File Title
1 James Webb Space Telescope--"We Expect Ground-Breaking Findings"
2 Do Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements Help Prevent Depression? Here's What the Latest Clinical Trial Results Say
3 Iodine in Desert Dust Destroys Ozone--Could Prolong Greenhouse Gas Lifetimes
4 Science Made Simple: What Are Neutron Stars?
5 Do Hangover Cures Work? Here's the Latest Scientific Research Review
6 Turning Up the Heat: Thermal Energy Storage Could Help Decarbonize Buildings
7 NASA Webb Space Telescope: First of Two Sunshield Mid-Booms Deploys
8 Webb Space Telescope Passes Critical Deployment Milestone: Sunshield Takes Shape
10 Weight Loss Medication Shows Promise for People with Diabetes and Obesity
11 Antarctica's "Doomsday" Glacier: Its Collapse Could Trigger Global Floods and Swallow Islands
12 Earth in 2021: Some Highlights from Another Year on Our Planet [Video]
13 New Technology Increases Sequencing Power to Help Decode the Genome of All Life on Earth
14 Is Earth an Oddball? One of the Strangest Things in the Cosmos Might Be--Us
15 NASA 2022: The Future is Now [Video]
16 Research Shows Intermittent Fasting Works for Weight Loss
17 Changing "Sponginess" of Cell Nuclei Help Them Decide Their Future
18 Galactic Lyman-Alpha Brightness of Our Galaxy Measured by New Horizons Space Probe
19 Stopping Dementia at the Nose--Nasal Spray to Treat, Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
20 A Dozen Things that Helped and Hurt Climate Progress in 2021
21 Einstein Proven Right Yet Again: Theory of General Relativity Passes a Range of Precise Tests
22 Astronomers Discover New Class of Galactic Nebulae
23 How Long Do Black Carbon Particles Linger in the Atmosphere?
24 Growing Evidence that Vitamin K Improves Heart Health
25 Lunar Views and Beyond--Incredible Image Captured by Astronaut
26 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover 2021: Mapping the First Six Martian Samples
27 New Biomedical Research Outlines How Longer Lives Are Tied to Physical Activity
28 Scientists Homing in on a Cure for Parkinson's Disease
29 Distortion: Scientists Discover New Strategy for Antibodies to Disable Viruses
30 Astronomers Explore Cosmic Ray Influences on Star Formation in Galaxies
31 Do at-Home COVID-19 Tests Detect Omicron? Can You Get Different Variants at Once?
32 Early Disaster Warning: Tsunamis' Magnetic Fields Are Detectable Before Sea Level Change
33 Size Doesn't Matter: How Deadly a Meteorite Impact Is Depends on Rock Composition
34 Study Examines Immune Responses in Patients with Kidney Failure After COVID-19 Vaccination
35 Iron Integral to the Development of Complex Life on Earth--And the Possibility of Life on Other Planets
36 Field Guide to Mysterious Exoplanets Known as Hot Jupiters
37 Webb Space Telescope Deployment Timeline Adjusted as Team Focuses on Observatory Operations
38 Grow and Eat Your Own Vaccines? Using Plants as mRNA Factories
39 Quadrantid Meteor Shower
40 Skywatching Highlights for January 2022: Don't Miss Quadrantid Meteor Shower and Mars Rising
41 Invisibility Cloaks May Soon Be Real: Creating Invisibility with Superconducting Materials
42 Hubble Space Telescope Captures Galactic Conjunction
43 Study Confirms Southern Ocean Is Absorbing Carbon--Important Buffer for Greenhouse Gas Emissions
44 Quadrantids Meteor Shower Offers Winter Skywatching Spectacle
45 Creating the Heart of a Quantum Computer: Developing Qubits
46 Reduce Frailty to Prevent Dementia
47 New Robotic Platform Speeds Up Directed Evolution of Molecules in the Lab
48 Study Shows the Food You Eat Is Linked to COVID-19 Symptom Severity
49 Are Black Holes and Dark Matter the Same? Astrophysicists Upend Textbook Explanations
50 Yale Researchers Develop RNA-Based Therapy that Can Protect from Range of COVID-19 Variants
51 Lychee Genome Tells a Colorful Story About an Ancient Tropical Fruit
52 These Tiny Liquid Robots Never Run Out of Energy as Long as They Have Food
53 Advanced Photon Source Helps Pfizer Create COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment Paxlovid
54 Off-Earth Manufacturing: Using Local Resources to Build a New Home on Another World
55 NASA Moves Forward with Webb Space Telescope Sunshield Tensioning
56 Geomagnetic Storms Can Threaten Life on Earth--Swarm and Cluster Provide New Insights into Space Weather
57 Colorado Faces Winter Urban Firestorm--Whipped Up by Hurricane-Force Winds
58 Mysterious Dusty Object Discovered by Astronomers Using NASA's TESS Planet Hunter
59 First Layer of Webb Space Telescope's Sunshield Tightened
60 2021 Natural Disasters: A Look Back
61 Webb Space Telescope: Second and Third Layers of Sunshield Fully Tightened
62 NASA Extends Space Station Operations Through 2030
63 Stellar Cocoon with Organic Molecules Discovered at Extreme Edge of Our Galaxy
64 Psychedelic Drug from Magic Mushrooms--Psilocybin--Can Be Safely Administered with No Detrimental Effects in Healthy People
