File Title
1 Euroconsult predicts highest government space budgets in decades despite COVID
2 US Govt. orders Polyakov to sell entire Firefly Aerospace stake
3 NASA to host coverage for Webb Telescope's final unfolding
4 FAST detects coherent interstellar magnetic field with a technique conceived at Arecibo
5 NASA plans coverage of Webb Space Telescope Deployments
6 NASA's Webb Telescope Keeping Cool with Ultra-thin DuPont Kapton Polyimide Films
7 Life could be thriving in the clouds of Venus
8 Sending Life to the Stars
9 FAU scientist aims to ensure microbe-free Mars samples
10 Experiments show algae can survive in Mars-like environment
11 Loft Orbital extends production agreement with LeoStella
12 SpaceX successfully completes first launch of 2022 from Florida
13 Why the Webb Telescope doesn't have deployment cameras
14 Webb telescope fully deploys sunshield in mission milestone: NASA
15 France sees new nuclear reactors online from 2035
16 Germany to close nuclear reactors despite energy crisis
17 Belgium will close all nuclear reactors by 2025
18 'Ocean battery' targets renewable energy dilemma
19 Share of German energy from renewables to fall in 2021
20 Tesla's cameras-only autonomous system stirs controversy
21 General Motors unveils electric Silverado, its top-selling truck
22 Ford to nearly double production of electric F-150 pickup
23 EVs accounted for two-thirds of new cars in Norway in 2021
24 China to scrap subsidies for electric vehicles
25 'Opt for cycling': French car ads must back alternatives
26 US, Russian defense chiefs speak as Ukraine tensions simmer
27 Japan, Australia sign defense treaty with eyes on China
28 Putin and Erdogan vow to improve ties after tensions
29 Dalai Lama's last escort on 1959 escape from Tibet dies
30 UN Security Council to meet Monday on N. Korean missile launch
31 Fire power: North Korea's nuclear weapons programme
32 Japan extends US military support amid China, N. Korea 'challenges'
33 Beauty is only skin deep in China 'micro-procedure' craze
34 Beijing's smog woes cast pall over 'green' Winter Olympics
35 Most countries may see annual heat extremes every second year: study
36 Western Canada sees record-high winter temperature
37 S. Leone capital's 'heat officer' makes helping poor a priority
38 Robot tractors may be heading to a farm near you
39 Amazon helps develop Alexa-like Callisto system for Artemis moon mission
40 NUS engineers bring a soft touch to commercial robotics
41 Dutch cow farmers face tough climate choices
42 Three people missing in Colorado wildfire
43 One found, two feared dead as towns smolder from Colorado wildfire
44 Colorado wildfire took hold 'in blink of an eye': governor
45 Heavy snows to hit Colorado after wildfires destroyed hundreds of homes
46 Denmark aims for all domestic flights to be green by 2030
47 UK sets New Year's Day temperature record
48 CES show highlights: Robo-dogs, self-sailing boat, brain tech
49 Work(out) from home: Pandemic fuels online exercise boom
50 As health concerns rise, car gadgets proliferate
51 Defibrillator drone helps save Swedish heart attack patient
52 Metaverse gets touch of reality at CES
53 Ammonia and paper: Sustainability ideas at CES tech show
54 Samsung Electronics forecasts 52.5% jump in Q4 profits on record sales
55 Trump social network expects February 21 launch
56 'Ocean battery' targets renewable energy dilemma
57 Tesla's cameras-only autonomous system stirs controversy
58 Dozens of Hong Kong politicians sent to quarantine after birthday party
59 Hong Kong officials to leave quarantine after false positive
60 Strong quake hits China's Qinghai province: USGS
61 At least 16 dead in SW China building collapse
62 Washington reaffirms support for Lithuania against China
63 Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou to direct Olympic ceremony again
64 Sri Lanka bows to Chinese pressure over fertiliser
65 Anti-graft agency probes China insurance tycoon
66 China offers Maldives medical aid, visa concessions
67 Russian rocket is in uncontrolled descent to Earth
68 Debris from failed Russian rocket falls into sea near French Polynesia
69 With great space power comes great responsibility
70 Japan space tourist eyes Mariana Trench trip after ISS
71 North Korea says it tested hypersonic missile
72 New research questions 'whiff of oxygen' in Earth's early history
73 Earth's first giant
74 Tiangong's robotic arm performs well in test
75 Creepy meets cool in humanoid robots at CES tech show
76 Metaverse gets touch of reality at CES
77 SwRI scientist helps simulate how our solar system formed from rings
78 Three rings to bind them in ancient cosmic history
79 A gigantic lane made of raw material for new stars
80 MIRI Instrument Marks a First Milestone in Space
81 Webb Secondary Mirror Deployment Confirmed
82 Scalable, high-speed avionics for safety-critical space applications
83 The nuclear non-proliferation treaty at a glance
84 Iran detects new 'realism' from West in nuclear talks
85 World powers make rare pledge to prevent nuclear weapons spread
86 China will continue to 'modernise' nuclear arsenal: foreign ministry
87 China says US and Russia must reduce stockpiles after nuclear statement
88 North Korea says it tested hypersonic missile
89 France sees new nuclear reactors online from 2035
90 Tehran to Seoul: Don't wait to release frozen funds
91 France, Germany 'agree to disagree' on nuclear power
92 Japan extends US military support amid China, N. Korea 'challenges'
93 Norwegian conscripts to wear hand-me-down underwear
94 NATO allies consult ahead of Russia talks
95 Cambodian prime minister visits coup-hit Myanmar
96 NATO says 'real' risk of Ukraine attack as readies Russia talks
97 US, NATO take firm line ahead of Russia talks on Ukraine
98 Biden names Kurilla to lead Central Command
99 Gunmen in Iraq wound two trying to stop Soleimani memorial
100 Tehran rally demands justice on anniversary of jet downing
101 Turkey urges against 'provocative acts' before US-Russia talks
102 Space Station research during 2021
103 Biden administration extends ISS operations through 2030
104 CES tech fair opens under pandemic shadow
105 Nibbling cats and COVID masks: First look at CES tech show
106 Bezos' Blue Origin teams up with U.S. military 'rocket cargo' program
107 Astra Space faces critics, skeptics as it plans Florida launch
108 NASA releases autonomous flight termination unit software to industry
109 Rogozin says Baikonur security strengthened amid Kazakhstan protests
110 Chinese Mars mission sends photos of the Red Planet