File Title
1 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter had strange 'foreign debris' stuck to it
2 Space station's Italian commander, with lookalike Barbie, tells girls about science in orbit
3 Nobel physics prize won by sleuths of 'spooky' quantum science
4 Study tracks new source for radio emissions from black hole core
5 Search for new Earths should look for 'pale yellow dots,' not blue: Research
6 Dinosaur-killing asteroid also caused global tsunamis, shows new study
7 Asteroid Dimorphos has 10,000 kilometre-long tail of debris after DART crash
8 Nobel prize goes to pioneers of Lego-like 'click chemistry'
9 SpaceX capsule heads to space station ferrying NASA crew and Russian
10 Puny critter shows humble beginnings of magnificent flying reptiles
11 Why robots could play a bigger role in distant space stations of the future
12 Latest four-member SpaceX crew, including cosmonaut, welcomed aboard space station
13 Chandrayaan-2 spectrometer maps abundance of sodium on moon for first time
14 Serbian scientists name new species of beetle after Djokovic
15 NASA's InSight lander is stuck under a continent-sized dust storm on Mars
16 Dinosaur-killing asteroid also triggered mega-earthquake, shows study
17 New plastic upcycling tech can potentially cut greenhouse gas equivalent to 3 million cars
18 NASA stops CAPSTONE spacecraft from spinning out of control
19 China launches first solar observatory to solve mystery of Sun's eruptions
20 Black holes may hide a mind-bending secret about our universe
21 Researchers create map of Milky Way's graveyard of dead stars
22 New Zealand farmers to face livestock emissions charges under new plan
23 Underground microbes may have swarmed ancient Mars
24 NASA's Dragonfly will land on dunes and shattered ice on Saturn's moon Titan
25 Smashing success: NASA asteroid strike results in big nudge
26 NASA DART mission: Asteroid's path altered in first test of planetary defense system
27 Scientists want to use 'broccoli gas' to look for life on other planets
28 Japan space agency rocket carrying 8 satellites fails
29 NASA's DART Mission successfully changed the course of an asteroid. What next?
30 Research shows we talk to babies similarly across languages
31 NASA targets November 14 launch date for Artemis 1 mission
32 World's 1st space tourist signs up for flight around moon
33 James Webb Space Telescope captures curious concentric rings in space
34 ESA spacecraft takes fiery images of Sun before close fly-by
35 'Never seen before': Black hole violently rips apart star, 'burps' it out years later
