File Title
1 Finding the recipe for a larger, greener global rice bowl
2 'Faith is solid': Catholic devotees pray in typhoon-hit Philippine city
3 In Tennessee town, spirited cleanup follows tornado's rage
4 Connecting online, tornado victims track down lost treasures
5 Tunisia navy rescues 78 migrants, one dead
6 Crews begin 'Herculean' task of removing tornado debris in Kentucky
7 Natural catastrophes caused $250 billion in damage in 2021: Swiss Re
8 After deadly tornadoes, stricken Kentucky town organizes to help their own
9 Highway delays can cost $8 million to $250 million in a single day
10 Floods in Malaysia displace more than 30,000 people
11 Floods in Malaysia displace over 22,000 people
12 Foreigners among 12 killed in Iraqi Kurdistan floods
13 Spaniards slowly rebuild their lives after volcano havoc
14 Indonesian volcano erupts again, spewing ash cloud
15 'Forgotten' animals rescued after Indonesia volcano eruption
16 Thousands briefly shut indoors on Spanish volcano island
17 Melting Arctic ice draws killer whales further north
18 Russia to ban capturing whales for aquariums
19 Russia closes notorious 'whale jail'
20 Dolphins perform special spin dive when hunting deep prey
21 Dutch judge blocks dolphin transfer to China
22 'Fraud' case in Iraqi court against election results adjourned
23 China brands US democracy 'weapon of mass destruction'
24 Taiwan votes against reimposing US pork ban
25 Sticky situation: Canada taps maple syrup reserves to meet soaring demand
26 China's November consumer inflation rises on pork, vegetable prices
27 Mind-controlled robots now one step closer
28 Asian markets drop on Omicron spike, Biden spending bill blow
29 Asian markets slip after rally as traders consider higher rates
30 Asian, European traders welcome Fed tilt to fight inflation
31 Asian markets mostly up as traders cheer Fed tilt to fight inflation
32 China's retail sales growth eases, factory output picks up
33 Asia markets down on Omicron, Fed tapering fears
34 BlackSky achieves highest revisit, dawn-to-dusk satellite coverage
35 DARPA Announces Forecasting Floats in Turbulence Challenge Winners
36 US Senate approves Biden pick Burns as China envoy after delay
37 Hong Kong's young 'neon nomads' keep dying trade flickering
38 China targets Interpol ex-chief's wife over alleged graft
39 Two dead, 20 trapped workers rescued from Chinese mine
40 Spire Global deploys and operates US-made battery in orbit for US Space Force
41 A carbon-air battery as a next-generation energy storage system
42 An attractive strategy for sustainable fuels manufacturing in a carbon-neutrality age
43 NTU Singapore scientists develop biodegradable printed paper batteries
44 Galp, Northvolt to build lithium plant in Portugal
45 Stretchy, washable battery brings wearable devices closer to reality
46 'Nobody's dump': Lithium mine stirs unrest in Serbia
47 Redrawing the lines: Growing inexpensive, high-quality iron-based superconductors
48 Activating lattice oxygen in perovskite oxide to optimize fuel cell performance
49 Perovskite solar cell with ultra-long stability
50 New device advances commercial viability of solar fuels
51 Solar energy storage using sulphur
52 Laos opens scenic railway built on a mountain of Chinese debt
53 Vienna-Paris night train is reborn, empty
54 'Game changer': Laos opens Chinese-built railway line
55 UK rail sector on track to diesel-free trains
56 Motorbike-clogged Hanoi rolls out first urban railway
57 Germany unveils first self-driving train
58 EU threatens Russia sanctions as NATO backs Ukraine
59 Beijing condemns US sanctions on Chinese painkiller firms
60 Fugro's remote space operations complex to be located in Perth, Australia
61 To Seitah and Back
62 NASA begins testing robotics to bring first samples back from Mars
63 OFFSET Swarms take flight in final field experiment
64 WVU engineers creating software for aerobots to explore Venus
65 Australia's First MQ-4íC Triton Takes Shape
66 Armed with drones, Turkey explores African arms sales
67 University of Guam Drone Corps produces first batch of FAA-certified drone pilots
68 China's high-flying drone giant DJI in US cross-hairs
69 Northrop Grumman Global Hawk to Expand Participation in SkyRange Program
70 Soft semiconductors that stretch like human skin can detect ultra-low light levels
71 Quantum algorithms bring ions to a standstill
72 Polariton parametric oscillator in perovskite microcavity
73 Framatome, DoE secure $150 million cooperative agreement to advance accident tolerant fuel
74 Framatome selected to provide incore instrumentation upgrade at Surry NPP
75 GE Hitachi boosts VR solutions for nuclear energy industry
76 Consortium commits to 10 Small Modular Reactors in Poland
77 Six killed by IS in Syria's Al-Hol camp this month: monitor
78 Wildlife concerns blunt Germany's green power efforts
79 Biden calls for carbon neutral federal government by 2050
80 Galp, Northvolt to build lithium plant in Portugal
81 Redrawing the lines: Growing inexpensive, high-quality iron-based superconductors
82 Nepal's biggest stupa turns to biodegradable prayer flags
83 Illegal but essential, migrants recycle Istanbul's waste
84 Turkey and neighbours pledge to clean up Mediterranean
85 Tunisia recyclers struggle to tackle mountains of waste
86 Firm transforms waste as Morocco faces trash 'time bomb'
87 Toyota boosts electric vehicle sales target
88 'Smooth ride': UAE taxis drive towards autonomous future
89 China's BAIC revealed as Daimler's biggest shareholder
90 German carmakers race to retrain workforce for electric age
91 Rwanda turns to electric motorbikes to drive down emissions
92 Towards environmentally friendly solar cells
93 A system that combines solar energy and a chemical reactor to get more from biomass has been designed
94 DARPA transitions synthetic biomanufacturing technologies to support national security objectives
95 A tool to speed development of new solar cells
96 Estonia's wood pellet industry stokes controversy
97 Study shows how waste can be converted into materials for advanced industries
98 Tasmania to be site of Australia's first bioLNG facility
99 Deforestation, climate change making outdoor work unsafe: study
100 More extreme weather hits US as Biden promises aid to tornado-hit Kentucky
101 Who will be the judge of countries' climate plans?
102 Climate change impact apparent in most weather-linked fluctuations on Earth
103 Activating lattice oxygen in perovskite oxide to optimize fuel cell performance
104 An attractive strategy for sustainable fuels manufacturing in a carbon-neutrality age
105 Scientists use sunlight and modified sawdust to reversibly capture carbon dioxide
106 Share of German energy from renewables to fall in 2021
107 Pentagon documents reveal 'deeply flawed' US air war: report
108 Rapid Dragon's first live fire test deployed from a cargo aircraft destroys target
109 Blinken says US still prepared to sell jet fighters to UAE
110 US cities remain locked in a grim spiral of record homicides