to Australia to step up military, energy ties
100 Truss defied the markets, and they ruthlessly sealed her fate
101 U.S. judge blocks New York from banning guns in church
102 As inflation stalks Europe, leaders shudder
103 How disinformation splintered and became more intractable
104 AI knows how much you're willing to pay for flights before you do
105 How Taiwan's 'adorable' and ambitious diplomacy aims to keep the island safe
106 Ukraine rations power and warns of lethal winter, despite war gains
107 'It was horror': liberated Ukrainians share tales of occupation
108 Steve Bannon gets four months behind bars for defying January 6 subpoena
109 Russia barred from future projects of FATF
110 Italy's Meloni accepts mandate to form new government
111 January 6 panel issues subpoena to Trump, demanding he testify
112 Mass grave of IS victims found in Syria's Palmyra, says report
113 As Britain's economy stumbles, one sector is booming: Whisky
114 Life was built around snow. What happens when it vanishes?
115 She's inheriting millions of euros. She wants her wealth taxed away.
116 China may ramp up nuclear arsenal after Xi's assertion to establish strong strategic deterrence: Experts
117 Nearly 22 million have already requested student loan relief, says Joe Biden
118 US Court temporarily blocks Biden's student loan forgiveness
119 Taliban kill six Islamic State members in raid in Afghan capital--spokesman