File Title
1 China's Mars orbiter captures series of selfies using remote camera
2 China's astronauts mark New Year with livestream from space
3 China heads launch list of space rockets
4 CASC plans more than 40 space launches for China in 2022
5 China to complete building of space station in 2022
6 Space business: The final (profitable) frontier
7 Voyager Space Completes Acquisition of Space Micro
8 ADDMAN deepens space industry and refractory metals expertise via Castheon acquisition
9 Fabrication of flexible electronics improved using gold and water-vapor plasma
10 Ammonia and paper: Sustainability ideas at CES tech show
11 Windows that outsmart the elements
12 Scientists invent lead-free composite shielding material for neutron and gamma-ray
13 The mysterious dusty object orbiting TIC 400799224
14 New year's mission to start new phase of exoplanet research
15 Arianespace to launch PLATiNO 1 and 2 on Vega and Vega C
16 Nigeria gunmen kidnap three Chinese dam workers: police
17 How scientists designed the orbit of the Chang'E 5 mission
18 China plans missions to moon's south pole
19 Asteroid 'Apophis' predicted to skim dangerously close to Earth in 2029
20 Quadrantids offer winter meteor spectacle
21 Quadrantid meteor shower offers good show outside of North America
22 UK sets New Year's Day temperature record
23 Sunshield deploys on NASA's Next Flagship Telescope
24 New epoch of miniaturized Cherenkov detectors
25 Integrated photonics meets electron microscopy
26 Kerstin Perez is searching the cosmos for signs of dark matter
27 Quantum marbles in a bowl of light
28 Super-resolved imaging of a single cold atom on a nanosecond timescale
29 Physicists watch as ultracold atoms form a crystal of quantum tornadoes
30 Resolving the black hole 'fuzzball or wormhole' debate
31 Calling Omicron 'mild' a mistake, warns WHO
32 Cyprus limits social gatherings under COVID tsunami
33 China to test 13 million in Zhengzhou as Xi'an outbreak eases
34 China locks down city of 1.2 million after three virus cases
35 France to ease COVID rules as England says curbs are 'last resort'
36 COVID clouds world New Year party
37 Spain volcano island residents return home to battle ash
38 'Intense activity' at DR Congo's Nyiragongo volcano
39 Three refugees killed by air strike in Ethiopia's Tigray: UN
40 China voices opposition to Eritrea sanctions as FM visits
41 18 militiamen killed in DR Congo fighting: army
42 China FM in Eritrea at start of Africa tour
43 Ex-militiaman killed in eastern DR Congo protest
44 Aquamation: Tutu's chosen flameless cremation
45 Guinea's deposed leader authorised to leave country
46 Dozens reported killed in Tigray air strikes: UN
47 Denmark shelves prosecution of Africa piracy suspects
48 Protesters storm mayor's office in Kazakhstan's largest city
49 Six million need aid in drought-hit parts of Ethiopia: UN
50 Cyprus limits social gatherings under COVID tsunami
51 Nine dead, hundreds ill with diarrhoea in typhoon-hit Philippines
52 Quake of 5.6 rattles Peruvian capital
53 Strong quake hits China's Qinghai province: USGS
54 World passes 300 million COVID cases as Omicron breaks records
55 Nine hurt as quake rattles Peruvian capital
56 Cambodian prime minister visits coup-hit Myanmar
57 Myanmar has 'ingredients for civil war': ASEAN chair
58 Third Hong Kong news company shutters as media fears grow
59 Hong Kong 'patriots only' lawmakers swear loyalty oath
60 Hong Kong independent news outlet shuts down to 'ensure safety'
61 Zimbabwe game park to receive $15 million from new wildlife fund; Ecuador, Colombia slam use of wild animal species after MasterChef episode
62 Runaway frenzied elephant herd breaks into Bangladesh park
63 Rare leopard captured in northern Iraq
64 Japan seeks restrictions on US troops after virus surge
65 Chinese national pleads guilty to economic espionage
66 Dutch cow farmers face tough climate choices
67 Is urban food farming a priority?
68 Foreign businesses worry as China food import law kicks in
69 Iran rescues 11 Indian sailors after vessel sinks: media
70 14 killed in Chinese construction site landslide
71 Pentagon streamlines National Guard use after Congress attack
72 China to appoint special envoy to Horn of Africa: FM
73 How China is keeping to its strict 'zero COVID' strategy
74 Protesters storm mayor's office in Kazakhstan's largest city
75 Microbes produce oxygen in the dark
76 Scientists build new atlas of ocean's oxygen-starved waters
77 Alaska faces 'Icemageddon' as temperatures swing wildly
78 Antarctic oceanographers use seals to do research where ships fear to go
79 Malaspina Glacier, world's largest piedmont glacier, surges approximately every 10 years
80 Gulf Arab countries on alert for heavy rains
81 Thousands flee as floods worsen in Malaysia
82 24,000 evacuated, two dead in Indonesian floods
83 China is not trapping Africa in debt: foreign minister
84 Building on tradition: Iraqi labourer preserves calligraphic art
85 For some Greenlanders, eating sugar is healthy
86 New dates for Viking trade
87 Out of Africa: The path of Homo sapiens
88 Ancient DNA reveals the world's oldest family tree
89 Ancient DNA study reveals large scale migrations into Bronze Age Britain
90 Anthropologists study the energetics of uniquely human subsistence strategies
91 No returning to climate of the past even with CO2 reduction
92 Lebanon mountain town warns of looming heating tragedy
93 Will Beijing's 'green Olympics' really be green?
94 First realistic portraits of squishy layer that's key to battery performance
95 Renewable: Lithium promises revival for dying California inland sea
96 Revitalizing batteries by bringing 'dead' lithium back to life
97 Seeing the plasma edge of fusion experiments in new ways with artificial intelligence
98 Bringing the Sun into the lab
99 Helping to make nuclear fusion a reality
100 Hong Kong ban on ivory sales comes into force
101 Chilean zoo jabs big cats, orangutan against COVID-19
102 Elephant tramples Zimbabwean woman and baby
103 Assessing Perseverance's Seventh Sample Collection
104 Prestwick Spaceport Files Planning Application Notice
105 China's lunar rover travels over 1km on the moon
106 Perseverance set to exit Seitah area
107 Shouzhou XIII crew finishes cargo spacecraft, space station docking test
108 Arianespace consolidates leadership in commercial market with 15 Ariane, Soyuz and Vega launches in 2021
109 Eccentric exoplanet discovered
110 Two new satellites mark further enlargement of Galileo
111 Arianespace to launch eight new Galileo satellites
112 Hubble sees cosmic clues in a galactic duo