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1 Desert shrubs cranked up water use efficiency to survive a megadrought. It may not be enough.
2 Affordable genome sequencing for pathogen analysis to help tackle global epidemics
3 When, Where and How You Can See the Planets and A New 'Christmas Star' with Your Own Naked Eyes After Sunset
4 Did Marjorie Taylor Greene Compare Polio and COVID-19 Vaccines? Here's the Problem
5 How to See Comet Leonard Before It Fizzles Out
6 14 dead, 70,000 displaced in Malaysian floods
7 The omicron variant is surging. Here's what we've learned so far
8 Astronomers detect signature of magnetic field on an exoplanet
9 US gun sales have been surging
10 Giant NASA telescope to open new vistas of space
11 New atomically thin material could improve efficiency of light-based tech
12 Car-Sized Fossil Millipede Is Largest-Known Invertebrate Animal of All Time
13 A 1,306-legged millipede is the first to live up to its name
14 Double calixarenes bind neuromuscular blockers
15 Our lakes are losing their ice cover faster than ever
16 Precopulatory oral sex found in darkling beetles
17 What is the UV index? An expert explains what it means and how it's calculated
18 The chemistry of Christmas baubles, and the great scientist who made them possible
19 Frankincense and myrrh have been revered since ancient times, but now they're under threat
20 These discoveries from 2021, if true, could shake up science
21 What fault surface features can tell us about future earthquakes
22 Quantum beam--applied liquid metal nanoparticularization for cancer optotheranostics
23 How to prevent mass extinction in the ocean using AI, robots and 3D printers
24 Establishing an elemental structure that facilitates high-intensity broadband spin waves
25 Protein domain structures affect the quality of stem cells
26 I'm Dreaming of A...Warm Christmas?
27 Dinosaur Embryos Tucked Themselves in Just like Birds / Science
28 Form, function and a deadly fungus
29 An ancient relative of Velociraptor is unearthed in Great Britain
30 Extinct reptile discovery reveals earliest origins of human teeth
31 Religiosity influences the effectiveness of shaming children
32 Engineering high-dimensional quantum states
33 The hidden talents of mosses and lichens
34 Creating invisibility with superconducting materials
35 Urban Mind app shows enjoying nature can reduce city loneliness
36 New study finds racial and ethnic disparities in lending industry advertising
37 'Exquisitely preserved' dinosaur fossil still inside its egg, reveals 'bird-like' hatching posture
38 Parasitic worms in dogs, cats may jump into people
39 Why internet access has become a human right / the Independent
40 Study finds that not even the largest lakes in the world are safe from salt
41 LaserSETI installs 2nd observatory at Haleakala Observatory
42 Five things to know about a pair of small but mighty weather instruments
43 How a floating fern withstands rain
44 Spoonweed plants are cold specialists from the Ice Age
45 Tsunamis' magnetic fields are detectable before sea level change
46 Tracking of nearctic seabirds surprises scientists with diverse migratory paths from shared breeding site
47 Birds' dazzling iridescence tied to nanoscale tweak of feather structure
48 Chicago's winter officially arrives in record-setting fashion; Still no measurable snow
49 Alternative statistical method could improve clinical trials
50 Study finds handgun ownership and intimate partner violence history increase risk of violent crime
51 Scientist finds Alaska's Arctic coastal towns face extensive inundation
52 Bringing cells closer to form new tissues
53 Early humans hunted the largest available animals to extinction for 1.5 million years
54 Team's virtual reality system for moths may spur development of robots for finding chemical leaks and more
55 Scientists confirm evidence of a new class of galactic nebulae
56 Forced labor in 19th-century Java cost many lives
57 2022 Will Be One of Earth's Hottest Years, U.K. Climatologists Predict
58 Views of comet Leonard from two sun-watching spacecraft
59 Health Experts Say Campuses Should Stay Open Despite Omicron
60 Observing the secret life of molecules inside the cell
61 An entirely new way of preparing quantum systems to develop components for quantum technology
62 New Research Finds Most People Are Not Using Mindfulness Correctly
63 Wise old elephants keep the young calm
64 Immensa lab closed one month after 'unusual' COVID results first detected
65 A Super-Bright 'Christmas Star' for Naked Eyes Is Coming--But We'll Have to Be Patient
66 Five things to know about the James Webb Space Telescope
67 Loggers threaten Papua New Guinea's unique forest creatures
68 Inside the James Webb Space Telescope's control room
69 Tongans warned of acid rain after volcanic eruption
70 Malaysia floods death toll rises to 27
71 Development and conservation clash at Komodo National Park
72 Dinosaur fossil still inside its egg found, reveals 'bird-like' hatching posture
73 How electric vehicles offered hope as climate challenges grew
74 Omicron infection less likely to cause serious illness than Delta, South Africa data suggests
75 Miniaturization of diffusers for new applications
76 Developing the next generation of artificial vision aids
77 The Top Ten Ocean Stories of 2021, Science
78 Carbon colonialism must be challenged if we want to make climate progress
79 Research finds attending a cathedral Christmas carol service makes people happy
80 Meet the Blue Origin Auction Winner...And Travel with Him to Space
81 How it could uncover some of the universe's best-kept secrets
82 Spacecraft in 2021 set their sights on Mars, asteroids and beyond
83 Hunting for dead stars
84 One in eight are endangered
85 Trapping vortices in thin superfluid films
86 Children aged 5-11 not to be offered COVID jab unless clinically vulnerable
87 Hubble lends a helping hand
88 'Wheel of Time' is set thousands of years from now, yet it's still burdened with today's climate change
89 Underwater archaeologist advocates for diversity in field
90 NASA's DAILI CubeSat to study complex atmospheric composition
91 Israeli archaeologists find treasures in ancient shipwrecks
92 New species of bacteria named after the academic institute where it was identified
93 How some of 2021's major science stories evolved over time
94 A-list candidate for fault-free quantum computing delivers surprise
95 Team succeeds in culturing the pygmy zebra octopus
96 Flexibility may be the key to potent peptides for treating diabetes
97 New graphene-based neural probes improve detection of epileptic brain signals
98 Scientists probe into spinach domestication and genetic basis of agronomic traits
99 Study reveals a greater diversity of Iberian spiders that were previously unknown
100 Astronomers capture black hole eruption spanning 16 times the full Moon in the sky
101 Scientists demonstrate a novel rocket for deep-space exploration
102 Wreck of last US slave ship mostly intact on coast
103 New materials for quantum technologies
104 Wild Hogs Pose a Climate Threat to Georgia by Munching on Marsh Mussels
105 New dates for the start of Viking-age trade
106 New technique tunes into graphene nanoribbons' electronic potential
107 How do our organs know when to stop growing?
108 Machine learning used to predict synthesis of complex novel materials
109 Humble lizards offer surprising approach to engineering artificial lungs
110 Intelligence, religious and political beliefs are connected to the accuracy of UK adults' population estimates
111 Tuning a magnetic fluid with an electric field creates controllable dissipative patterns
112 Quantum marbles in a bowl of light
113 California oil spill prompts new push to ban offshore drilling
114 Fueling the future with new perovskite-related oxide-ion conductors
115 Blazar Ton 599 investigated by Indian astronomers