File Title
1 Grazing with Iceland's Reindeer--Herds of Wild Reindeer Prosper in East Iceland
2 Fully Vaccinated Individuals at Risk for COVID Infection with Omicron Variant--Columbia Study
3 The Science of Gift Wrapping Explains Why Sloppy Is Better than Neat
4 13% Mortality Rate in Fully Vaccinated Patients with Cancer Who Had Breakthrough COVID-19
5 A Christmas Comet for Solar Orbiter: Heliospheric Imager Captures Comet Leonard
6 Game Changing Webb Space Telescope Ushers in New Age of Astronomy
7 We Asked a NASA Scientist: What's the Difference Between Asteroids, Comets and Meteors? [Video]
8 Scientists Succeed in Culturing the Pygmy Zebra Octopus--The Size of a Grain of Rice When They Hatch
9 Earth's First Giant: Newly Discovered Species of Ichthyosaur Was Behemoth of Dinosaurian Oceans
10 Ancient DNA from Neolithic Tombs in Britain Reveals the World's Oldest Family Tree
11 James Webb Space Telescope Launch Timeline as It Happened
12 What It Felt like at NASA Mission Ops Control When We Launched Webb
13 Successful Launch of NASA's Webb Telescope! Unprecedented Mission to See First Galaxies & Distant Worlds
14 Peto's Paradox--Biological Enigma Offers New Insights into the Mystery of Cancer
15 Seeing Suomi: Reindeer, Indigenous People, and Modern Meteorology Converge in a Winter Scene from Scandinavia
16 Astronomers Capture Supermassive Black Hole Eruption Near Earth Spanning 16 Times the Full Moon in the Sky
17 NASA's DART Spacecraft Opens Its "Eye" and Returns First Images from Space
18 Stress Ball Morphogenesis: Humble Lizards Offer Surprising Approach to Engineering Artificial Lungs
19 Fundamental Discovery Used to Turn Nanotube into Tiny Transistor--25,000x Smaller than Width of a Human Hair
20 Science Made Simple: What Is Machine Learning?
21 NASA's Webb Space Telescope Makes Time Critical Mid-Course Correction Burn
22 Childhood Obesity Linked with Mother's Unhealthy Diet BEFORE Pregnancy
23 New Grafting Technique Could Combat Panama Disease Threatening Bananas Across the World
24 Alternative Strategy Discovered for Stalling Alzheimer's Neurodegeneration
25 Scientists Create a Record-Setting Isotope of Magnesium that's Never Been Seen Before
26 2021 Was an Amazing Year for NASA: Mars Landing, First Flight, Artemis, More [Video]
27 Graphene Nanoribbon Breakthrough Could Lead to High-Speed, Low-Power Nanoscale Data Storage
28 A Mars-Sized Planet Discovered Orbiting Extremely Close to Host Star--Its Year Is Less than 10 Hours
29 Resolving a Dangerous Conundrum: Earthquake Depth Impacts Potential Tsunami Threat
30 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Is There Water on Mars? [Video]
