File Title
1 New Study Reveals a More Complex Climate History than Previously Thought
2 It's Simple: Snacking on Almonds Boosts Gut Health
3 Galactic Collision: Webb Space Telescope Explores Frenzied Star Formation in Merging Galaxies
4 New Discovery Expands Tree of Life
5 New Record Efficiency Achieved by Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
6 Insects Can Produce as Much Atmospheric Electric Charge as a Thunderstorm Cloud
7 Tylenol Use During Pregnancy Has Been Linked to Sleep and Behavior Problems
8 New Findings Rewrite the Evolutionary Story of "Fish to Human"
9 NASA Intern Found Hope in the Moon
10 Eating Late Changes Your Fat Tissue and Decreases Calories Burned
11 Scientists Identify a Unique Set of Proteins that Restore Hearing
12 Stunning NASA Image Shows Ganymede Casting a Massive Shadow Across Jupiter
13 A New Way to Destroy "Forever Chemicals"
14 Proba-2 Spacecraft Captures Two Partial Solar Eclipses in One Day
15 Research Shows Being Around Birds Is Linked to Lasting Mental Health Benefits
16 Listen to the Scary Sounds of Earth's Magnetic Field--Captured by Swarm Satellite Mission
17 Dark, Dusty Heart: Hubble Captures Swirls of Dust in the Flame Nebula
18 Why Are Women More Susceptible to Alzheimer's? Scientists May Finally Have an Answer
19 Why Stradivarius Violins Are Unparalleled by Modern Instruments: Chemical Clues to the Mystery
20 Slowing Memory Loss: Crossword Puzzles Beat Cognitive Computer Video Games
21 COVID-19 Surges Linked to Spike in Heart Attack Deaths--"Like Nothing Seen Before"
22 Next-Generation Electrolytes for High Energy Density Lithium Metal Batteries
23 Chaotic Crust Contains Clues to Mars' Watery Past in Search for Signs of Past Life on the Red Planet
24 Scientists Successfully Reverse Premature Aging
25 Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Five Hours or Less Linked to Higher Risk of Multiple Diseases & Death
