File Title
1 Stunning New NASA Curiosity Rover Selfie on Mars
2 New Synthetic Biomaterial Can Repair Hearts, Muscles, and Vocal Cords
3 Editorial Bias and Nepotism in Biomedical Journals Revealed by Massive Study
4 Ghostly Boson Clouds Could Solve the Mystery of Dark Matter
5 Hubble Space Telescope's View of Planetary Nebula Reveals Complex Structure
6 Color-Changing Magnifying Glass Gives Clear View of Invisible Infrared Light
7 Breakthrough for SHIELD Team Studying Our Solar System's Protective Magnetic "Force Field"
8 COVID Pandemic Depression Persists Among Older Adults
9 The US Biofuel Mandate Helps Farmers, but Harms the Environment
10 NASA Awards Artemis Contract for Future SLS Mega Moon Rocket Boosters
11 In the Search for a "Second Earth," Astronomers Discover Hot, Dense Planet with Eight-Hour Year
12 Rainfall in Arctic Will Soon Be More Common than Snowfall--Decades Earlier than Thought
13 The Primitive Streak and Building a Human Body Through Gastrulation
14 NASA's Laser Communication Relay Demonstration: Getting Space Data to the Ground with Lasers
15 Hospitals Have Ethical Obligation to Care for Unvaccinated-by-Choice COVID-19 Patients
16 Killer Whales Lingering in Newly Melted Arctic Ocean, Despite Risks of Ice Entrapment
17 NASA's Laser Communications Relay Demonstration--Bringing Optical Speeds to the Final Frontier
18 Researchers Attack Menacing "Superbug" that Kills at Least 29,000 People a Year
19 Ozone 101: What Is the Ozone Hole? [Video]
20 NASA's Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) Mission Is Set to Launch--How to Watch Live
21 COVID Omicron Variant: How Did It Emerge and Is It More Contagious than Delta? A Virus Evolution Expert Explains
22 Thinking About Quitting Your Job and Joining the "Great Resignation?" Here's What an Employment Lawyer Advises
23 From the Moon to the Math, Latest Attempts at Breaking CKM Matrix Unitarity--And Discovering New Physics
24 Study of Suicide Attempts Confirms Genetic Underpinnings Not Driven by Underlying Psychiatric Disorders
25 A Vortex in a Nanometric Teacup: Researchers Generate a Vortex Beam of Atoms and Molecules
26 COVID Breakthrough: New Potent Antiviral Against SARS-CoV-2, RSV and Other Respiratory RNA Viruses
27 Four Filter Fusion: Hubble Captures a Stunning Stellar Whirlpool
28 Most Young People Recover Quickly from Myocarditis Side Effect of COVID-19 Vaccine
29 MIT Economist's New Research: The Long Afterlife of the "China Shock"
30 Heading North into Seitah: Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Continues Its Journey Back to Wright Brothers Field
31 Comet A1 Leonard Brightens in December--May Be Visible with Naked Eye
32 Mount Michael, Volcano Track or Plume? 1,000-Meter-Tall Active Stratovolcano Puts on a Show
33 Total Solar Eclipse Below the Bottom of the World Captured from Airplane
34 The Sunshine Vitamin that 'D'elivers on Cardiovascular Health
35 Viagra Is Promising Drug Candidate to Help Prevent and Treat Alzheimer's Disease
36 NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Captures Stunning Martian Sunset and Valuable Science Images
37 Galaxy Discovered with No Trace of Dark Matter
38 What's Fueling Political Polarization Across the US? People Unknowingly Grouping Themselves Together Online
39 New Imaging Method Visualizes Blood Flow in the Brain Down to a Single Blood Cell
40 Triassic Herbivore Had an Entirely Different Approach to Feeding than Previously Thought
41 Cannabis Use Linked to Extremes of Nightly Sleep Duration--Less than 6 Hours or More than 9 Hours
42 Breakdown of Gyrochronology: Magnetic Fields Implicated in the Mysterious Midlife Crisis of Stars
43 Eggshell Planets Have a Thin Brittle Crust with No Tectonics--Unlikely to Be Habitable
44 Planetary Defense: NASA's Next-Generation Asteroid Impact Monitoring System Goes Online
45 Transforming the Plastic Lifecycle into a Circle
46 Antarctica Eclipsed: Moon Blots Out the Sun in Stunning Space Photo of the Total Solar Eclipse
47 Infection Plus Vaccination Yields Better Protection Against COVID-19 Variants
48 Migratory Birds Have Lighter-Colored Feathers--Here's the Evolutionary Explanation
49 New Plant-Based Gummy Vitamins Can Help Vegans and Vegetarians Get Their Essential Nutrients
50 New Research Reveals the Human and Economic Impacts of COVID-19
51 Meet the 10 New NASA Astronaut Recruits Selected from More than 12,000 Applicants
52 DNA Damage Response in the Elderly May Increase Susceptibility to COVID-19
53 Natural Killer T Cells: In Breast Cancer, the Best Defense Is a Strong Offense
54 Melting Glaciers May Produce Thousands of Miles of New Pacific Salmon Habitat
55 Plant Disease Management: New Method for Early Detection of Bacterial Infection in Crops
56 U.S. Department of Defense's Space Test Program 3--With NASA's LCRD--Launches Successfully
