File Title
1 Is Candy-Like 'Rainbow Fentanyl' A Real Halloween Scare Targeting Your Kids?
2 Medicine Prize opens Nobel week clouded by war
3 Study reveals why some superagers have sharp memories into their 80s
4 Swedish paleogeneticist Svante Paabo wins Nobel Medicine Prize
5 Swedish scientist wins Nobel for discoveries helping crack genome of Neanderthals
6 Increasing evidence that bears are not carnivores
7 Video Footage Provides First Detailed Observation of Orcas Hunting White Sharks in South Africa
8 Novel cell-free protein crystallization method to advance structural biology
9 This Moonshot for Coral Breeding Was Successful / Science
10 Genetics of human evolution wins the 2022 medicine Nobel Prize
11 What do slogans at demonstrations tell us?
12 Optimizing efficient perovskite photovoltaics
13 Researchers identify key player in cellular response to stress
14 When projecting coastal resilience, sediment compaction is key
15 How a molecular switch shapes plant organ growth
16 Neighboring cell types influence single-cell gene expression variability
17 Uniting Numbers and Narratives with Stories from Pop Culture, Puzzles, Politics, and More
18 Alternative earnings disclosures are high-quality if women are on board
19 How planting trees in some areas could actually increase atmospheric warming
20 'Suicide risk almost seven times higher after young onset dementia diagnosis'
21 Why we need to ban gas in New York State buildings
22 Internet cable reveals the source of underwater vibrations
23 A History of the World in 100 Animals by Simon Barnes
24 Do multimillion-dollar dinosaur auctions erode trust in science?
25 Climate change could turn some blue lakes to green or brown
26 Studying yeast DNA in space may help protect astronauts from cosmic radiation
27 An expert explains what led to the soccer stampede in Indonesia
28 Time resolved studies reveal the origin of the unparalleled high efficiency of one nanosecond laser ablation in liquids
29 Nord Stream Pipeline Leak Potentially Causes Largest Methane Release in Recorded History
30 Optical biosensing through a toy microscope over a surface 'rainbow' chip
31 Company responsible for California oil spill gets permission to repair pipeline
32 Researchers propose ectomycorrhizal fungi's role be integrated into carbon accounting
33 What to Expect for Side Effects
34 New species of iris discovered in the Langeberg Mountains, South Africa
35 The Sun Just Unleashed Its Most Powerful Solar Flare in Months with More to Come
36 Rainy days on track to double in the Arctic by 2100
37 Study links changes in length of day with climate prediction
38 What we know--and don't--about how climate change impacts hurricanes like Ian
39 Nobel shines light on paleogenetics, study of ancient DNA
40 Water droplets hold the secret ingredient for building life
41 Study suggests La Nina winters could keep on coming
42 Research team achieves breakthrough in the production of an acclaimed cancer-treating drug
43 In 200 Million Years There Will Be Only the Supercontinent of 'Amasia' on Earth, Supercomputer Simulation Concludes
44 Listeners may adapt to speaker-specific acoustics, study shows
45 Biologists identify broad coral disease resistance traits
46 Sun releases strong solar flare
47 SOAR Telescope catches Dimorphos's expanding comet-like tail after DART spacecraft impact
48 Coronavirus formation is successfully modeled
49 Hurricanes are producing more rain than before, study finds
50 Despite a retraction, a room-temp superconductor claim isn't dead yet
51 A new toolbox for elucidating future quantum materials
52 Long-term tracking of whale feeding behavior via satellite is now possible with new tag
53 Mapping disease risk at human-wildlife 'hotspots'
54 Study shows how math, science identity in students affects college, career outcomes
55 Reducing molten salt's corrosive effect
56 World's whitest paint now thin enough to apply on cars and airplanes for keeping them cool, study says
57 Warmer stream temperatures in burned-over Oregon watershed didn't result in fewer trout
58 Study finds US future floods becoming more frequent, wider spread, less seasonal
59 Russia space agency seeking to extend ISS participation past 2024: official
60 Suicide risk 'almost seven times higher' after early onset dementia diagnosis
61 Australia lists small wallaby among new endangered species
62 Changes to waste management could slash emissions
63 India loses contact with budget Mars orbiter after eight years
64 Is this Colorful Asian Songbird Invading Britain?
65 Three scientists share Nobel Prize in Physics for work in quantum mechanics
66 Singing or Wind Instruments--Which Spreads More Aerosols?
67 Iran says it launched test 'tug' into suborbital space
68 Nobel panel to announce winner of physics prize
69 Giant impact could have formed the Moon more rapidly, scientists reveal in new simulations
70 Ultraviolet metasurfaces can discriminate the handedness of biomolecules with attomolar sensitivity
71 Study expands horizons for DNA nanotechnology
72 Using life cycle assessment to reduce climate impact
73 The cell sentinel that neutralizes hepatitis B
74 Slow U.S. Response May Mean Monkeypox Virus Here to Stay
75 AI boosts usability of paper-making waste product
76 Young mosquitoes launch their heads to eat other mosquitoes
77 Pain relief without side effects and addiction
78 How the world's whitest paint can tackle climate crisis
79 Researchers find that pumping draws young groundwater to new depths, potentially with contaminants in tow
80 A Psychologist Offers 4 Tips to Protect Your Relationship from 'Technoference'
81 How Hurricane Ian and other disasters are becoming a growing source of inequality, even among the middle class
82 Why elementary and high school students should learn computer programming
83 Study offers a powerful computer-modeling approach to cell simulations
84 How climate change is making North Atlantic tropical storms worse
85 'Breathless' explores COVID-19's origins and other pandemic science
86 Revised earthquake hazard model helps Aotearoa New Zealand increase resilience
87 Northern Lights Could Dance in Your Skies Tonight Thanks to A 'Cannibal CME'
88 Restoring abandoned agricultural land in the Murray-Darling Basin
89 Radiation risk at historic WA nuclear test site 70 years on
90 Foreign object debris seen during Mars Ingenuity helicopter's 33rd flight [Video]
91 Physics Nobel prize goes to pioneers in quantum information science
92 Time-restricted eating reduces cardiovascular health risks associated with shift work for firefighters
93 Multi-organ chip detects dangerous nanoparticles
94 Facebook posts seeking missing Black children get much less attention than posts of white kids
95 Manufacturing microscopic octopuses with a 3D printer
96 Guiding the defense against jumping genes
97 Coral select algae partnerships to ease environmental stress
98 Research team introduces advance in automatic forest mapping technology
99 Laughing gas found in space could mean life
100 Microbiologists improve taste of beer
101 Great Salt Lake on path to hyper-salinity, mirroring Iranian lake, new research shows
102 Boeing's Wisk Is Going Full Robot with Its Electric Air Taxi While Competitors Stick with Human Pilots
103 Space-bound US-European water mission passes finals
104 Spin flips show how galaxies grow from the cosmic web
105 Driving high? Chemists make strides toward marijuana breath analyzer
106 Bad roads reduce trade volumes by 18%
107 Online fandom communities can facilitate state censorship, according to new research
108 The 'spooky' science behind physics Nobel
109 Just a tiny amount of oil damages seabirds' feathers, study reveals
110 The Nobel winners who helped prove quantum 'spooky action'
111 Ancient ice age valleys offer clues to future ice sheet change