File Title
1 New Autism Marker Discovered in Kids: Could Lead to New Treatment for Autism and Epilepsy
2 Super Typhoon Rai--Powerful Storm Is One of the Strongest Recorded on Earth this Year
3 Red Planet Rotorcraft Record! NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Reaches an Airborne Milestone Never Considered Achievable
4 Look at Me!--Visuals Increase Attention; Now Science Explains Why
5 NASA's New IXPE Observatory Unfolds Its Origami Boom for Science
6 Exploring Earth from Space: Kourou--Home to Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana [Video]
7 Secret Embraces of Stars--With Far-Reaching Consequences--Revealed by Gigantic Telescope
8 World's Next Gen. Cosmic Observatory: Webb Space Telescope and Ariane 5--Preparing for Launch [Video]
9 New All-Season Smart-Roof Coating Enables Year-Round Energy Savings
10 Two NASA Astronauts Receive Assignments for SpaceX Crew-6 Mission
11 Trees Are Biggest Methane "Vents" in Wetland Areas--Significant Emissions Even When They're Dry
12 NASA's Juno Spacecraft "Hears" Jupiter's Moon Ganymede--Listen to the Dramatic Flyby of the Icy Orb
13 New Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Found to Be Safe and Effective in Trial--"Highly Efficacious and Very Safe"
14 Split Photon Provides New Way to See Light--Predicts Existence of Previously-Unimaginable Particle
15 Selective Separation Could Help Alleviate Critical Shortage of Rare-Earth and Other Key Metals
16 Winter Is Coming Paradox: Researchers Uncover the Surprising Cause of the Little Ice Age
17 What Are Virus Variants? Explaining Viral Mutations, COVID and Vaccines
18 Tornadoes and Climate Change: What a Warming World Means for Deadly Twisters and the Storms that Spawn Them
19 For IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Specific Diets Are Less Important than Expected
20 Exoplanet Bonanza: 172 New Planetary Candidates Found--Including Some Truly Bizarre Planetary Systems
21 How Effective Are COVID Vaccines Against the Omicron Variant? An Epidemiologist Explains
22 Chronic Pain: COVID-19 Lockdowns Hurt Women More than Men
23 Earth's Most Important Biochemical Reaction: Photosynthesis Breakthrough for Increasing CO2 Uptake in Plants
24 Preventing Future Pandemics Starts with Recognizing the Tremendous Threats to Global Health from Zoonotic Diseases
25 NASA's Webb Telescope--The Largest Space Observatory in History--Will Have the Coolest Camera
26 Understanding the Big Bang and the Cosmological Lithium Problem
27 We Asked a NASA Expert: When Was the Last Time an Asteroid Hit Earth? [Video]
28 Key Immune Cells Maintain Healthy Gut Bacteria to Protect Against Colon Cancer
29 Airbus Will Build ESA's Ariel Exoplanet Spacecraft
30 COVID Variants like Omicron and Delta Aren't the Only Reason NIH Scientists Urge Pursuit of Universal Coronavirus Vaccine
31 Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Could More Effectively Treat Patients Hospitalized with COVID-19 Pneumonia