57 FDA Approves New Imaging Drug to Help Identify Ovarian Cancer Lesions
58 At Last! NASA Hubble Space Telescope Returned to Full Science Operations
59 Potent New Immune System-Stimulating Nanoparticle Could Lead to More Powerful Vaccines
60 Harvard Scientists Observe Quantum Spin Liquids--a Never-Before-Seen State of Matter
61 Roasted and Shredded by a Stellar Sidekick: Astronomers Find White Dwarf Blasting a Companion Object
62 Scientists Identify Factor in "Young Blood" that Helps Rejuvenate Aging Muscle
63 How Hydra--a Group of Small Aquatic Animals--Regenerate Their Own Heads
64 Why Eraser Enzymes Go Wrong and Lead to Cancer
65 Fish Predators Help Control Coral-Eating Crown-of-Thorns Starfish on Great Barrier Reef
66 COVID-19 Breakthrough: Scientists Discover How the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Evades Our Immune System
67 Meet the Oystamaran: MIT's Robot Developed to Help Oyster Farmers
68 New Research Reveals How the Body Uses Fat to Fight Infections
69 Battery-Free, Wearable Sensor Measures Airborne Nicotine Exposure from E-Cigarettes
70 Surprise Planet Discovered Around Extreme Star Pair
71 Successful Space Force Launch of NASA's Laser Communications Tech & Ultraviolet Spectro-Coronagraph
72 Surprise Planet Discovered Around Extreme Star Pair
73 Advanced Detectors for a New Era of ATLAS Physics at the Large Hadron Collider
74 On the Pathway to Unlocking Ocean Wave Energy for Reliable, Renewable Power
75 Primates vs. Cobras: How Our Last Common Ancestor Built Venom Resistance After Long Evolutionary Arms Race
76 Hitting the Limits: NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Executes 17th Martian Flight
77 New Research Could Help Boost the Efficiency of Nuclear Power Plants in the Near Future
78 James Webb Space Telescope--Cosmic Observatory Will Offer a New View of the Universe
79 Physicists Exploit Space Reflection and Time Reversal Symmetries to Control Quantum Materials
80 Combination of Natural Infection and Vaccination Provides Maximum Protection Against COVID Variants
81 MIT and Google Brain Create Tool to Speed Development of New Solar Cells
82 SpaceX Rocket Launches NASA's IXPE Space Observatory--To Explore the Most Extreme and Mysterious Objects in the Universe
83 NASA's 10-Member Astronaut Candidate Class of 2021 Includes 3 MIT Alumni
84 Cataract Surgery Linked with 30% Lower Risk of Dementia
85 We Asked a NASA Expert: How Did Perseverance Mars Rover Pick Its Landing Spot? [Video]
86 Catch Me if You Can: Scientists Discover How mRNA Therapeutics Are Delivered into Cells
87 Massive Scorching-Hot Plasma Blast: A Sun-Like Star May Hold Dire Warnings for Life on Earth
88 Mars Express Orbiter Unravels Mystery of Largest Martian Moon, Phobos, Using "Fake" Flybys
89 Remarkable Regenerative Powers: Scientists Solve the Grass Leaf Conundrum
90 Ancient DNA Discovery Reveals Woolly Mammoths, Wild Horses Survived Thousands of Years Longer than Believed
91 Unlocking the Mystery of the Early Universe Depends on Estimating the Lifespan of Neutrons
92 Astronomers Unlock the Interior Structure of Beta Crucis--Reveal the Age of Massive Southern Cross Star
93 Revealed: How the COVID-19 Virus Evades Our Immune System
94 NASA Lucy Trojan Asteroid Mission Update: Zeroing in on Path Forward for Solar Array
95 Groundbreaking Experimental Compound Displays Effectiveness in Treating Symptoms of Autism and Alzheimer's Disease
96 Differentiating Friends from Foes Genetically in Fungal Root Microbiomes
97 Atom Laser Creates Reflective Matter-Wave Patterns Similar to Light
98 MIT Advances Toward "Living Biotherapeutics" to Treat Gastrointestinal Diseases
99 Hubble Space Telescope is Fully Operational Once Again
100 Mysterious Long-Range Four-Stranded DNA Structures Found to Play a Role in Rare Aging Disease
101 MIT Student Designs Novel Prosthetics and Seeks to Inspire Others to Pursue Engineering
102 Black Widow Neurotoxin: From Spider's Venom to Medical Applications
103 Many Nutritional Supplements Fail to Deliver What They Promise--"Catastrophic Quality Deficiencies"
104 Why Moderna Won't Share COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Rights with the U.S. Government, Which Paid for Its Development
105 Ultrathin Solar Cells Get a Boost--"Efficiencies of Perovskites Have Skyrocketed"
106 Nasal Vaccine May Be the Secret Weapon Against New COVID-19 Variants
107 Physicists Discover a Remarkable New Type of Sound Wave
108 Astronomers Capture a Doomed Galaxy Plunging into a Galactic Furnace
109 Don't Miss the Geminid Meteor Shower--And Check Out NASA's Live Meteor Camera
110 Winter Is Coming and the COVID-19 Pandemic Is About to Get Worse
111 AI Accurately Predicts Risk of Death in Patients with Suspected or Known Heart Disease
112 Mount Sinai Scientists: Potentially Serious Side Effect Seen in Patient After Immunotherapy