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1 Geneticists' new research on ancient Britain contains insights on language, ancestry, kinship, milk
2 Coating surfaces with a thin layer of copper has the potential to kill the virus causing COVID-19 faster
3 Omicron appears less severe than Delta but concern remains over NHS pressure
5 Scientists calculate how carbon nanotubes and their fibers experience fatigue
6 Estimating the strength of selection for new COVID-19 variants
7 Researchers find that iodine in desert dust destroys ozone
8 Novel semiconductor gives new perspective on anomalous Hall effect
9 How a special microbe turns oil into gases
10 Carolinas Parched and Pining for Meaningful Rain After Months of Dry Weather
11 The science behind Christmas baubles
12 Did dinosaurs have a similar pre-hatching posture to modern birds?
13 Venoms in snakes and salivary protein in mammals share a common origin
14 Astronomers Stunned to Find 70 Mysterious 'Rogue' Planets in the 13th Constellation
15 Reinfection in Unvaccinated Man Who Previously Had COVID-19
16 New muscle layer in human jaw, called Musculus masseter pars coronidea, identified by scientists
17 Too many gorillas? The great apes' hunt for space in Rwanda
18 Sea turtles return to Thailand's shores during pandemic
19 Venom found in snakes and mammals shares common origin, new study finds
20 Here are our favorite cool, funny and bizarre science stories of 2021
21 SARS-CoV-2 goes 'underground' to spread from cell to cell
22 Improving ocean data access for Indigenous coastal communities
23 Understanding the entry mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 into human cells
24 Researchers uncover the mechanism of electric field detection in microscale graphene sensors
25 The Ten Most Significant Science Stories of 2021, Science
26 Moving objects straight off the printer
27 Children's books solidify gender stereotypes in young minds
28 Communication between cells plays a major role in deciding their fate
29 Antiviral strategy repurposes and misdirects how a virus assembles
30 How its collapse could trigger global floods and swallow islands
31 These are the most-read Science News stories of 2021
32 A year physicists asked, 'What lies beyond the Standard Model?'
33 Foxes, racoons, stone martens and domestic cats got along in Berlin before and during COVID lockdowns
34 The Somalayas are the biggest mountain range you will never see
35 Russia Reveals New Drone Capabilities, Hinting at What It Could Bring to Bear in Ukraine
36 Farmed fish breeding with wild fish is changing the life cycle of wild fish
37 Using game theory to thwart multistage privacy intrusions when sharing data
38 The earliest atmosphere on Mercury
39 Five of the most exciting telescope pictures of the universe
40 In Africa, rescuing the languages that Western tech ignores
41 Examining recent developments in quantum chromodynamics
42 Using magnets to toggle nanolasers leads to better photonics
43 Earth and Mars were formed from inner solar system material
44 Optical examination of the change between singlet and triplet states of electron pairs in charge-separated states
45 Exploring safer carbon capture and storage
46 Omicron needs to be 90% less severe to avoid large wave in hospital admissions--Sage
47 'Pop-up' electronic sensors could detect when individual heart cells misbehave
