File Title
1 UN agency confirms record 38 degrees Celsius heat for the Arctic
2 NASA's Parker Solar Probe enters the Sun's atmosphere for the first time
3 Geologists uncover 'treasure trove' of dinosaur tracks in Poland
4 Can asteroid Nereus be mined for metals worth billions?
5 New study gives evidence for dark-matter free galaxies
6 NASA mission could blast an asteroid that once menaced Earth
7 Zoo in Chile tests experimental COVID vaccine on lions and tigers
8 Hidden water discovered in Mars' Valles Marineris canyon
9 Russia hopeful of space rides from NASA to ISS from 2022: Agency head
10 This subterranean creature has 1,306 legs. Yes, that's a record.
11 How to scare an invasive fish? A menacing robot predator.
12 Did humans hasten the extinction of the woolly mammoth?
13 Horseshoe crab has survived mass extinctions, but are we killing them now?
14 What does Jupiter's moon sound like? NASA's Juno spacecraft answers
15 Japan billionaire Maezawa lands in Kazakhstan after 12-day space flight
16 SpaceX launches 52 Starlink satellites from California base
17 A hair-raising hypothesis about rodent hair
18 Click, zoom and explore the tree of all life forms on Earth
19 Car-sized millipedes once roamed Northern England, fossil find shows
20 SpaceX launches Christmas presents, supplies to International Space Station
21 Rare Steller's sea eagle spotted a long way from home
22 Meet 'Baby Yingliang,' a well-preserved dinosaur embryo discovered inside fossilised egg
23 What is UV index? An expert explains what it means and how it's calculated
24 3,000 years ago, Britain got half its genes from...France?
25 Israeli archaeologists find treasures in ancient shipwrecks
26 Can archaeology be used to study the effects of climate change?
27 Thousands of threatened seahorses killed every year as bycatch in Palk Bay: study
28 James Webb Space Telescope Launch Highlights: Successful liftoff from French Guiana
29 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope launched from French Guiana
30 Last known slave ship is remarkably well reserved, researchers say
31 Can Marvel Studios' Multiverse really exist? A physicist explains
32 40 million-year-old fossil shark named after museum official as she retires
33 Scientists discover over 70 rogue planets roaming freely on their own
34 Louisiana researchers identify 14 new shrew species on Sulawesi
35 New eye drops offer an alternative to reading glasses
36 E.O. Wilson, naturalist dubbed 'modern-day Darwin,' dies at 92
37 New muscle layer discovered on the human jaw
38 Japan aims to put a person on the moon by late 2020s
39 Thomas Lovejoy, biologist who championed biodiversity, dies at 80
40 CT scan helps digitally unwrap mummy of pharaoh Amenhotep I
41 James Webb Space Telescope swings past Moon, deploys sunshield pallet
42 You don't need a spaceship to grow 'weird little' Martian radishes
43 Take a closer look: how more and more students are catching the citizen science bug
44 China urges US to protect its space station from satellites
45 Life on Venus? MIT study says Venusian clouds may have habitable pockets
46 Yearender 2021: Space tourism, Mars decoded, a Webb(ed) Christmas gift, and more
47 Polar bears eating reindeer: normal behaviour or result of climate change?
48 Harnessing an unusual kind of natural energy: Dancers' body heat
49 Meet C.youngorum, the giant Ichthyosaur that ruled the oceans 250 million years ago
50 Yearender 2021: First malaria vaccine a major milestone amid COVID gloom
51 2022 is full of first steps to the Moon
52 Mexican fish extinct in wild successfully reintroduced
53 Richard Leakey, Kenyan conservationist who campaigned against ivory trade, has died
54 James Webb Space Telescope successfully deploys sunshield, tension testing tonight
55 ISRO targets Gaganyaan launch before Independence day, Chandrayaan 3 by mid-2023
56 Did a meteor explode over Pittsburgh?
57 DNA molecules in ancient dirt offer a treasure trove of clues to our past
58 Jump in deforestation of world's most biodiverse savanna alarms Brazilian scientists
59 Human DNA from 2000-year-old headlice opens a new window into the past
60 The ghost wolves of Galveston island
61 NASA nails trickiest job on newly launched James Webb Space Telescope
62 European Southern Observatory releases new image of Orion's Flame Nebula
63 New milestone: James Webb Space Telescope deploys secondary mirror
64 Dr. Ronald Weinstein, telepathology pioneer, dies at 83
65 Andean condors fly back into the wild after years-long rehabilitation in Chile
66 Meet the new tree from Cameroon named after Leonardo DiCaprio
67 Rare albino crocodile sighted in Odisha's Bhitarkanika
68 India, Somalia and Madagascar may become one continent in 200 million years: Study
69 China plans space station completion, many launches in 2022
70 Watch: Astronomers capture giant star's death throes
71 Space telescope's 'golden eye' opens, last major hurdle
72 China's Chang'e 5 lunar probe finds first on-site evidence of water on moon's surface
73 Why a comet's head is green, but its tail is not
74 Pebble trouble: Debris obstruct NASA Perseverance Mars rover's sample collection
75 Superb fairy-wren societies may be as complex as our own: Study
76 Every pore on your face is a walled garden
77 Like a fish out of water? Israeli team trains goldfish to drive
78 Are rock agamas adapting to city life? A study on sleep sites answers
79 How does a cougar cross a Washington freeway? Their future may depend on the answer
80 A naturalist stumbled on an Ichthyosaur skeleton, the largest in UK history
81 'Cosmic caramel swirl': ESO releases new image of NGC 1300 galaxy
82 Norwegian archaeologists find richly decorated ancient chess piece
83 James Webb Space Telescope: NASA begins mirror alignment process
84 Fossils of a prehistoric rainforest hide in Australia's rusted rocks
85 Pluto to be reinstated as a planet? An astrophysicist explains the controversy that refuses to die
86 Beatrice Mintz, groundbreaking cancer researcher, dies at 100
87 Older date for Ethiopian fossils sheds light on rise of Homo sapiens
88 Virgin Orbit successfully launches 7 satellites into orbit
89 Archaeologists uncover tooth of Americas' oldest-known domesticated dog
90 Astronomers find evidence for a second supermoon beyond our solar system
91 'Major discovery' beneath Antarctic seas: A giant icefish breeding colony
92 With fewer animals to spread their seeds, plants could have trouble adapting to climate change
93 Phytochemicals in Himalayan plant found to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection
94 Newly found exoplanet will be consumed by its host star soon: study
95 Potentially hazardous asteroid to fly by Earth today
96 Sometimes, life stinks. So he invented the nasal ranger
97 Ozone pollution harms East Asian crops, costing $63 billion a year, scientists say
98 Tonga's volcanic eruption may harm environment for years, scientists say
99 Meet S. olteniensis, a new pangolin species that lived two million years ago
100 Israel begins administering 4th vaccine dose
101 Betty White, working actress into her 90s, dies just shy of her 100th birthday
102 A digital manhunt: How Chinese police track critics on Twitter and Facebook
103 Farewell to 'our national conscience' at funeral of South Africa's Desmond Tutu
104 France cuts isolation for COVID-positive to 7 days from 10 days
105 UK government seeks to mitigate workforce disruption from Omicron
106 Israeli aircraft hit militant targets in Gaza after rocket fire
107 US cuts off Ethiopia, Mali, Guinea from Africa duty-free trade program
108 Kim Jong Un's New Year resolution: More food for North Korea
109 US requests delay on 5G rollout amid air traffic concerns
110 The new political cry in South Korea: 'Out with man haters'