File Title
1 Unfolding the blindness proteins through fly eyes
2 Sauropod dinosaurs were restricted to warmer regions of Earth
3 The world is burning the most coal ever to keep the lights on
4 Magnetic 'hedgehogs' could store big data in a small space
5 Scientists synthesize hafnium-based, vacancy-ordered perovskite nanocrystals by hot injection method
6 Earthquake depth impacts potential tsunami threat
7 Rare Rocky Mountain insects will need snowfields to survive
8 Juno spacecraft 'hears' Jupiter's moon
9 First genome-wide ancient human DNA from Sudan shines new light on Nile Valley past
10 California spotted owls benefit from forest restoration
11 Using sparse data to predict lab quakes
12 Arriving in mainland Malaysia, banana Blood disease now poised to spread throughout Southeast Asia
13 Decreased fungicide application causes decline of resistant fungal pathogens indicating hidden in field fitness costs
14 Researchers discover immune metabolism hub in broad-spectrum rice blast resistance
15 The Solar System's Largest Canyon on Mars Contains Sunken Reservoirs of Water Ice, Say Scientists
16 California commission OKs poisoning plan for wildlife refuge
17 The triumph and fallibility of science in a historic year
18 Vehicle emission declines decreased deaths, study finds
19 Maybe 'boson clouds' could explain dark matter
20 Album of Endangered Australian Bird Songs and Tweets Soars Above Holiday Classics
21 The Commercial Satellite Industry Is Increasing Awareness in Space but It's Not Changing Behavior Yet
22 New space telescope to uncover secrets of Universe's origins
23 Welcome to 2032: A Merged Physical/Digital World
24 SpaceX launches 52 Starlink satellites from California base
25 Beneath La Palma volcano, scientists collect lava 'to learn'
26 'Super Immunity' from Breakthrough Infection After COVID-19 Vaccination? Here's What this Study Said
27 7 Deaths from Omicron COVID-19 Coronavirus Variant in UK, Showing It's Not the 'Omicold'
28 Firm transforms waste as Morocco faces trash 'time bomb'
29 Tunisia recyclers struggle to tackle mountains of waste
30 Russia ready to 'fight' for space tourism supremacy
31 Baboons can reproduce social conventions to problem solve: study
32 NASA craft 'touches' sun for 1st time, dives into atmosphere
33 First ever true millipede with over 1,000 feet found
34 Lessons from Parrot Resurrected from Extinction, Only to Go Extinct Again
35 Colombian Paleontologist Studies Her Hometown's Giant Marine Reptile
36 Bird flu outbreak in French foie gras region
37 Flu Vaccine Mismatch Raises Further Concerns About 'Twindemic' with COVID-19
38 An Umbrella On A Rainy Day Should Inspire You to Get A COVID-19 Vaccine
39 Sarah Palin Denounces Getting COVID-19 Vaccine, Says 'Over My Dead Body'
40 Over 1500 endangered languages may cease to exist by end of century, study warns
41 Schools use therapy-based programs for 'overwhelmed' kids
42 Death toll passes 200 after Philippines typhoon
43 Giant rubber whale helps Kiwi rescuers battle beachings
44 Japanese space tourists safely return to Earth
45 Himalayan glaciers melting at 'exceptional rate'
46 Deadliest period in Earth's history was also the stinkiest
47 Surmounting 30 Years of Acrophobia
48 Vikings may have fled Greenland to escape rising seas
49 The magnificent history of the maligned and misunderstood fruitcake
50 How measuring emissions in real time can help cities achieve net zero
51 Fossils from One of the World's First Reefs Can Be Found on Mountains in Nevada / Science
52 New study on the global distribution of lichens
53 Who owns the universe?
54 Locations of structural changes in photosystems I and II that allow growth in far-red light
55 6 surprising records science set in 2021
56 Phosphorene nanoribbons live up to hype in first demonstration
57 European science destined for space
58 Election campaigns and platforms do have an impact on public policy
59 New Documents Reveal U.S. Navy 'Ghostbusters' Battled Drones Harassing Destroyers
60 Orbital-scale Asian monsoon variability and dynamics of high-CO2 world in the late Oligocene
61 Boundaries between work and family life disrupted by COVID-19 pandemic
62 Cotton genome study bound for International Space Station
63 Exploring factors impacting the sensitivity of amorphous oxide semiconductors to externally induced impurities
64 Years later, restored wetlands remain a shadow of their old selves
65 Why Is December 21 the Shortest Day of the Year?
66 Biologists describe structure and function of a heme transport and assembly machine
67 We Are All Whalers by Michael J. Moore--Review
68 Here are 7 incredible things we learned this year that animals can do
69 Human muscle cells to be launched into space for aging research
70 An auxetic, three-periodic, chiral tensegrity structure
71 Microbe sneaks past tomato defense system, advances evolutionary battle
72 Research reveals features that influence phase separation
73 NASA says glitch on Boeing rocket delays launch again
74 3D printed nanomagnets unveil a world of patterns in the magnetic field
75 Nuclear 'shadow corrosion' reproduced in the lab, paving way to longer fuel life
76 Researchers create artificial cell cortex, a system to study how cells divide
77 Improving the ability of optical microscopes to measure the volume of microdroplets
78 Mountain spring water isn't as clean as you think it is
79 Breakthrough identification of proteins necessary for muscle regeneration
80 Step forward in quest to develop living construction materials
81 How politicians project their status in virtual meetings
82 'Photosynthetic' algae can survive the dark
83 Radiation damage due to intermolecular Coulombic decay
84 Environmental groups take steps to sue over manatee deaths
85 Moderna booster generates strong antibody response against Omicron
86 How populists' election results lead to far-right demonstrations
87 Abundance of life discovered beneath an Antarctic ice shelf
88 Could acid-neutralizing life-forms make habitable pockets in Venus' clouds?
89 Plant scientists find recipe for anti-cancer compound in herbs
90 After 90 years, we finally know why
91 Study finds news media has amplified rather than rectified misleading health information from TV personality Dr. Oz
92 FAA license boosts Georgia spaceport, but more reviews ahead
93 A superstar enzyme is ready for its close-up
94 Hubble telescope's bigger, more powerful successor to soar
95 New Mineral Described from Uranium Mine in Utah
96 EXPLAINER: What is a derecho?
97 Parental rejection leads to negative behaviors and emotions that range from bullying to anxiety, finds study
98 Rise of alternative data could be a boon, not a bust, for hedge funds, says study
99 Venus will soon appear to sink and disappear right before our eyes
100 How NASA's Psyche mission will explore an unexplored world
101 Researchers help Miami fight plastic pollution
102 Air bubbles in Antarctic ice point to a cause of oxygen decline
103 New project details how to reimagine global supply chains to be more equitable, fair
104 A more comprehensive system of risk management needed to deal with environmental risks, report says
105 The meat, the muscle, and the motion of cell fusion
106 Benefits of Tillamook Bay wetlands restoration extend far beyond the scope of initial project, report finds
107 US approach to research security threatens scientific enterprise, says new report
108 Rewilding the Arctic with mammals likely to be ineffective in slowing climate change impact
109 Millipedes 'as big as cars' once roamed Northern England, fossil find reveals
110 Racial discrimination may affect whether people respond to email