File Title
1 Retire on campus? Colleges find community with intergenerational living.
2 From activism to electoral politics: Five Navajo women on the rise
3 Supreme Court says clinics can challenge Texas abortion law
4 Smash-and-grabs, California, and the limits of criminal justice reform
5 'National Champions' asks: Should college athletes be paid?
6 Pollution is starving Florida manatees. Can this plan feed them?
7 Recovery efforts begin after night of 'incredible' storms across five states
8 G-7 ministers warn Russia against any Ukraine invasion
9 California governor models Texas abortion law to ban gun sales
10 Kentucky candle factory: More survivors found safe after tornado
11 Points of Progress [Dec 13]
12 Difference Maker
13 Russia saber rattling gets the West talking. Is a deal with NATO next?
14 A decade in, Kim Jong Un's challenges ruling North Korea mount
15 Party of one: Why record numbers of Americans are going it alone
16 Mississippi quilting display remembers victims of racial violence
17 'I had fun lol': How social media is shaping January 6 riot sentences
18 Room for everyone: Tribal college expands its reach
19 A Christmas tree for Mrs. Mueller
20 Can expats be lured back? Why these Latvians are coming home.
21 Migrants surge into Chile ahead of presidential election
22 Did deal ending Sudan coup leave Sudanese out of the picture?
23 A lesson in tornadoes' wake: Warnings work, but human response is key
24 No more long waits? Biden's executive order may ease bureaucracy.
25 What $380 million settlement in sex abuse scandal means for US gymnasts
26 Time to be clear on Taiwan? 'Strategic ambiguity' faces test.
27 Why more women are taking on leadership roles in Hinduism
28 France's textile capital tries eco-friendly fashion to get back in style
29 Will the child tax credit expire? Congress is racing the clock.
30 House votes Meadows in contempt for resisting January 6 investigation
31 'Guilty, your honor': Chauvin admits to violating Floyd's civil rights
32 New computer security flaw has the world on edge. Here's why.
33 Cosmic vision: What secrets NASA's space telescope might reveal
34 How high schoolers in Mississippi are restoring oyster reefs
35 Climate worry meets gas-price anxiety. Can US really ditch fossil fuels?
36 Settler attacks on Palestinians soar, challenging Israeli coalition
37 Gig contractor or employee? Delivery drivers seek rights worldwide.
38 'You can persevere': Young Americans most optimistic about future
39 Remembering bell hooks, a beacon of light--for Black women and beyond
40 Full belly laughs: How a comedy influencer is feeding thousands
41 January 6, and the larger plan to overturn the election
42 How lawyers and real estate agents are bridging housing inequity
43 Biden surveys tornado damage, promises support for victims
44 From 'King Richard' to 'Gunda': The 10 best films of 2021
45 Points of Progress [Dec 17]
46 Free speech in Afghanistan? Who is silenced by Taliban, and why.
47 NATO says 'yes, but' to Ukraine; 'no, but' to Putin
48 How two Hungarian sisters are using fashion to uplift Roma culture
49 Britain fixed homelessness during lockdown--briefly. Can it do it again?
50 Can blocking imports from Xinjiang protect China's Uyghurs?
51 Colombian chefs aim to decolonize national diet--with the coca leaf
52 All 17 US missionaries in Haiti freed after months in hostage
53 Threats of school violence on TikTok spur educators into action
54 Islamic states try to feed Afghans without helping Taliban
55 Rescue efforts continue in Philippines after Typhoon Rai
56 Why voters in Chile elected a young, leftist president
57 Sen. Joe Manchin 'can't' back $2 trillion Biden bill. Final answer?
58 Points of Progress [Dec 20]
59 'We cannot allow it': Poles protest curbs on media freedom
60 The people's choice? Beijing loyalists win Hong Kong elections.
61 Is China ensnaring poor countries by building their infrastructure?
62 Rwanda keeps the peace in Mozambique. Why?
63 Reading, writing, and cybersecurity: Education for the digital age
64 As English cricket tackles racism, can soccer show the way?
65 A truth commission was the easy part. Now, Gambia seeks reconciliation.
66 Pentagon issues new rules to keep extremism out of the military
67 In 'giant step' toward climate goals, EPA raises vehicle standards
68 Originalism moves from theory to high court. What that means for US.
69 The snow is fake but the smiles are real: Welcome to Christmas Con
70 What our wishes for 2022 tell us: A letter from Times Square
71 Don't pitch those peels, recycle them: California's new food-waste law
72 Indian anti-terror law snags more than terrorists
73 Why the '70s are a blueprint--but not a destiny--for the 2020s
74 Biden shifts US plan to address surge in COVID-19 cases
75 Harvard nanoscientist found guilty of hiding money from China
76 FBI informant describes life undercover with the KKK in Florida
77 Can New York's new mayor put the practical in progressive?
78 Iran nuclear talks: Is US following path that failed with North Korea?
79 Hollywood is taking steps to diversify behind the camera. How is it going?
80 Sun-Man revived: Meet a pioneer of multicultural superheroes
81 Webb Space Telescope: How is it different from Hubble?
82 Desmond Tutu: Anti-apartheid icon and moral compass for a nation
83 Polish president vetoes media bill threatening US company
84 At the airport, I'm overtaken by grace
85 What do you call leftovers and byproducts?
86 Russian court shuts down Memorial, a renowned human rights group
87 Working across the aisle, lawmakers deliver wins for North Carolina
88 Points of Progress [Dec 31]
89 Fifth graders as futurists: Imagining the world in 20 years
90 New Year's reflections: How catastrophes invite us to change and grow
91 Lessons from Colorado fire: Climate change and new buildings
92 Betty White: A legacy of saucy joy that never grew old
93 Why it takes a Mexican village to bring a fish back from extinction
94 Struggle for democracy in Sudan continues as PM Hamdok resigns
95 January 6 committee prepares findings on Trump's election challenge
96 Will Biden stay the course toward nuclear disarmament?
97 School lunch: How Mary's Meals nourishes young minds worldwide
98 'How can I help?' After fire, Coloradans' generosity lifts neighbors.
99 Rome in the dark? Bike tours of buried quarry offer new view of city.
100 Two women of opposing faiths unite to protect sacred Candomble space
101 Why this climate-resilient coffee may be just what farmers need
102 One polarized town finds face-to-face civility in a local cafe
103 'It is our time now': First Cambodian American mayor sworn in
104 Is America still the model for democracy? Allies aren't so sure.
105 In wake of January 6, US military struggles to curb extremism
106 Save at-risk owls by culling rivals? Tough choices in US Northwest.