31 How the Brain Links Smells to Places--Transporting Us Across Time and Space
32 Doomsday Glacier Threat: Rapid Retreat of Antarctica's Riskiest Glacier
33 Using Defects to Turn Inert Materials into Useful, Active Ones
34 T Cells: No Time to Die--At the Forefront in the Fight Against Viruses, Bacteria, and Malignant Cells
35 How NASA's Psyche Mission Will Explore an Unknown World We Can Barely Pinpoint from Earth
36 Lonely Spiral Captured by Hubble Used to Construct "Cosmic Distance Ladder"
37 Nutrient's Role Confirmed in Childhood Blood Cancer--Dietary Limits May Help
38 NASA Webb Space Telescope Antenna Released and Tested
39 Astronomers Spy Quartet of Enormous Cavities from Giant Black Holes
40 Integrated Photonics Meets Electron Microscopy in Unconventional Collaboration
41 Otherworldly Earth: This NASA Photo Isn't Really Mars, It's the Libyan Desert
42 How Toxic Aggregates Form and Kill Brain Cells in Prion Diseases
43 Stunning Close-Up Reveals Secrets of Milky Way's Neighbor in "Unprecedented" Clarity
44 Battle of the Sexes' Begins in Womb--Father's and Mother's Genes Tussle Over Nutrition
45 DentalSlim Diet Control: Researchers Develop World-First Weight Loss Device
46 How Ancient Human and Animal DNA Is Preserved in Archaeological Sediments for Thousands of Years
47 Challenging "Rule Breakers"--Children Will Confront Their Peers, but How They Do So Varies Across Cultures
48 COVID-19 and Beyond: Year in Pharma 2021
49 Black Holes of All Shapes and Sizes in Largest Catalog of Gravitational Wave Events Ever Assembled
50 Baby Yingliang--Exquisitely Preserved Dinosaur Embryo Discovered Inside Oviraptorosaur Egg
51 Weight Loss and Exercise: Why Physical Activity Entices You to Eat More--And How to Fight It
52 Stunning Observation of a Dark Nebula
53 Science Made Simple: What Are High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas?
55 Scientists Discover Fossil of Extinct Early Bird that Could Stick Out Its Tongue
56 COVID-19 Omicron FAQ: Is It a "Super-Variant?" Can It Evade Vaccines? How Transmissible Is It?
57 Scientists Identify Antibodies that Can Neutralize Omicron and Other COVID Variants
58 Novel Magnetic Semiconductor Gives New Perspective on Anomalous Hall Effect
59 Novel Approach to Target Enhancer-Addicted Cancers--Potential Treatment Approach for Over 90% of Prostate Cancers
60 Ancient DNA Analysis Reveals Large Scale Migrations into Bronze Age Britain
61 COVID Kidney Damage: Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Infects the Kidneys and Contributes to Tissue Scarring
62 At Least 70 Free-Floating Planets Discovered in a Nearby Region of the Milky Way
63 Melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Cause 5-Meter Rise in Sea Levels by the End of the Millennium
64 We Asked a NASA Expert: Is NASA Really Crashing a Spacecraft into an Asteroid? [Video]
65 These Fish Work Together by the Hundreds of Thousands to Do the Wave--Here's Why
66 Human DNA Extracted from Nits on Ancient Mummies Sheds Light on South American Ancestry
67 Science Made Simple: What Are Supernovae?
68 Highway Delays Can Cause Economic Losses of Up to $250 Million in a Single Day
70 World's Largest Flying Animal--With a Wingspan Nearing 40 Feet--Leaped Aloft to Fly
71 Creating New Meat Alternatives with 3D Printing--And Cocoa Butter
72 NASA Webb Space Telescope Aft Sunshield Pallet Deployed
73 Making History on Mars: NASA Perseverance Rover's Biggest Moments of 2021 [Video]
74 DNAzymes--How Active DNA Biocatalysts that Destroy Unwanted RNA Molecules Work
75 Tuning a Magnetic Fluid with an Electric Field Creates Complex Controllable Dissipative Patterns
76 Weight-Loss Drugs, Revisited: New Molecules to Help People Safely Shed Extra Pounds
77 Eagle, Omega Nebula, Trifid, and Lagoon: Four Famous Nebulae with Breathtaking Beauty
78 Nano-Chocolates that Store Hydrogen: Innovative Energy Carrier of the Future
79 Nanotube Fibers Stand Strong--But for How Long Under Stresses and Strains?
80 Weight Loss in Patients with Obesity Can Significantly Reduce Risk of Severe COVID-19 Complications
81 Immune System Memory Less Durable After Severe COVID-19
82 We Asked a NASA Scientist: What's It like Landing on Mars? [Video]
83 Researchers Find the Secret Behind Maintaining Healthy Weight Loss
84 A Common Risk Factor for Alzheimer's Disease May Predispose Carriers to Severe COVID-19, Cerebral Microhemorrhages
85 Easy-To-Take Antiretroviral Medicine Better at Suppressing HIV in Children
86 What Makes mRNA Vaccines So Effective Against Severe COVID-19?
87 Astronomers Detect First Signature of Magnetic Field on a Planet Outside of Our Solar System
88 Transforming Materials with Light--Enabling Windows that Transform into Mirrors and Super High-Speed Computers
89 High-Speed Impacts May Have Shaped Venus' History--And Explain Why It Is Uninhabitable
90 The Tallest Begonia Species in All of Asia Discovered in Tibet
91 Space Station Crew Unpacks Cargo Dragon and Starts New Research
92 NASA Scientist Provides Details on Webb's Vital Mid-Course Corrections
93 Due to Precision Launch, NASA Says Webb Space Telescope's Fuel Likely to Last Way More than 10 Years
94 FDA Approval of Long-Acting Injectable Drug Marks Pivotal Expansion of HIV Prevention Options
95 International Space Station Residents Wrap Up 2021 with Spacesuits and Dragon Work
96 New Photovoltaic Materials Developed by Stanford Scientists for Ultrathin, Lightweight Solar Panels
97 Plant Scientists Find Recipe for Anti-Cancer Compound in Herbs like Thyme and Oregano
98 Innovative X-Ray Imaging Directly Shows COVID-19 Can Cause Vascular Damage to the Heart
99 Possible Chemical Leftovers from Early Earth Sit Near the Planet's Core
100 Red Velvet Mars--ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter Captures Delightful Image
101 A True Cosmic Monster! Violent High-Frequency Oscillations Captured in Gigantic Eruption of a Neutron Star
102 COVID-19 Infections in Nursing Homes: New Simulation Model for Optimal Prevention and Vaccination Strategies
103 Scientists Discover How Toxoplasma Parasites in the Brain Manipulate Host Cells to Survive
104 Webb Space Telescope's Deployable Tower Assembly Extends in Space
105 NASA's Webb Space Telescope Ready for Sunshield Deployment and Cooldown
106 Advancing Optical Signal Processing: Using Magnets to Toggle Nanolasers Leads to Better Photonics
107 New Insights into the Timeline of Mammal Evolution with Precisely Dated Evolutionary Trees
108 Nanoengineers Use Flu Virus Shells to Improve Delivery of mRNA into Cells
109 Data Visualizations: When More COVID-19 Data Doesn't Equal More Understanding
110 James Webb Space Telescope's Aft Momentum Flap Deployed
111 Cryobioprinting Serves Up Towers of Frozen Cells for Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, and Drug Discovery
112 NASA Engineers Release Webb Space Telescope Sunshield Covers
113 Three Rings to Bind Them: Cosmic History Can Explain the Properties of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
114 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover and the Search "Amongst the Sand"
115 NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Milestones--2021 Year in Review [Video]
116 New Study Finds COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Declines After Just Three Months
117 MIT's Top Research Breakthroughs of 2021