48 Omicron protection likely fades faster than Delta for boosted people, government scientists say
49 Climate and soil determine the distribution of plant traits
50 Investigating the lifecycles of volatile biogenic compounds in the atmosphere
51 Researchers develop interactive visualization system for analysis of big ocean data
52 Zinc isotopes of arc-related lavas reveal recycling of forearc serpentinites into subarc mantle
53 French Guiana awaits historic Webb telescope launch
54 When Can We Stop Masking Against COVID-19? Not Anytime Soon.
55 Researchers replicate the climates of exoplanets to help find extraterrestrial life
56 Consumer confidence: Omicron plays holiday Grinch
57 Scientists invent lead-free composite shielding material for neutrons and gamma-rays
58 Researchers use electron microscope to turn nanotube into tiny transistor
59 Veteran Hubble vs. new Webb space telescope
60 Blueprint reveals how plants build a sugar transport lane
61 Scientists identify genes key to microbial colonization of plant roots
62 Research enlightens ethnobotanical uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology of genus Fagaropsis in Africa
63 Assemblages of bacterial communities depend on depths in paddy soils
64 Modeling mulch to understand agricultural soil
65 The largest-ever flying animal behaved like a giant heron
66 Climate change is wreaking havoc in the Arctic and beyond
67 The fate of Latin American forests in a warming world
68 Research team creates the world's lightest isotope of magnesium to date
69 Earth's first-known giant was as big as a sperm whale
70 Illinois falls behind federal goal to reduce phosphorus and nitrogen flowing into its waterways
71 U.S. Pauses Distribution of Monoclonal Antibody Treatments that Proved Ineffective Against Omicron
72 Worldwide paradigm shift in which producers actively contribute to agronomic understanding
73 Controlled burning of natural environments could help offset our carbon emissions
74 Where You Can Livestream the Christmas Day Launch of NASA's $10 Billion Webb Space Telescope
75 Here Is an Airing of 10 COVID-19 Coronavirus Grievances
76 Earth's first-known giant rapidly evolved into sea monsters as big as whales, study finds
77 Reduced Sperm Count, Motility Over 2 Months After COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection
78 Possible relics of lost WWII US bomber, crew found in Italy
79 On the Eve of the JWST Launch, Here's What It's like in Kourou
80 The Curious Case of A Remote-Control Assassination Attempt in Ukraine
81 Largest collection of free-floating planets found in the Milky Way
82 Unwinding Doomsday's Clock
83 Perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo was preparing to hatch like a bird
84 A Series of Christmas Events Reveals Why Science Is A World-Changer for 2022
85 Over 12 Days in Space, Here's How Yusaku Maezawa Shared A New Perspective for Us on Earth
86 Climate crisis puts oil in the crosshairs, but dependence persists
87 Ancient DNA study reveals large-scale migrations into Bronze Age Britain
88 Heavy rains displace thousands in northeast Brazil
89 Louisiana researchers ID 14 new shrew species on Sulawesi
90 Meet the Colombian Hunting for Parasites to Fight Crop Parasites
91 Ring in the New Year with less food waste
92 London COVID patients up by 50% as hospital admissions rise nationally
93 This Zambian Entrepreneur Is Designing Mobile, Sustainable Farms
94 Remembering E.O. Wilson's Wish for a More Sustainable Existence / Science
95 Scientist E.O. Wilson, dubbed modern-day Darwin, dead at 92
96 Nurses Condemn CDC Changes in COVID-19 Isolation, Quarantine Guidelines for Health Care Workers
97 Fauci Suggests Considering Airline Vaccine Mandate
98 Directing group-free alkene dicarbofunctionalization through catalyst control
99 Elon Musk Faces Backlash in China After 'Close Encounters' Between His Starlink Satellites and Chinese Space Station
100 Feral horses show evidence of societal structure
101 Lipid droplets as endogenous intracellular microlenses
102 Exploring the genetic basis of the root economics spectrum
103 Transmissive-detected laser speckle imaging for blood flow monitoring in thick tissue
104 International team of scientists proposes a global network to monitor major threats on our environment
105 Researchers construct a framework to solve bound and scattering state problems in quantum mechanics education
106 Bird flu detected in dead knots washed up on the Wadden Sea
107 Gelatin foams show unexpected ultralong organic phosphorescence for optical applications
108 Physics analogies help gamify classroom quizzes and enhance student learning
109 Contorted oceanic plate caused complex quake off New Zealand's East Cape
110 Tourists Are Bringing Invasive Species to Antarctica
111 Team proposes 'nano-chocolates' as a new way to store hydrogen
112 Scientists build new atlas of ocean's oxygen-starved waters
113 How DNA is preserved in archaeological sediments for thousands of years
114 The future of 3D display and the emergence of holographic television
115 Team develops kilohertz label-free non-contact quantitative mapping of optical properties for strongly turbid media