File Title
1 IEA sees global energy emissions peaking in 2025
2 New study shows how to learn the equations of cell migration
3 New study shows how voting methods affect group decision-making
4 Lemurs from Madagascar have specialised fingers for picking their noses
5 Mixing gold ions into whiskey can reveal its flavor
6 Climate pollution reductions 'highly inadequate'
7 Climate Change Has Pushed Earth to 'Code Red'
8 Music class in sync with higher math scores--but only at higher-income schools, study finds
9 A major water carrier in the lower mantle
10 Elk thriving in Alberta despite increases in predators and hunting success
11 Revolutionary technique to generate hydrogen more efficiently from water
12 Mystery behind comb jelly movement solved by newly discovered protein
13 Urine could play key part in future biotech systems
14 How tracking birds can help them, and us
15 A molecular-based, finite-state machine
16 Coral reefs can adapt in response to mild marine heatwaves
17 Meet the Entrepreneurs Who Designed Pollution-Killing Plants
18 'Kagome' metallic crystal adds new spin to electronics
19 New treatment for debilitating nightmares offers better dreams
20 A catalyst to remove emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas
21 Bumble bees 'play with balls for enjoyment'
22 Theoretical methods for femtomagnetism and ultrafast spintronics
23 Profiling of fatty sweet molecules on cell surfaces
24 Did ancient humans eat a Paleo diet?
25 Four lessons from past experience of dealing with famine
26 10 is too young to be in court--NZ should raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility
27 How dangerous are nearby supernovae to life on Earth?
28 What can we learn from all the floods, in the UK and overseas?
29 As Artemis I launch nears, more Orions on horizon
30 Modifying signaling molecules to prevent bacteria from 'talking' to each other
31 Air pollution 'silent killer' in African cities: study
32 Researchers develop new technology to measure rotational motion of cells
33 A Psychologist Offers 3 Clues on How Long It May Take to Get Over Your Ex
34 Americans unsure about God are a growing force in politics--typically more politically active than white evangelicals
35 Meta's 50% Profit Loss Has Investors on the Run
36 Examining the contribution of water molecules to the hydrogen evolution reaction
37 Team develops a prodrug form of curcumin that shows anti-tumor effects without toxicities
38 High-res maps of entire polar regions provide new clues for climate researchers
39 A potential marginalization of native communities in today's world?
40 New research reveals wastewater treatment plants can 'get sick'
41 Proof-of-concept study advances potential new way to deliver gene therapy
42 New material proposed for perovskite solar cells
43 Climate change hurts crops yet boosts community spirit
44 Good News and Bad News About the Ebola Epidemic in Uganda
45 Ancient viral DNA in human genome guards against infections
46 Online microaggressions strongly impact disabled users
47 Lack of support to tackle school non-attendance leads parents to lose faith in the education system, study shows
48 Hubble celebrates the spooky season with Abell 611, a cobweb of galaxies held together by a dark secret
49 Lamin C facilitates repair of damaged nuclear envelope in human and mouse cells
50 Surface waves help map the interior of Mars
51 Researchers develop a framework to understand water use in beef supply chains from production to consumption
52 Voters must wade through political information for accuracy
53 A Landslide in Alaska Threatens to Trigger A Historic Mega-Tsunami
54 Assessing the latest findings regarding room temperature plasticity in ceramics
55 Intercropping plant covers between olive grove alleys increases carbon sequestration, reduces soil losses from erosion
56 First-ever study shows bumble bees 'play'
57 Researchers reveal a regulatory mechanism by which life controls and organizes itself
58 High-end hotels manipulate reviews when competing with Airbnb
59 Latino population grows and makes gains in US, but differences exist among groups
60 'Deforestation-free' supply chain pledges have barely impacted forest clearance in the Amazon
61 NASA's economic benefit shown to reach all 50 states
62 Study shows hazardous herbicide chemical goes airborne
63 New research reveals how genes turn on and off
64 Why academic stress is more severe for students from disadvantaged backgrounds
65 Real-time space observations can now keep watch over 'super emitter' power plants
66 Greater white-toothed shrew becomes UK's first new mammal species in a century
67 Study reveals how naturally-occurring compound kills major drug-resistant bacteria
68 Australians clueless about their country's most endangered species
69 Taiwan invites Chinese veterinary experts as beloved panda nears death
70 A decade post-Sandy, New York vulnerable as ever
71 How do neutrons interact with reactor materials?
72 Rare canine rabies case discovered near Paris
73 Massive learning setbacks show COVID's sweeping toll on kids
74 T-rex in Singapore as experts decry 'harmful' auctions
75 Dig finds evidence of Revolutionary War prison camp location
76 Inside the Pentagon's Wearable Tech Revolution
77 Global warming palpable for 96% of humans: study
78 Meet the BOAT, the brightest gamma-ray burst of all time
79 Alaska-Australia flight could place bird in record books
80 What are the sources of emissions?
81 Social mammals evolve faster than solitary ones, according to new study of evolution
82 Birds getting smaller, 'wingier' as planet warms, research finds
83 A common drug used for racehorses could increase risk of sudden death
84 3 Ways to Not Let 'Emotional Impermanence' Ruin Your Relationship
85 Aye-aye joins ranks of snot-eaters
86 Some of the most drastic risks from climate change are routinely excluded from economic models, says study
87 The case of Latin America's mysterious disappearing (and reappearing) white-lipped peccaries
88 A microbe's local environment can be the difference between life and death
89 Improving Health Systems Key to Reducing C-Section Deaths
90 Coffin? Casket? Cremation? How to make your death more environmentally friendly
91 A close look at melting below Antarctica's largest ice shelf
92 Study finds that forest protection is key for reliable rainfall
93 Scientists investigate using lunar soils to sustainably supply oxygen and fuels on the moon
94 Swiss-Led Group Re-Proposes Revolutionary New Way to Directly Image Exo-Earths
95 Bacteria-based, fat-free whipped cream could be a food of the future
96 Heat waves driven by climate change have cost global economy trillions since the 1990s
97 Five spooky planets orbiting dead stars
98 Study examines how well-timed cover crops can suppress weeds in California orchards
99 Dead crustaceans washing up on England's north-east coast may be victims of the green industrial revolution
100 Artificial intelligence and molecule machine join forces to generalize automated chemistry
101 Team develops new method to determine flaws in rubber
102 Webb reveals dust and structure in pillars of creation
103 NASA and ESA agree on next steps to return Mars samples to Earth
104 Empathy for the pain of the conflicting group is altered across generations in the aftermath of a genocide
105 How to improve microendoscopes? New probe design brings promises to improve biomedical imaging
106 NASA laser project benefits animal researchers, scientists show
107 NASA's Lunar Flashlight ready to search for the Moon's water ice
108 NASA continues Psyche asteroid mission
109 Researchers design soil-inspired multifunctional chemical system
110 Research team explores virtual romantic relationships
111 Passenger car preheating produces as much particulate emissions as driving dozens of kilometers
112 Current climate pledges have us heading for a world that is 2.4 to 2.6íC hotter
113 What's in the mud? Flood victims' fears eased by early test results
114 Breakthrough in CRISPR research may lead to more effective and safer gene editing
115 Safe, sustainable photo-on-demand synthesis of polypeptide precursors
116 Finding unknown processes of evolutionary history in green lizards in the Mediterranean
117 Tiny microscope 'could speed up breast cancer treatment and cut waiting lists'
118 Robert Malone's New Claims About Seasonal Flu Vaccines, Manufacturing, and Markets
119 Light-analyzing 'lab on a chip' opens door to widespread use of portable spectrometers