65 Space Station Crew Kicks Off 2022 with Biology, Botany and Spacewalk Preps
66 Early Stages of Omicron Had Only a Modest Impact on COVID Vaccine Booster Uptake
67 Gaia Space Mission Discovers Mysterious Fossil Spiral Arms in Milky Way
68 How Ultrasound Could Be Used to Treat Psychiatric Disorders
69 Babies Born During COVID-19 Pandemic Score Lower on a Developmental Screening Test
70 Researchers Discover Respiratory Tract Bacterial Extracts Could Prevent COVID-19
72 Strange Structures in DNA May Drive Cancer Development
73 Future Hurricanes and Typhoons Will Roam Over More of the Earth
74 New COVAX Results: Registry Data Reveals Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines
75 First Evidence of Coronal Rain on a Cold Star?
76 NASA's Webb Space Telescope Successfully Deploys 70-Foot Sunshield--Here's What's Next
77 Vitamin D Supplements Do Not Improve Symptoms in People with Psychosis
78 James Webb Space Telescope Secondary Mirror Deployment Begins Tomorrow
79 New Generation of Synthetic Solar Fuel Catalysts: A Superstar Enzyme Is Ready for Its Close-Up
80 New Study Finds that COVID-19 Vaccine Does Not Increase Risk of Preterm Birth
81 Spacecraft Enters the Sun's Blistering Hot Corona for the First Time in History
82 Repurposing a Familiar Drug for COVID-19--May Cut Severe Infection & Reduce Risk of Dying
83 Exploring Growth Within a Confined Space: Embedding Bacteria in Soft Material Tests Theories
84 Orion's Fireplace: Incredible New Image of the Flame Nebula
85 High Levels of Potentially Harmful PFAS Chemicals Found in Anti-Fogging Sprays and Cloths
86 Walking Is Good, but Moderate-Vigorous Exercise Boosts Fitness 3x More
87 FAST--The World's Largest Filled-Aperture Radio Telescope--Detects Coherent Interstellar Magnetic Field
88 New Species Discoveries Grow Earth's Tree of Life: From the Lowland Forests of Madagascar to Easter Island's Coral Reefs
89 Helium Bath Splash: Physicists Discover Surprising Phenomenon
90 New, High-Resolution Evidence Questions "Whiff of Oxygen" in Earth's Early History
91 Mysterious Metal Depositions in Bronze Age Europe Were "The Most Ordinary Thing in the World"
92 Can a Dangerous Toxin from Anthrax Microbes Quench Pain?
93 Finding Exoplanets in Debris Disks
94 Webb Telescope MIRI Instrument Marks a First Milestone in Space
95 James Webb Space Telescope Successfully Deploys Secondary Mirror--"Another Banner Day for JWST!"
96 Making Computation Come Alive at MIT: Using Computational Techniques to Solve Real-World Problems
97 Must-See Video Series: The Webb Telescope Journey to Space
98 Marijuana Use Doubles Risk of Deadly Complication After Rare Type of Bleeding Stroke
99 Dog Brains Can Distinguish Between Different Languages
100 Ruins of Ancient Star Cluster Discovered at the Fringes of Our Galaxy
101 Antarctic Oceanographers Use Seals to Do Research in Icy Waters Where Ships Fear to Go
102 Hubble Space Telescope Passes 1-Billion Second Mark
103 NASA Mars Helicopter Flight 19--New Year, Same Ingenuity
104 Predator-Prey Dynamics: Evolution Happens Faster than Expected
105 Advanced Computer Model of Blood Enzyme May Lead to New Treatments for Cardiovascular Disease
106 DNA from Air Could Revolutionize Our Ability to Monitor Animal Biodiversity
107 COVID-19 Can Trigger Self-Attacking Antibodies--Even in People that Had No Symptoms of Infection
108 Cracking the Neural Code to the Brain: How Do We Provide Meaning to Our Environment?
109 New Research Reveals More Hostile Conditions on Earth as Life Evolved
110 NIH Study: COVID-19 Vaccination Associated with Increase in Menstrual Cycle Length
111 Sneezes, Rain Clouds and Ink Jets: Improved Accuracy in Measuring Microdroplets
112 Remarkable Connection Discovered Between Supernovae and Life on Earth
113 Webb Space Telescope's Specialized Heat Radiator Deployed Successfully
114 Biology and Agriculture Research on Space Station as Astronaut Begins Record-Breaking Spree