File Title
1 Successful TEXUS 57 Launch--the weightless world above the Arctic Circle
2 Firefly Aerospace reaches orbit and deploys customer payloads with its Alpha Rocket
3 SpinLaunch completes Flight Test 10
4 NASA eyes November for launch attempt of Moon rocket
5 NASA says Artemis launch before November will be 'difficult'
6 In new setback, hurricane forces Moon rocket into storage
7 US flies Russian cosmonaut to ISS as Ukraine conflict rages
8 Russia space agency seeking to extend ISS participation past 2024: official
9 NASA resets for Crew-5, Artemis I missions post-Ian
10 Cristoforetti becomes first European woman to command ISS
11 American, Russians to blast off for ISS as war rages in Ukraine
12 ISS National Lab Research Announcement Focused on Technology Advancement is Open
13 ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti becomes first European female ISS commander
14 Rocket Lab to launch environmental monitoring satellite for General Atomics
15 Vandenberg's final Delta 4 Heavy launched
16 Maritime Launch and Skyrora partner to launch Skyrora XL from Spaceport Nova Scotia
17 Gilmour Space announces first 'Caravan' rideshare mission to LEO
18 Rocket Lab to launch NOAA-supported Argos-4 Spacecraft for General Atomics
19 Rocket Lab launches 30th Electron and 150th satellite to space
20 Rocket Lab Prepares to Launch Synspective Satellite on 30th Electron Launch
21 AFRL Commander moderates Future of Propulsion Panel at AFA Air, Space, Cyber Conference
22 Ottawa research demonstrates connection between climate and Earth's ability to renew
23 Month before COP27, host Egypt faces heat over rights, climate action
24 Costa Rica wins new aid deal under IMF climate change fund
25 Calls for more funding as pre-COP27 climate talks open in DR Congo
26 African climate summit opens in DR Congo
27 Environmental bodies concerned by new UK government's climate comments
28 Barbados wins first loan deal from IMF climate change fund
29 Climate change at 'point of no return': primatologist Goodall
30 Scientists urge top publisher to withdraw faulty climate study
31 UN chief wants 'action' to address climate loss, damage payments
32 Looking for reasons to be cheerful about climate action
33 Report: Fossil fuel industry funds research to weaken climate change messaging
34 Kerry urges rich-poor unity on climate effort ahead of UN talks
35 World in 'wrong direction' as climate impacts worsen: UN
36 A new high-temperature plasma operating mode for fusion energy discovered at the Korean Artificial Sun, KSTAR
37 The process of waves carrying plasma heat is observed for the first time in the world
38 First successful test of the Ariane 6 upper stage at DLR Lampoldshausen
39 Arianespace signs agreement with SAB-LS for the provision of cubesat services
40 End-Cretaceous asteroid caused massive global tsunami, peaking at a mile high
41 New asteroid strike images show impact 'a lot bigger than expected'
42 Astronomers hail first images of asteroid impact
43 Mission seeks to test technology to mitigate potential asteroid or comet impacts of Earth
44 Satellite launch marks SpaceX's third liftoff in 2 days
45 Honeywell selected by Mangata Networks for control systems on new constellation
46 Satellogic signs 3 year deal with Albania to access dedicated satellite constellation
47 Mu Space and SpaceBelt to develop constellation for Data-Security-as-a-Service
48 Regions keep dark skies alight with constellations
49 Satellite IM welcomes users to first fully decentralized Web3 communications platform
50 Sidus Space and Momentus execute MOU to better serve customers
51 OneWeb and Arianespace signed an agreement following the suspension of the launches
52 SpaceX says likely won't need 42,000 satellites for Starlink internet
53 US Space Surveillance Telescope in Australia achieves initial operational capability
54 BeetleSat announces next steps for world's first LEO satellite network with expandable antennas
55 Scalable, high-speed avionics for safety-critical space applications
56 Sidus Space announces slew of new orders for Space and Defense sales
57 Millennium Space Systems awarded Space Safari effort
58 Senate Confirms Saltzman to be Space Force's next Chief of Space Operations
59 DOD's largest telescope receives mirror recoat, preserves space domain awareness
60 Gen. Raymond reflects on US Space Force with National Harbor speech
61 Vandenberg hosts 2nd Annual Assured Access to Space Industry Days Forum
62 Nominee to Lead Space Force Testifies Goals, Priorities Before Senate Committee
63 Blue Canyon and SEAKR deliver first flight unit and payloads for Blackjack Program
64 Viasat to sell its Link 16 Tactical Data Links business to L3Harris Technologies
65 NRO awards commercial RF Capabilities Contract to Kleos Space
66 Somewear Labs raises $13 million Series A round
67 Northrop Grumman and Cubic demonstrate JADC2 connectivity
68 Lockheed Martin, AT&T demonstrate 5G high speed transfer of Black Hawk data to 5G.MIL Pilot Network
69 NASA's upgraded Mobile Mission Control Center to analyze Advanced Air Mobility flight tests
70 Iranian drones bring back fear for Ukrainians
71 Northrop Grumman unveils first Australian MQ-4C Triton
72 NASA study finds climate extremes affect landslides in surprising ways
73 UN chief warns of fight for life as pre-COP27 climate talks open
74 Biden tells storm-hit Puerto Rico: 'America's with you'
75 Stay or go? Hard choice for Florida islanders devasted by Ian
76 Biden warns Hurricane Ian could be 'deadliest' in Florida history
77 Canada army deployed for hurricane cleanup
78 Disease, malnutrition threaten to raise Pakistan flood toll: UN
79 'A matter of honour': Women forced to stay in flooded Pakistan village
80 Learning on the edge
81 US Supreme Court to hear cases challenging tech firm immunity
82 Philippines to deport 40,000 Chinese workers in online gaming crackdown
83 Indonesia investigating Google over app store payment system
84 TikTok search results rife with misinformation: report
85 Google, Meta face record fines in South Korea over privacy violations
86 Floods cripple Indian tech hub Bangalore
87 ZEDU-1--The world's most environment friendly vehicle in operation
88 After California, New York moves to ban new gas vehicles by 2035
89 Ford's electric drive reinvents historic Michigan factory
90 The bicycle making its way through Bogota's hellish traffic
91 Hertz to buy some 175,000 GM EVs through 2027
92 Opel puts China entry on hold as trade tensions rise
93 China's debt-laden Evergrande produces its first car
94 Biden tours Detroit Auto Show, highlighting electric vehicle push
95 Gripes over electric car tax credit as Biden visits Detroit show
96 MG revs up Chinese electric car presence in Europe
97 AI-powered autonomous driving vehicle
98 After pandemic hiatus, Detroit Auto Show reboots itself
99 Chinese carmaker BYD to build Thai electric vehicle plant
100 End of the road for New York's horse-drawn carriages
101 ESA technology for safer, smarter European roads
102 Plenty of roadblocks for automakers seeking EV success
103 California says new cars must be zero emission by 2035
104 Micro Meat and Orbital Assembly team up on space-based food production venture
105 Australia seeks to grow plants on Moon by 2025
106 Space seeds thrive at the United Nations Campus
107 Moon science generation
108 Giant impact could have formed the Moon more rapidly, scientists reveal in new simulations
109 Lunar glass shows Moon asteroid impacts mirrored on Earth
110 Join the challenge to explore the Moon