32 New Astrophysical Study Probes X-Ray Bursts from Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries
33 Giant, Long-Necked Sauropod Dinosaurs Were Restricted to More Tropical Regions of Earth
34 The Illusion of a Continuous Perseus Arm: Our Milky Way May Be More Fluffy, Less Wiry
35 Europe's Earliest Female Infant Burial Reveals: Mesolithic Society Honored Its Youngest Members
36 MIT Scientists Find Clues to Why Fake News Snowballs on Social Media
37 Important Milestone Reached in Quantum Computing with Error Correction
38 Neanderthals Changed Ecosystems 125,000 Years Ago--Were Not "Primal Hippies"
39 Colorful Sweets Look Tasty, but Synthetic Dyes May Pose Health Risks Such as DNA Damage and Cancer
40 Next Generation Prime Gene Editing Systems Expands Technology's Therapeutic and Research Applications
41 Navigation Neuroscience: How a Fly's Brain Calculates Its Position in Space
42 Opening a 50-Year-Old Christmas Present from the Moon--Using a Custom-Built "Apollo Can Opener"
43 Our Milky Way Galaxy: How Big Is Space? [Video]
44 Hubble Space Telescope Captures a Gorgeous Sprinkling of Stars
45 Galaxy's Edge: Mystery Substructures Discovered in Milky Way's Outer Disk
46 Himalayan Glaciers Melting at "Exceptional Rate"--Water Supply for Millions of People Threatened
47 Heart Arrhythmia: Digital Silver Lining Seen in Failed COVID-19 Drug Trial
48 Enhanced Charge Density Waves by Moire Engineering in Twisted Heterostructures
49 Trio of Russian, Japanese Space Station Visitors Safely Back on Earth
50 Researchers Have Discovered an Exercise "Sweet Spot" to Reverse Cognitive Decline
51 New Study: Breakthrough Infections Generate "Super Immunity" to COVID-19
52 First Double-Lung Transplant Performed After Irreparable COVID-19 Respiratory Damage
53 New Performance Benchmark: Measuring a Quantum Computer's Power Just Got Faster and More Accurate
54 NASA Artemis I Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket and Orion Spacecraft Integrated Testing Update
55 How the Female Brain Responds to Genital Touch--And How It Varies Among Women
56 Deadliest Period in Earth's History Was also the Stinkiest--Toxic Microbe Burps Caused Mass Extinction
57 Would Rewilding the Arctic with Mammals Really Slow Climate Change Impact?
58 O My, Here's Omicron--Experts Share Their Thoughts on the New COVID-19 Variant
59 mRNA Vaccines Highly Effective at Preventing Death from COVID-19--But Less Effective at Preventing Infection
60 Hitch a Virtual Ride on a NASA Sounding Rocket--View Earth from 98 Miles Up
61 Your Likely Order of COVID-19 Symptoms Depends on the Variant
62 Alien Life? Acid-Neutralizing Life-Forms Could Make Habitable Pockets in Venus' Clouds
63 Electrostatic Levitation: MIT Engineers Test an Idea for a New Hovering Moon Rover
64 Solving a 90 Year-Old Space Mystery: Why Comets' Heads Can Be Green, but Never Their Tails
65 Beneficial Side Effect: Botox Injections May Reduce Anxiety
66 Liftoff! SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket with Dragon Spacecraft Blasts Off from Kennedy's Launch Pad 39A
67 Enigmatic Immune Cells May Ignite Inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis and Other Brain Disorders
68 Revolutionary New Intelligent Transistor Developed
69 Webb Space Telescope Secured Inside Ariane 5 Rocket Fairing for Launch
70 Giant Millipedes "As Big as Cars" Once Roamed Northern England--"Complete Fluke of a Discovery"
71 100-Year-Old Mystery of Children's "Chalky Teeth" Explained--Affects 1 in 5 Children
72 Stanford Engineers and Physicists Study Quantum View of "Combs" of Light
73 Exquisitely Preserved Dinosaur Embryo Found Inside Fossilized Oviraptorosaur Egg
74 We Can't Help It.--Watch NASA's Official James Webb Space Telescope Mission Trailer
75 MIT Engineers Produce the World's Longest Lithium-Ion Flexible Fiber Battery
76 Behold! A Winter Solstice
77 Wise Old Elephants Tamp Down Fear and Aggression in Younger Males
78 Air Pollution May Reduce the Benefits of Physical Activity on the Brain
79 NASA and NOAA Teaming Up on Tech to Aid Marine Oil Spill Response
80 A Novel Machine Learning Algorithm Allows for Efficient and Accurate Verification of Quantum Devices
81 Rates of Premature Heart Attack Death Vary by Sex, Race and Region in the US--Here's Who Is Most at Risk
82 MIT Field Experiment: A "Big Push" to Lift People Out of Poverty
83 Mistletoe--Famous for Christmastime Kisses--Is Actually a Parasitic Plant with Poisonous Berries
84 People with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Have More Microplastics in Their Feces
85 NASA Perseverance Mars Rover: To Seitah and Back
86 Mysterious Galactic Nomads: At Least 70 Rogue Planets Uncovered in Our Milky Way
87 A New Approach to Rapidly Localize Gravitational Waves to Coordinate Prompt Follow-Up Observations
88 Analyzing Meteorites to Track Down the Forces that Shaped Our Solar System's Evolution
89 AI Used to Predict Synthesis of Complex Novel Materials--"Materials No Chemist Could Predict"
90 Genomic Sequencing: How Researchers Identify COVID-19 Variants like Delta and Omicron
91 Microplastic Discovered in "Pristine" High-Altitude Pyrenees Mountain Air
92 Scientists Discover How "Photosynthetic" Algae Can Survive and Grow in the Dark
93 Common Origin: Venoms in Snakes and Salivary Protein in Mammals Evolved from the Same Ancestral Gene
94 Ketamine Therapy Quickly Reduces Depression and Suicidal Thoughts
95 A-List Candidate for Fault-Free Quantum Computing Delivers Puzzling Surprise
96 The Aftermath of Neutron Star Collisions--Where Heavy Elements Are Made
97 Recently Evolved Region of the "Dark Genome" Offers Clues to Treatment of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
99 Allergic to Dogs? Scientific Breakthrough Lays Groundwork for Dog-Allergy Vaccine
100 Science Made Simple: What Is Artificial Intelligence?
101 Reindeer as Ecosystem Engineers? Herding Could Help Curb Arctic Greening
102 COVID-19 Confirmed in a Canada Lynx at a Pennsylvania Zoo
103 Out of Africa: The Path of Homo sapiens--By Which Routes Did Modern Man Arrive in Europe?
104 Active COVID-19 Infection--By at Least Three Virus Variants--Detected in Wild Deer in 6 Ohio Locations
105 Pair of Small but Mighty Weather Instruments en Route to Space Station--5 Things to Know
106 Templating Approach Stabilizes "Ideal" Perovskite Material for Cheap, Efficient Solar Cells
107 Scientists Have Cultivated a "Miracle Microbe" that Converts Oil into Methane
108 Opioid Prescribing Declines, but Cuts Are Not Uniform--Crisis Kills More than 100,000 Americans Annually
109 Stunning Views of Comet Leonard Captured from Two Sun-Watching Spacecraft
110 Single Dose of China's Ad5-nCoV COVID-19 Vaccine Is Safe and Effective in Phase 3 Trial
111 Earth and Mars Were Formed from Collisions of Large Bodies Made of Inner Solar System Material