File Title
1 Meta expands access to Facebook and Instagram's NFT feature to everyone
2 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg 'warns' employees of hiring freeze, more job cuts coming
3 Google Stadia shutdown makes me trust Google less
4 Brave is about to solve one of the most frustrating problems with browsing the web
5 A Bruce Willis deepfake will appear in his stead for future film projects
6 New Anker wireless earbuds offer AirPods Pro features at a cheaper price
7 North Korean hackers offer fake jobs to distribute malware
8 House, Senate Democrats ask FTC to fight Amazon's acquisition of iRobot (updated)
9 Low-code could replace "traditional" coding within months
10 Even the Windows logo isn't safe from malware
11 Despite the rumors, lead times for the iPhone 14 Pro line show strong demand
12 Meta's new "Make-A-Video" AI makes videos out of text
13 Elon Musk Set to Unveil 'Optimus' Humanoid Robot After Delay on Tesla Day: All Details
14 Microsoft Teams just fixed one of its most annoying call problems
15 Apple's new ad for the iPhone 14 Pro line goes fowl
16 Amazon, Five Publishers Win Dismissal of Lawsuits Alleging Conspiracy to Fix Book Prices: Details
17 European cloud market is being dominated by three big players
18 Meta to Freeze Hiring to Cut Costs Following First Quarterly Revenue Drop, Plunging Profit: Report
19 More Android app developers are abandining their apps and this could be a problem
20 Apple Senior Executive Tony Blevins Departs Following Crude Remark About Women in Viral TikTok Video
21 22-year Apple executive forced out after making crude comment
22 Tesla debuts an actual, mechanical prototype of its Optimus robot
23 Twitter launches TikTok-like features for iOS and Android users
24 Internal Apple memo leaks; major issue affects the Apple Watch Series 8 and Watch Ultra
25 Apple has added this iPhone to its list of 'vintage' products
26 Elon Musk Previews Tesla Robot Optimus During AI Day, Says Not Ready
27 Hackers Leak Patient Details After French Hospital Refuses to Pay Multi-Million-Dollar Ransom
28 TikTok May Face GBP 27 Million Fine Over Potential Breach of UK Law, Failure to Protect Children's Privacy
29 WhatsApp will stop working on some Apple iPhones in October 2022
30 Apple could upgrade the original AirPods Pro with a key new feature
31 Hitting the Books: What the wearables of tomorrow might look like
32 Privacy-focused web browsers are stuck in a rut, but why?
33 5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week
34 Pixel 7 and Tensor G2--leaving Qualcomm to cuddle up with Samsung--Google's biggest mistake?
35 Here's what I learned riding an electric bike to work
36 The iPhone 14 won't have a physical SIM
37 Disney, ESPN, and others dropped from Dish and Sling TV due to contract dispute
38 India rings in new era, enters select 5G club
39 With 5G, India setting telecom tech standard: PM Modi
40 First-gen AirPods Pro gets nifty new feature found on the second-gen model
41 Vintage wine gets better with age. Vintage iPhone models don't.
42 Apple's iPhone gets a super-sized upgrade this week--how to get it
43 Apple Watch Ultra review: Blazing a trail
44 Why sleeping with your phone is bad for your health
45 Here's how iOS 16 can help you clean up your photo library
46 Every serious hiker should have something like a Garmin InReach Mini 2
47 Intel's self-driving company Mobileye files for an IPO
48 More nightmares for Samsung! iPhone 15 Ultra is a supercharged Galaxy S23 rival--Apple's plan
49 Fitbit integration will make or break the Pixel Watch
50 Face ID is here to stay (at least on the iPhone)
51 What 5G has for you and enterprises, Ericsson showcases 'transformational power' of the tech at IMC 2022
52 How to find the songs you've Shazamed with Siri
53 Tesla delivered a record 343,830 vehicles during the third quarter of 2022
54 Some baby tech makes parenthood easier, some not so much
55 TikTok will reportedly bring live shopping to the US this holiday season