26 Broad Implications--Harvard Scientists Have Discovered the First Ever Sea Level Fingerprint
27 Scientists Astonished by Strange Material that Can Be Made like Plastic but Conducts like Metal
28 Research Shows E-Cigarettes Cause Cardiac Arrhythmias--Can Be "Worse than Conventional Cigarettes"
29 NASA's InSight Mars Lander Detects Stunning Meteoroid Impact on Red Planet
30 Russian Space Freighter with Three Tons of Cargo Docks to Station
31 NASA to Recover Lots of Data from Tiny Package During Inflatable Heat Shield Tech Demo
32 Unlocking the Power of Our Emotional Memory to Cure Mental Health Disorders like Depression and PTSD
33 Why You Shouldn't Use Aspirin While on a Blood Thinner
34 Webb Space Telescope Uncovers Surprising Cosmic Knot in the Early Universe
35 Spritacular: Capturing Elusive Upper Atmospheric Electrical Phenomena on Camera
36 Natural Gas for Heating and Cooking Contains Elevated Levels of Carcinogens and Hazardous Air Pollutants
37 Startlingly Common--Nearly One in 10 in the US Reports Having Depression
38 Tree Rings Offer Insight into Mysterious, Devastating Radiation Storms
39 Good News: Ozone Hole Continues Shrinking in 2022
40 Haunting Portrait: NASA's Webb Space Telescope Reveals Chilling Pillars of Creation
41 Historic WWII Shipwreck Has Leaked Many Pollutants into the Sea, Changing the Ocean Floor Around It
42 Beaming Clean Energy from Space--Caltech's "Extraordinary and Unprecedented Project"
43 Are Newton's Laws of Gravity Wrong: Observation Puzzles Researchers
44 Dreams Do Come True: High School NASA Intern Works with Artificial Intelligence
45 Hyperbolic Propagation: Columbia Physicists See Light Waves Moving Through a Metal
46 Traces of Ancient Ocean Discovered on Mars--This Means a "Higher Potential for Life"
47 New Evidence that Neanderthals Were Carnivores
48 Algae-Based Food Goes Global: Scaling Up Marine Aquaculture to Sustainably Produce Nutritious Food
49 Scientists Warn of a Rare Third-Year La Nina--Risk of Intense Cold Surges in Eurasia
50 Scientists Discover Why Late-Night Eating Leads to Diabetes and Weight Gain
51 Race Against Time to Find Ancient Indigenous Carvings on Australian Boab Trees
52 Stem Cells Reveal: How Neurons from PTSD Patients React to Stress
53 Shocking Study Finds Nose Picking Could Increase Risk for Alzheimer's and Dementia
54 What's the Right Way to Eat Candy Corn?
55 The Green Revolution--Were We Lied To?
56 Chasing Ghostly Faces in Earth's Stratosphere
57 Scientists Discover the First Impact Crater in Spain
58 A Spooky Ghost of a Giant Star: What Remains After the Explosive Death of a Massive Star
59 New Clues to Brain Evolution from Map of the Octopus Visual System
60 Ultra-Cold Mini Twisters: Quantum Vortices Are a Strong Indication of Superfluidity
61 Better than Opiates: Pain Relief Without Side Effects and Addiction
62 Where Do Fears Come From? How Can New Insights Improve Treatment?
63 Powerful New Drug Could Cause COVID-19 to Turn on Itself
64 NASA's Lunar Flashlight Ready to Search for Water Ice on the Moon
65 Potentially Hazardous "Planet Killer" Asteroid Discovered Lurking in the Inner Solar System
66 COVID-19 Virus Disrupts Normal Mix of Gut Bacteria, Increasing Risk for Other Infections
67 NASA Teams on Track for Artemis I Moon Rocket Rollout to Launch Pad
68 New Evidence for Liquid Water on Mars
69 CAPSTONE Spacecraft Successfully Completes Maneuver--On Track for Moon Orbit
70 Shocking 439-Million-Year-Old "Shark" Forces Scientists to Rethink the Timeline of Evolution
71 Solving the Dopamine Riddle: Scientists Pinpoint Genetic Mechanism Linking Brain Chemical to Schizophrenia
72 Human Cocaine and Heroin Addiction Is Tied to Impairments in Specific Brain Circuit
73 Anti-Inflammatory Molecules Discovered that Decline in the Aging Brain
74 Is Ocean Acidification Causing the Arctic to Melt?
75 Large Meteorite Impacts on Mars: Seismic Waves Observed on Surface of a Planet Other than Earth for the First Time
76 Bizarre New Bee Species Discovered with Dog-Like Snout
77 Webb Space Telescope's Eerie New View of "Pillars of Creation" Looks Supernatural
78 Good Feline Healthcare: What a "Cat Friendly" Veterinary Experience Looks Like
79 The End Is Nigh: NASA Prepares to Say "Farewell" to History-Making Mars InSight Lander
80 Breakthrough in Tiny DNA "Nanotransporters" Chemically Programmed to Treat Cancer
81 Scientists Reveal New Insight into the Genetic Causes of Autism and ADHD
82 What Caused the World's Fourth-Largest Proglacial Lake to Suddenly Drain? Scientists Finally Have an Answer
83 AI Helped Design a Clear Window Coating that Can Cool Buildings Without Using Energy
84 New Discovery Fills Long-Missing Gap in Evolutionary History
85 Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Prevent Suicide
86 Living Bioelectronic Sensors Send a Jolt of Electricity When Triggered
87 Halloween Crack in Antarctica
88 Peculiar Plant Virus Causes Bugs to Live Longer
89 Artificial Cells with Lifelike Functionality--New Breakthrough Brings Scientists One Step Closer
90 Fear, Panic and Excitement: A Close Encounter with a Mysterious Moon
91 Completely Changing Current Ways of Thinking--New Breakthrough Could Lead to Better Cancer Treatments
92 New Study Links Dementia to Metabolism
93 Scientists Identify a Potential Source of a Special Kind of Meteorite
94 Adult ADHD Linked to a Greatly Increased Risk of Numerous Heart Diseases
95 SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launches for the First Time in Over Three Years--Most Powerful Operational Rocket in the World
96 Scientists Reveal Why You Should Clean Your Dirty Windows
97 New Molecule Destroys Alzheimer's-Causing Amyloid Tangles
98 How Exercise Protects Against Neurodegenerative Diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease
99 Birth Control Pill Poses a Serious Health Risk to Women with a Common Condition
100 Progress on NASA's New Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) Moon Rover
101 Simple 3D-Printed Device May Pave the Way for Far More Powerful Cell Phones and WIFI
102 Mind-Bending Abilities: Uncovering Bizarre Quantum Properties of Black Holes
103 Empathizing with Humans--Scientists Have Created a Robot that Can Laugh with You
104 Study highlights the dominant role of light competition in grassland plant diversity
105 Controversial monkey study reignites animal testing debate
106 'Hazardous' smog chokes India's capital
107 Novel molecular orbital interaction that stabilizes cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
108 Study Shows Link Between Volcanic Activity and Climate Change
109 How anthropogenic disturbances drive inland water CO2 emissions
110 Psychological Research Helps You Figure Out if Your Workplace Is Toxic
111 Fireworks can cause stress to birds in the wild, study suggests
112 Describing the mechanism by which oxygen in the blood is detected
113 Physicists shed new light on unanswered questions about glass-liquid transition
114 Water flow simulations using 3D models of fossils yield new clues to the evolution of tiny, ancient marine animals
115 A Psychologist Offers Self-Care Advice for Exhausted Therapists