File Title
1 Ten years after Sandy, Atlantic City still suffering floods
2 NASA Will Launch 'Psyche' Mission to Explore Asteroid Worth More than the Global Economy
3 #COVIDIsAirborne #BringBackMasks Trend, Questioning CDC Director's Tweet on COVID-19 Precautions
4 Why Are There So Many Black Wolves in Yellowstone?
5 Two NASA spacecraft detect biggest meteor strikes at Mars
6 NASA Webb Pillars of Creation Images Offer Astronomers Much More than Pretty Pictures
7 A Dormant Volcano by an Alaska City May Be Waking Up After Centuries of Sleep
8 Radioactive traces in tree rings reveal Earth's history of unexplained 'radiation storms'
9 A Psychologist Offers 3 Tips to Tackle Being 'Dragged' on Social Media
10 Is New Senate GOP COVID-19 Pandemic Origin Report More About Politics than Science?
11 The Biggest, Brightest (And Backwards) Phase of the Red Planet Begins Today
12 Here's Yet Another Blood Pressure Medication Recall for Cancer Concerns
13 More than 6,000 baby turtles are released in Peru
14 Candy makers grapple with plastic waste
15 Bees shown to 'count' from left to right for first time
16 New NASA tool helps detect 'super-emitters' of methane from space
17 Life on Earth May Have Started Here Repeatedly, Says Astrobiologist
18 This Researcher's Mission Is to Help Farmers Find A Hardier Apple
19 New Ecosystem Discovered in the Maldives: 'The Trapping Zone'
20 Your next Outfit Could Be Made from Spider Silk
21 Flu Season Is Here Already with Over 6,900 Hospitalizations, 360 Deaths
22 Ardern in a flap as wren rocks N. Zealand's bird beauty contest
23 Growing concern over unseasonal warm spell in Europe
24 Just like humans, more intelligent jays have greater self-control
25 Study decodes how late-night eating leads to diabetes and weight gain
26 China launches 3rd and final space station component
27 Wind turbines could help capture carbon dioxide while providing power
28 Vegetation regulates energy exchange in the Arctic
29 A Long March to the Moon and beyond
30 How Truffles Took Root Around the World / Science
31 Study sheds more light on the star formation history and structure of IC 1396
32 Faster screen of biologicals for growth stimulants, disease protection in wheat and corn
33 Bulking up to beat bacteria
34 Download the Jaw-Dropping New 554-Million-Pixel Image of A Ghostly Supernova Just 800 Light-Years from Us
35 Topological near fields generated by topological structures
36 Why hay fever may get worse in a warming climate
37 Herbal remedy for radioactive soil contamination
38 Scientists use human perception to define bumble bee mimicry
39 Insect swarms might generate as much electric charge as storm clouds
40 She led scientists advising New York on climate change. Did the city listen?
41 Gravestones and the Geology of Graveyards
42 Socio-economic factors shown to drive mangrove losses and gains
43 A new paradigm to enhance tumor targeting with biomimetic nanovectors
44 Telescope captures the ghost of a giant star
45 Quantum correlations are genuinely tripartite and nonlocal
46 A new map of the octopus visual system gives clues to brain evolution
47 Mile-Wide 'Planet Killer' Asteroid Found in Sun's Glare, Say Scientists
48 Three factors that might explain why Ouija boards appear to work for some
49 3 Ways to Protect Yourself from A Narcissist's Attempt to 'Triangulate' You
50 An attack on Indigenous rights is an attack on nature conservation
51 In disasters, people are abandoning official info for social media. How to know what to trust
52 Partisans willing to upend democracy to help their party win even when polarization is diminished
53 Quantum vortices are a strong indication of superfluidity
54 Teflon coating study raises hot questions about microplastics in cooking
55 When winds and currents align, ocean mixing goes deep
56 Cooking from meal boxes can cut household food waste by 38%--new research
57 Researchers are working to help make New England woodlands more resilient
58 A plan to power a lunar colony solely through solar energy without energy storage
59 Combining Physics and Biology to Fight Alzheimer's Disease
60 Intracellular development and impact of a marine eukaryotic parasite on its host
61 For tribes, reforesting means reconnecting to history and culture
62 After years of delays, San Diego's polystyrene foam ban could take effect in April
63 Study reveals how ancient fish colonized the deep sea
64 Australians less likely to use social media as an information source in a natural disaster
65 It Is Not Rocket Science Anymore
66 Natural nutrient enrichment 8 million years ago caused today's largest ocean 'dead zone'
67 Astronomers spot largest potentially hazardous asteroid detected in last eight years
68 Combination microscopy and DNA analysis reveals new insights into the diet of polar cod
69 What Is Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Why It Matters Now
70 New research on groundcherries bears new fruits
71 Partisan divide contributed to false sense of racial equality in pandemic mortality
72 New research shows Antarctic summer thaw starts earlier, ends later than previously believed
73 Scientists bring back Earth's 'memory' with mountaintop ice
74 Want to save the bees? Pay attention to pathogens and flowers
75 Cincinnati Zoo shares expertise with Indonesia to save endangered rhinos
76 Mathematicians explain how some fireflies flash in sync
77 Counting Wolves Across Washington State
78 Climate change to produce more rainbows, study finds
79 Efficient nanovaccine delivery system boosts cellular immunity
80 California set a record for greenhouse gas reductions in 2020, but it means nothing
81 A new protocol for light-sheet live imaging of C. elegans adults
82 Examining how first impressions affect later romantic outcomes
83 CDC Director Walensky's COVID-19 Rebound Raises Questions About 5 Day Isolation
84 Catholic Church can reduce carbon emissions by returning to meat-free Fridays, study suggests
85 New species of owl discovered in the rainforests of Africa's Principe Island
86 What Is A 'Selenium Eclipse?' the Weird 'Blood Moonset-Sunrise' Coming to the America Next Week
87 Principe Scops: New species of owl with unique call discovered in Central Africa
88 How to Be the Best Naked-Eye Stargazer in the Galaxy
89 Can Nose-Picking Raise Alzheimer's Dementia Risk? Here's What this Study Really Said
90 Photos suggest rhino horns have shrunk over past century, likely due to hunting
91 Scientists estimate how much toxic microplastic comes off Teflon-coated pans during cooking
92 Ancient genomes reveal hidden history of human adaptation
93 Final module docks at China's Tiangong space station
94 Bird flu infects Iowa egg farm with 1 million chickens
95 Antibiotic resistance linked to these household products
96 Violent supershear earthquakes are more common than previously thought
97 UCI flood modeling framework reveals heightened risk and disparities in Los Angeles
98 Bizarre aye-aye primates take nose picking to the extreme
99 This Entrepreneur Aims to Make Cognitive Screening as Easy as Checking Your Pulse
100 Are insects doomed? New study shows added threat of climate change
101 Advances in selective laser sintering of polymers
102 First evidence that black mangroves can produce twins
103 Synthesis and surface modification of nickel-rich layered oxide cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
104 Warning of the need to standardize the beach safety signage system in Spain
105 A Psychologist Tells You How to Identify Your Procrastination Style
106 How serial killers captured popular culture
107 The Commercial Practicalities of Preparing for the Next Pandemic
108 'Stripped, pulsating core of a massive star' spotted for the first time
109 Heavy payload balloon lifted to near-space heights
110 Simulating the shear destruction of red blood cells
111 When it comes to addressing global climate impacts, who should pay?
112 When the Supreme Court loses Americans' loyalty, chaos--even violence--can follow