56 Coming soon: QR code to check if medicines are fake
57 A new Facebook Marketplace rule could make it harder to find legit car listings
58 Coinbase users were unable to withdraw funds to US bank accounts for six hours
59 A new patent by Apple indicates that reverse wireless charging could finally be coming to the iPhone
60 Apple's powerful 2nd gen 11-inch iPad Pro is currently too cheap not to recommend
61 Here is how Apple wants the Dynamic Island to work
62 'Connect Wallets, Share NFTs': Meta Users in the US Get Feature on Facebook, Instagram
63 Explained: Why blocking ads on Google Chrome may soon be a problem
64 Drone delivery crash knocks out power for thousands
65 ESPN, Disney, and other networks have returned to Dish and Sling TV
66 Apple "acknowledges" issue with its 2022 Apple Watch models, but why buyers need not worry
67 Disney's networks are back on Dish after reaching a 'handshake agreement'
68 USB cables and connectors are getting a much needed rebranding
69 Jack Dorsey's Conceptualisation of 'Blockchain Twitter' Tickled Elon Musk, Leaked Texts Tip
70 iPhone 14 crash detection feature informs police about accident that kills 6 in the US: Report
71 Here are Google's standout features
72 The next Xbox controller could 'change color with light and motion'
73 Maserati's first electric GranTurismo is just as sporty as its gas counterpart
74 Pixel 7 Pro could take the Galaxy S22 Ultra's crown as the best camera phone
75 Tim Cook is latest CEO to question the 'metaverse'
76 Bitcoin ATM Growth Drops Amid Market Slowdown, Nearly 800 BTC ATMs Pulled Out of Global Network
77 Boeing-backed Wisk Aero reveals a four-seater autonomous air taxi
78 OnePlus Nord Watch with 10-day battery life launched in India: Price, specifications and more
79 Acer swoops in to save Intel Arc GPUs with 'cool' new design
80 Best Cyber Monday headphone deals. What to expect in 2022
81 The Morning After: TikTok has live shopping stream ambitions for the US
82 IT companies react to a surge in business VPN-based attacks
83 Techies, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has job offer for you
84 Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Meta and Google to improve speech recognition for people with disabilities
85 Apple SIM can no longer activate new cellular data plans on iPad
86 Wisk's latest flying taxi has four seats and can fly itself
87 PC gamers are shunning high-end GPUs--spelling trouble for the Nvidia RTX 4090
88 What to expect from Google's Pixel 7 event on October 7th
89 Here's what you think Google will get wrong with the Pixel 7 series
90 YouTube has begun asking users to subscribe to Premium to watch 4K videos
91 More Microsoft Exchange zero-days exploited in the wild
92 Concerts in the metaverse: why they work, and where they're headed
93 Apple likely to go 'Extreme' with its M2 chipset lineup
94 Kim Kardashian Agrees to Pay $1.26 Million to US SEC for Unlawful Crypto Promotion on Social Media
95 Inside one of the world's first human composting facilities
96 Demand for HDDs is on the slide, but SSDs are caught up too
97 Apple explains the whys, hows and more of Dynamic Island
98 There's finally a fix to this serious Microsoft Teams problem
99 Mr. Harrigan's Phone review: a thriller about the horrors of phone addiction
100 Google's wired Nest Doorbell appears on store shelves ahead of October 6 event
101 Apple no longer activates its proprietary SIM cards for iPads with cellular data
102 Best Cyber Monday, Bluetooth speaker deals. Expectations for 2022
103 A data-sharing agreement between the US and UK is now in effect
104 YouTube could be considering locking 4K videos behind its Premium subscription
105 Samsung may snag a trick to beat the iPhone camera
106 NASA's aircraft will elevate the hunt for critical minerals in the US
107 Apple Music now has over 100 million songs
108 Cyberattacks are getting more costly for victims
109 Twitter's actually rolling out editable tweets
110 Hackers release 500GB of data stolen in LA school district ransomware attack