36 GSLV MkIII to make commercial foray by launching 36 OneWeb satellites on October 23
37 SpaceX capsule splashes down, returning 4 astronauts from Space Station
38 Scientists transplant human brain cells into rats to study mental disorders, brain development
39 Stars give warnings when they are about to explode in a supernova
40 NASA missions detect 'exceptional' cosmic blast from birth of new black hole
41 North Korea fires ballistic missiles after condemning UN meeting, US drills
42 'Best Before' labels scrutinised as food waste concerns grow globally
43 Israel's Netanyahu hospitalised weeks before election
44 At 15 least dead as 2 migrant boats sink in Greek waters
45 Indian-origin UK minister Suella Braverman blames Leicester riots on new migrants
46 Myanmar court jails 26-year-old Japanese filmmaker for 10 years
47 California kidnapping: 4 members of Indian-origin family, including 8-month-old, found dead
48 India, US, UK, France strongly condemn North Korea's ballistic missile launch
49 Australia updates law to protect data after Optus hack
50 Taiwan: Does Germany parliamentary visit risk antagonizing China?
51 Shelling of Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia kills two, causes fires
52 China's vast Xinjiang hit with COVID-19 travel restrictions
53 Watch: CCTV footage shows Indian-origin family kidnapped at gunpoint in California
54 With division at home, UK's Liz Truss seeks to thaw EU relations
55 Macron's new Europe debuts in the shadow of war
56 US believes Ukrainians were behind an assassination in Russia
57 After decades of hints, Scooby-Doo's Velma is depicted as a lesbian
58 Thailand mass shooting: Ex-cop kills 38, including 22 kids, at children's day-care centre, dies by suicide
59 OPEC move shows the limits of Biden's Fist-Bump diplomacy with the Saudis
60 Mayor among 18 killed in attack on city hall in southern Mexico
61 Climate change made summer hotter and drier worldwide, study finds
62 Gambia urgently recalls syrups blamed for 66 child deaths
63 North Korea flies warplanes near South Korea after missile launches
64 IMF warns of higher recession risk and darker global outlook
65 UN body rejects debate on China's treatment of Uyghur Muslims in blow to West
66 How will OPEC+ cuts affect oil prices, inflation?
67 California: Suspect in kidnapping of Indian-origin family left 8-month-old baby to die of exposure, says report
68 Biden pardons thousands convicted of marijuana possession under federal law
69 Iowa reporter announces on newscast that she is transgender
70 Joe Biden: Nuclear 'Armageddon' risk highest since '1962 crisis'
71 Joe Biden's choice after OPEC cuts: Woo Saudi Arabia, or retaliate?
72 The missile Ukraine wants is one the US says it doesn't need
73 Blunt criticism of Russian army signals new challenge for Putin
74 US Justice Department is said to believe Donald Trump has more documents
75 Hurricane Ian evacuees return to mud, rubble as death toll hits 101
76 US kills 3 Islamic State leaders in 2 Syria operations
77 Russia lashes out in Ukraine, raising question of what's next
78 India-US relationship moving in right direction: Pentagon
79 'I cried until I had no more tears': Thailand mourns shooting that killed 24 kids, 12 others
80 Putin's path: From pledges of stability to nuclear threats
81 In global slowdown, China holds sway over countries' fates
82 Ales Bialiatski, Russia's Memorial and Ukraine's Center for Civil Liberties win Nobel Peace Prize 2022
83 Thailand mass shooting: Here's what we know about the ex-cop who killed 36 people
84 Iranian coroner says Mahsa Amini did not die from blows to body
85 Blunt criticism of Russian Army signals new challenge for Putin
86 Will only sign trade deal with India that meets our interests: UK
87 US asks its citizens to exercise 'increased caution' while travelling to India due to crime, terrorism
88 Pink diamond breaks world record in Hong Kong auction
89 UK's Truss fires trade minister over alleged misconduct
90 After Russia-Ukraine plan, Musk offers proposal to resolve China-Taiwan tensions
91 Israel: Indian-origin teenager stabbed to death during brawl at birthday party, less than a year after immigration
92 Multiple explosions rock eastern Ukraine city of Kharkiv
93 South Korea military ups chorus for K-pop group 'BTS' to enlist
94 UN group adopts 2050 goal of net-zero emissions from planes
95 Uvalde schools suspend entire police force after outrage
96 US: What will change if federal marijuana ban is loosened?
97 In dealing with Putin threat, Biden turns to lessons of Cuban missile crisis
98 Nobel Peace prize winners share a past shadowed by Russian abuses
99 Liquid Death water startup valued at $700 million
100 Europe's energy crisis exposes old fault lines and new power dynamics
101 NATO once feared a Putin victory. Now it worries over his defeat
102 A distracted Russia is losing its grip on its old Soviet sphere
103 Crimea bridge blast damages key Russian supply route; 3 dead
104 Many of hurricane Ian's victims were older adults who drowned
105 Ireland 'numb' as 10 die at petrol station explosion
106 Texas officer fired after shooting hamburger-eating teenager
107 UN: Ukraine nuclear power plant loses external power link
108 Two killed as demonstrations around Iran enter 4th week
109 North Korea fires two ballistic missiles in seventh of recent launches
110 Heavy rains ease in Australia's New South Wales, flood warnings remain
111 Deadly clashes in West Bank, shooting attack in Jerusalem
112 Official: Strikes on Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia kill 17
113 'A time bomb': Anger rising in a hot spot of Iran protests
114 US Sikh family murder suspect terrorised, robbed another family 17 years ago
115 'Miracle' toddler survived Thailand nursery massacre asleep under blanket