File Title
1 Wild chimpanzees and gorillas can form long friendly associations that last decades
2 70 years of data suggest the Conservatives will suffer a big defeat at the next UK election
3 New study solves riddle of how dopamine relates to schizophrenia
4 COVID-19 reshaped the way we buy, prepare and consume food
5 School attendance problems are complex, and our solutions need to be as well
6 1 in 11 people can be classed as strong believers
7 Habitat mapping data can fill gaps in knowledge on biodiversity
8 Researchers collaborate to better understand the weak nuclear force
9 How much microplastic do whales eat? Up to 10 million pieces per day, research finds
10 Learning to better understand the language of algae
11 Experiment helps predict effects of DART impact
12 Study probes physiological mechanism of treeline formation from carbon allocation
13 Gut bacteria are essential for development of social behavior in fish
14 Researchers find new ways female bones permanently change after giving birth
15 Anthropologists find new ways female bones are permanently altered after giving birth
16 Pregnancy may change a woman's bones forever, study suggests
17 Racially segregated communities more vulnerable to toxic-metal air pollution, study finds
18 Bats protect young trees from insect damage, with three times fewer bugs
19 Rare and iconic Atala butterflies retain an ancient pattern of wing symmetry
20 Researchers join forces to further explore the catalytic applications of semiconductors
21 Reducing childhood poverty could cut criminal convictions by almost a quarter, study shows
22 The quirks of remote island evolution
23 Deep learning underlies geographic dataset used in hurricane response
24 Team develops a new method for studying atomic-level ribosome function
25 Harnessing the building blocks of polymer recycling
26 Trade and migration will affect how states and countries adapt to climate change
27 Jet lagged plants pave the way to first digital plant
28 New nanoparticle-based sensors can measure residual herbicides in food
29 New technique makes gene editing at scale possible in animals, shortening work timeframes by years
30 3,300 hidden fungi coat soybean plants: New research explains significance
31 Invasive malaria mosquito spreading in Africa, researchers warn
32 Despite conflict Russia sends France giant magnet for nuclear fusion project
33 Ian ruins man-made reefs, brings algae bloom to Florida
34 Extreme weather events do not lead to policy change, according to new study
35 Joshua Tree National Park without Joshua trees? The fight is on to protect the beloved plant
36 Novel nanopore-based technology helps detect pathogens among cancer patients rapidly and precisely
37 Overcoming the optical resolution limit
38 Here's how polar bears might get traction on snow
39 New international research reveals majority of gig economy workers feel under threat from review websites
40 Ancient DNA analysis sheds light on the early peopling of South America
41 500 million year-old fossils reveal answer to evolutionary riddle
42 Tiger Sharks Help Scientists Uncover World's Largest Seagrass Ecosystem
43 Researchers discover new recipe for extending shelf life of fresh pasta by 30 days
44 A case for the empirics-first approach that develops marketing-relevant insights from real-world problems
45 Climate change and rising seas threaten Egypt's breadbasket
46 How you sleep could be 'strongest predictor' of when you will die, study says
47 In Bolivia, Lake Poopo's 'water people' left high and dry
48 Are Sharks Attracted to Aquaculture Pens?
49 Choking on factory waste: the Nile's rising scourge
50 Sinking Alexandria faces up to coming catastrophe
51 Search for solutions drives race to save Utah salt flats
52 DNA 'nanotransporters' to treat cancer
53 Researchers reveal a galaxy sparkling with the universe's oldest star clusters
54 King Tut's tomb has secrets to reveal 100 years after its discovery
55 Humans just as vulnerable to climate change as other animals despite technology use, study warns
56 Ambrosia beetles breed and maintain their own food fungi
57 Ancient bacteria could persist beneath Mars' surface
58 Fighting deadly air pollution in cities with sensors and satellites
59 NASA prepares to say 'farewell' to InSight spacecraft
60 The history of abortion access in the US
61 Delivering genes into plant mitochondria using polymer-coated carbon nanotubes
62 Listening to the Viral Chatter
63 A cleaner, better way to produce single-photon emitters
64 A malaria outbreak in Ethiopia came from an invasive Asian mosquito
65 Examining the protein that acts as the guardian of the (epi-)genome
66 Confronting a moral hazard along America's coastlines
67 Expert discusses the future of the labor market and the economy
68 Why inequality is growing in the US and around the world
69 Why putting your artistic calling on hold might not always be such a bad idea
70 Astronomers have detected another 'planet killer' asteroid. Could we miss one coming our way?
71 UK police officer resignations have risen by 72% in the last year--we asked former officers why
72 Hollywood depictions of Black male teachers stick to stereotypes, tropes, analysis shows
73 Fishing kills at least 24,000 fishers every year--yet most countries refuse to adopt international safety rules
74 Permanent Daylight Saving Time Would Cut Collisions with Deer and Save Lives, Study Finds
75 Has the iconic Western red cedar reached a tipping point?
76 5 reasons for frustration--and hope--as the world prepares for another UN climate summit
77 Advances and challenges in molecular nanoscience
78 'Case of woman who survived 12 tumours paves way for early cancer diagnosis'
79 19th century hand bones provide novel insights into the daily lives of early industrial women workers
80 Twist Bioscience Revenue Growing from $2 to $200 Million as It Eyes the $186 Billion Antibody Market
81 New insights into nanochannel fabrication using femtosecond laser pulses
82 Schools' social media posts may be compromising student privacy
83 Exploring the key gene networks that control magnetite biomineralization in prokaryotes
84 Intensified meat production in response to climate change would bring short-term rewards, long-term risks
85 Researchers turn to age-old molding technique to 3D-print cell-laden vascular models
86 Enhanced observations for better forecasting tropical cyclones over the South China sea
87 Volcanic activity and low ocean oxygen events linked to climate warming and rapid ice melt during last ice age
88 Higher speeds in free-space optical communications in the midinfrared band
89 Scientists characterize sea spray particles that form ice crystals in high altitude clouds
90 Access to media amplifies negative effects of terrorism on school enrollment in Kenya
91 Same-sex married couples handle stress better than different-sex couples, study finds
92 Researchers use Cas9 gene scissors to establish new virus resistance in winter barley
93 Research group advances quantum sensing with a new model in optical fibers
94 Invasive plant species are increasing exponentially, but no one knows how many species there are
95 NASA fieldwork studies signs of climate change in Arctic and boreal regions
96 Nanosensors target enzymes to monitor and study cancer
97 Auxiliary factor ensures efficient energy production
98 ALMA observatory in Chile targeted by cyberattack
99 Global analysis shows where fishing vessels turn off their identification devices
100 Protected areas buffer climate change for biodiversity
101 This simple material could scrub carbon dioxide from power plant smokestacks
102 LOFAR antennas unveil giant glow of radio emission surrounding cluster of galaxies
103 Plant hormones to help prevent Striga invasion
104 'Global Jukebox' performing arts database now publicly available
105 Microplastics threaten ecosystems of Dhaka rivers
106 This Material Could Reduce CO2 from Coal Plants After Record Emissions Last Year, Study Finds
107 Artificial intelligence makes enzyme engineering easy
108 Researchers find that 60% of home 'compostable' plastic doesn't fully break down and ends up in our soil instead
109 Trade agreements can ease the pain of a possible global recession
110 Waikiki Beach studies reveal complex drivers of changing shoreline
111 Yellowstone, Kilimanjaro glaciers among those set to vanish by 2050: UNESCO