File Title
1 Thinnest ferroelectric material ever paves the way for new energy-efficient devices
2 Insect pollination key for rare Wyoming sagebrush species
3 Artificial intelligence helps predict performance of sugarcane in the field
4 Researchers posit the idea that cultural knowledge practices have an inner structure that is passed down
5 South Africa's biggest cities are out of water, but the dams are full: What's gone wrong?
6 Murder of Johannesburg sex workers shows why South Africa must urgently decriminalize the trade
7 How college in prison is leading professors to rethink how they teach
8 Researchers discover new monster black hole 'practically in our back yard'
9 Live chat boosts college women's class participation
10 Wildfires reshape forests and change the behavior of animals that live there
11 AI is changing scientists' understanding of language learning--and raising questions about an innate grammar
12 Sanctions on Russia are increasing, not decreasing, its revenue
13 Converting carbon dioxide to solid minerals underground for more stable storage
14 Bumblebees revisit favorite flowers as sun sets
15 Proxy advisers have inherent incentive to create controversy, study shows
16 Durable, inexpensive catalyst reduces carbon footprint of ammonia production
17 Climate change is making Arba'een pilgrimage dangerously hot
18 Researchers reveal new knowledge of microscopic creature's durability
19 Drones show potential to improve salmon nest counts
20 Emerging technologies to improve thermometry reliability
21 A new stop along the cellular journey of recycling organelles in plants
22 Number-crunching math models may give policy makers major headache
23 Learning about human cancer from fruit flies
24 Alligators exposed to PFAS show autoimmune effects
25 New Zealand farmers protest livestock 'burp and fart' tax
26 Crisis-hit Sudan faces biggest threat yet: climate change
27 Mysterious breeding habits of aquarium fish vex experts
28 Heat waves in U.S. rivers are on the rise. Here's why that's a problem
29 Returned samples from Chang'E-5 mission shed new light on moon's surface makeup and geologic history
30 Researchers discover previously unknown mineralogy of the deep Earth
31 European Space Agency to launch two missions on SpaceX rockets
32 How fungi make potent toxins that can contaminate food
33 Looking to move to a galaxy far, far away? An innovative system evaluates habitability of distant planets
34 Cytoskeleton acts as cells' bouncer for bacteria
35 Completing Einstein's homework on special relativity in electromagnetism
36 Virtual Museum Exhibits Could Be More Interesting with Background Sounds
37 Researchers construct bifunctional catalysts for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reaction
38 'Marshmallow' world orbiting a cool red dwarf star
39 L.A.'s Cougars Were Driven to Extremes by Wildfire / Science
40 A posed smile can improve your mood, new research suggests
41 Enhancing coastal restoration by including animals
42 Smartphone data can help create global vegetation maps
43 We've Found A 'Marshmallow' Planet that Would Float in A Bathtub, Say Scientists
44 Nearly 40% of voters may cross party lines for candidate with plan to lower health care costs
45 To address iron deficiency in Africa, researcher develops fortified version of popular hibiscus drink
46 Using James Webb Space Telescope to study supernovae as source of heavy elements in the universe
47 Zipping up data to zap it back from an icy moon
48 Local bacteria help native seeds take root in arid landscapes
49 Farm floods will hit food supplies and drive up prices. Farmers need help to adapt as weather extremes worsen
50 Adult incontinence products cause more waste than baby diapers
51 Investor financial literacy, confidence work together to increase stock market participation
52 Scientists discover source of one of the rarest meteorites to fall on Earth
53 Examining which factors have the biggest impact on influencer marketing effectiveness
54 Petrology and geochemistry of the Carboniferous cutinite-rich coals from the Hequ area of China
55 In the transition to high school, eighth graders who move to a new building were less delinquent than peers who stayed
56 Study finds school choice not offered equitably to low-income, less-educated families, who are forced to compromise more
57 A new material to help improve displays on smartphones, computers, and televisions
58 Personalized health care for mountain gorillas
59 Food quality might be key for juvenile sockeye salmon growth and survival
60 Shadow hunters capture Didymos asteroid eclipsing stars
61 Research reveals magma activity beneath Mount Edgecumbe
62 Digital strategy 'a tricky dance' for politicians
63 A modern history of ancient trees, through the lens of climate change
64 Stereotypes of middle-aged women as less 'nice' can hold them back at work
65 Could an underwater microphone in Pacific Ocean hold the key to protecting whales?
66 $50 million settlement agreed to for locals hurt financially
67 3D techniques shed light on what makes a bird's lungs so efficient
68 20 Finalists of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022
69 Early-ending winters disrupt bumblebee slumber
70 'Nanoreactor' grows hydrogen-storage crystals
71 New paper highlights the importance of locational strategy in business
72 Floating duckweed on ponds stimulates increased greenhouse gas emissions
73 Seattle air quality among worst in world
74 An entirely new illicit drug has been discovered by Australian chemists. Here's how they did it
75 We studied the 'bibles' of jazz standards--and found sexism lurking in the strangest place
76 Despite the myth, deer are not an ecological substitute for moa and should be part of NZ's predator-free plan
77 New genetic research advances understanding of internal mechanisms of biological clocks
78 The Asteroid NASA Crashed the DART Spacecraft into Now Has A Double Tail
79 Education chief says music can rebuild connections to school
80 Worker who quietly lowered town's fluoride for years resigns
81 A new instrument will measure temperature, pressure and wind on Venus
82 Most people actually like their bosses
83 Exploring citizen participation in nature-based solutions in China
84 Microbes in Arctic soils are primed to react to climate change
85 NASA's Hubble spots twin tails in new image after DART impact
86 How old is California's Yosemite Valley?
87 An all-in-one detector for thousands of colors
88 Secrets of Namibia's fairy circles demystified: Plants self-organize
89 Material called a mechanical neural network can learn and change its physical properties
90 Social media damages appearance satisfaction
91 The secret behind spectacular blooms in world's driest desert
92 The Economics of European Nuclear Power Don't Add Up
93 The Generational Divide Over Nuclear Power
94 A study questioning colonoscopy screening's benefits has big caveats
95 The U.S. Winter Outlook--What A 3rd Consecutive La Nina Means for You
96 Most stars may have much more time to form planets than previously thought
97 Scientists Solve Mystery When California's Iconic Yosemite Valley Formed
98 Unlocking hidden connections between cell death and inflammation
99 Food aid staving off famine in Somalia: UN
100 FAST discovers largest atomic gas structure around a galaxy group
101 Stabilizing Proteins Might One Day Help Treat Cancer
102 How does carbon dioxide trap heat?
103 Early Cold Weather Forecasts Impact on Businesses
104 An entangled matter-wave interferometer. Now with double the spookiness
105 AI-based model that predicts extreme wildfire danger
106 Women in high-status positions not trusted by colleagues
107 Wildfire smoke may warm the Earth for longer than we thought
108 Characterizing the cis-regulatory evolution of the gene WntA in nymphalid butterflies
109 Satellite to study Earth's water arrives at launch site
110 Regional public universities increase access, social mobility for nearby residents
111 Disasters like Hurricane Ian can affect academic performance for years to come
112 Study finds effect of Earth's orbit on ancient microorganisms
113 Designing the trajectory of microsatellite swarms from the macro-micro perspective
114 Why so many people have moved to Florida--and into harm's way
115 Robotic insect toys build undergraduate research skills in physics
116 Sensing food temperature and freshness using laser-induced graphene on eco-friendly and biodegradable commercial paper
117 Rare Eclipse of the Sun Could Throw Shade On U.K.'s Latest Prime Minister Next Week
118 France concerned by US climate bill but doesn't want 'war'