File Title
1 COVID Omicron: European nations reinstate restrictions
2 COVID-19: Israel plans to give fourth dose of vaccine to over-60s
3 COVID Omicron: Biden buys 500m test kits to tackle surge
4 WHO urges cancelling some holiday events over Omicron fears
5 Omicron: South African scientists probe link between variants and untreated HIV
6 Omicron: What can we learn from South Africa's experience so far?
7 On the front line as Afghan children battle malnutrition and measles
8 Omicron: India aims to avoid 'pandemic roulette'
9 The Nigerian woman whose life changed when she visited a leprosy colony
10 Meth and heroin fuel Afghanistan drugs boom
11 COVID: Only six people allowed to meet in pubs in Wales
12 Exeter business leader says Omicron is 'devastating'
13 COVID-19: Nightclubs in NI to close from 26 December
14 NI COVID-19 restrictions: What are the rules?
15 COVID: Kings' College Hospital cancels operations due to staff shortages
16 Ancient mass migration transformed Britons' DNA
17 Spain to require masks outdoors amid COVID surge
18 COVID in Scotland: New rules trigger wave of cancellations
19 COVID: Woman's vaccine plea after Nuneaton partner's death
20 COVID: Who is not vaccinated in the US and what's the risk?
21 COVID: Hull hospitals ban visits on adult wards
22 COVID: Public need to see expert guidance on Wales rules--Plaid
23 What are the COVID self-isolation rules now?
24 Quantum Spin Liquid Observed for the First Time via Simulator
25 Using Deep Learning to "Hallucinate" New Proteins
26 Microplastics Promote Antibiotic Resistance
27 Microplastics are getting stuck in the bones of coral reefs
28 In Microgravity, There are More Errors During DNA Replication
29 Cannabis Use Linked to Poor Sleep Quality
30 Blood from Physically-active Boosts Memory in Sedentary Mice
31 Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree
32 Negative Effects of Road Salt
33 Machine Learning Could Predict Timely Sepsis Treatments, Save Lives
34 Third Dose of Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Could Reduce Effects of Omicron
35 The Vaccinated Can Still Get Long COVID
36 Probiotics May Help Alleviate Nausea & Vomiting During Pregnancy
37 Nanochip reprograms tissue in the body for therapeutic benefit
38 Cyagen: One-Stop Research Model & Gene Therapy Solutions
39 An Intricate Wiring Diagram of the Cells in a Mouse Brain
40 Mistletoe: Parasite, Symbol of Romance, or Cancer Treatment?
41 A Plant-Based Diet May Lower Risk of Cognitive Impairment
42 New Model of Eye Disorder Opens Up Treatment Strategy
43 The Body Can Use Fat to Fuel the Fight Against Bacterial Infection
44 An inhalable vaccine joins the fights against COVID-19
45 Eye Immunity Redefined: Immune Cells Do Enter the Lens After All
46 Bacterial Communities Change Dramatically as Gum Disease Worsens
47 Research on Hunger Wins 2021 Eppendorf & Science Prize
48 A Chewing Gum that Could Reduce Transmission of SARS-CoV-2
49 A New Stretchable Battery that Can Withstand a Washing Machine
50 High Protein Diet Improves Insulin Resistance Better than Mediterranean Diet: Study
51 A Method to Detect CRISPR Gene Editing in Organisms with UV Light
52 A Genetic Modification Alters Bacterial Behavior to Produce Artistic Swirls
53 A New Way to Visualize the Tree of Life, and Its Vulnerabilities
54 In a Stellar First, a NASA Spacecraft Has "Touched" the Sun by Entering Its Upper Atmosphere
55 Limonene: The Terpene to Deploy against Cancer
56 Thousands of Lives Saved from Road Emission Reductions
57 New study launches Viagra into the spotlight as the next drug to treat Alzheimer's disease
58 Age Matters! Young Adults May Need Different Cancer Therapies
59 Say Cheese! Selfie Analyzer Looks for Parkinson's Red Flags
60 Just Add Water: Super Stable Freeze-Dried COVID Vaccines
61 Could Stem Cells Cure Type 1 Diabetes?
62 Ice Shelf Holding Back Glacier Predicted to Melt Within Years
63 How Exercise May Help Protect Against the Effects of Aging
64 Research Links New Genes to Congenital Heart Disease
65 Many Medications Have a Significant Impact on the Microbiome
66 Secondary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease--How Does Yoga Compare?
67 Chronic Cannabis Use, Oral Microbiomes and the Link to Brain Disorders
68 LunaH-Map: The Search for Moon Water Heats Up!
69 [Delta]9-THCP: The Novel Phytocannabinoid with Higher Cannabimimetic Activity than THC
70 Canines & Cannabis: CBD to Treat Stress-Related Behaviors in Dogs?
71 A Preference for Coffee is in the Genes, but it Goes Beyond Taste
72 'Hear' the Magenetosphere of One of Jupiter's Moons During a Juno Flyby
73 How the HTLV-1 Virus Can Turn Immune Cells Cancerous
74 All About Face Masks
75 An Antibody to Clear the Way for Drug Delivery to Tumors
76 Make Edits to Whole Genes with this New Technique
77 'Black Fungus' Seen in US COVID-19 Patients
78 Ancient Sudanese DNA Reveals More About Human History
79 A Biomaterial Strong Enough to Repair Vocal Cords
80 At Least 15 Animal Species in the US Have Contracted COVID-19 So Far
81 UK Biobank Makes 200,000 Human Genomes Publicly Available
82 This Molecule May Be Crucial to the Biology of Addiction
83 The Environmental Damage of Cigarette Litter
84 Shark Immune Proteins as Pandemic 'Insurance'?
85 Deep Under Ice in the Antarctic, Life Lurks
86 'Tis the Season to Be Jolly (It's Good for Your Health)
87 More Pollution, More Heart Attacks?
88 Are Smart Devices Causing More People to Be Nearsighted?
89 Diet May Not Affect IBS as Much as Previously Thought
90 Microbial Life Shows Mass Extinction Really Stinks
91 New Method for Rainfall Simulation
92 How the Internet Affects How Smart We Think We Are
93 E-waste Recycling Processes Emit Synthetic Antioxidants with Possible Health Risks
94 Novel COVID-19 Test Based on Quantum Physics
95 Hemp Water Needs
96 Gene Activity in the Human Embryo Begins Earlier than Thought
97 Some Gut Bacteria Produce Toxic Chemicals that Can Damage the Brain
98 Which COVID vaccine and booster are right for me?
99 Optimizing the Recovery Room Could Help Reduce the Recurrence of Bladder Cancer
100 Double Whammy Cytokine Hit Stops Transplant Side Effects
101 Toxoplasma Parasites Can Manipulate Host Brain Cells
102 Broken Cell "Cleaning Systems" and Schizophrenia
103 Hitting the Anti-inflammatory Bullseye to Treat IBD
104 Spaniards slowly rebuild their lives after volcano havoc
105 Harvard drops standardized test requirement through 2026
106 Unraveling a puzzle to speed the development of fusion energy
107 Georgia spaceport decision near, but more study needed
108 The climate system relies on microscopic particles
109 After thousands of years, an iconic whale confronts a new enemy
110 Mirror-image peptides form 'rippled sheet' structure predicted in 1953