File Title
1 'The sky doesn't collapse.' A filmmaker explores gay life in Kenya.
2 UK and France are butting heads over migration. Is Brexit to blame?
3 Two women of opposing faiths unite to protect sacred Candomble space
4 Rome in the dark? Bike tours of buried quarry offer new view of city.
5 Why this climate-resilient coffee may be just what farmers need
6 A pardon for the past: Louisiana honors civil rights pioneer Plessy
7 How teachers plan to talk to their students about January 6
8 Are there lessons to be learned from Virginia's snowy gridlock?
9 Elizabeth Holmes' conviction: A Silicon Valley cautionary tale?
10 In wake of January 6, US military struggles to curb extremism
11 EVs: Coming on like Lightning?
12 Restoring harmony to an unruly classroom
13 One reason to trust in democracy's resilience
14 New year, new thinking
15 One neighborhood reaches for resilience: A letter from Chicago
16 What inflation looks like for two Texas families
17 How these workers turned the 'Great Resignation' into better careers
18 Facing pressure to act on inflation, governments worldwide respond
19 Why economists think inflation could drop in the new year
20 Save at-risk owls by culling rivals? Tough choices in US Northwest.
21 Why it takes a Mexican village to bring a fish back from extinction
22 Don't pitch those peels, recycle them: California's new food-waste law
23 Climate worry meets gas-price anxiety. Can US really ditch fossil fuels?
24 How high schoolers in Mississippi are restoring oyster reefs
25 New computer security flaw has the world on edge. Here's why.
26 Why Rohingya refugees are suing Facebook for $150 billion in US court
27 As Twitter CEO steps down, company looks forward to the future
28 Facebook whistleblower says metaverse adds more privacy concerns
29 Could 3D printing help solve the housing crisis?
30 Webb Space Telescope: How is it different from Hubble?
31 Cosmic vision: What secrets NASA's space telescope might reveal
32 Asteroid blasting and moon dust mitigation: You can major in that
33 As lava flows, Spain's volcano offers a rare look at Earth's core
34 Russian missile test pushes space junk swirling near astronauts
35 Words of the Year evoke the preoccupations of 2021
36 Betty White: A legacy of saucy joy that never grew old
37 At the airport, I'm overtaken by grace
38 What do you call leftovers and byproducts?
39 Hollywood is taking steps to diversify behind the camera. How is it going?
40 Restoring harmony to an unruly classroom
41 For Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, memoir as resistance
42 Picasso painted with passion, intensity, and utter disregard
43 Do Great Books still matter? For Roosevelt Montas, they are essential.
44 Capping off the year with the 10 best books of December
45 For designer William Morris, beauty was key to happiness
46 'Nuclear blackmail'? Restrictions in Iran deal remain unclear.
47 How one Afghan province persisted in opening high school for girls
48 Honduras elects first female president as rival concedes
49 Shoots of democracy: Gambia's first election without dictator on ballot
50 As voters get angrier, local officials bear the brunt
51 Food insecurity rises in US military ranks. So does honesty about it.
52 It's likely Mississippi's abortion law will stand. What's next?
53 California law says corporate boards need women. Is that legal?
54 The Taliban won. So why, and who, are they still fighting?
55 Laos-China railway opens. Who is going to benefit?
56 Germany admits to genocide in Namibia. Should reparations follow?
57 Can Biden's Summit for Democracy restore shrinking freedoms?
58 Will Stacey Abrams become America's first Black female governor?
59 As US faces new COVID variant, calls for patience and prudence
60 As lava flows, Spain's volcano offers a rare look at Earth's core
61 How citizen observers saved Honduran democracy from violence
62 Climate change not behind famine in Madagascar, scientists say
63 UAE increases air power, signs $18 billion weapons deal with France
64 Global vaccine equity: Calls rise to put principle into practice
65 'Taking back our culture': Ojibwe values spur animal welfare
66 Senate agrees on bipartisan funding bill, avoids shutdown
67 Student loan safety net needs mending: How simplifying can help
68 Germany's new coalition government takes shape with Sunday vote
69 Family loyalty over media ethics? Why CNN fired Chris Cuomo
70 Bob Dole leaves legacy as battler, for wounded vets and disabled
71 Three questions: How often are parents charged in school shootings?
72 For Palestinians, terror label takes a toll on humanitarian work
73 On wildfire patrol: Volunteers gauge success by blazes that don't start
74 Tensions flare in France as far-right candidate's platform grows
75 EU cooperation with Libya on migrants marred by 'inhumane' treatment
76 Myanmar court convicts Aung San Suu Kyi. What's next?
77 Why it's not just global supply holding women back from vaccines
78 String of teen shootings near Denver drives efforts for reform
79 Penobscots use film to retell history of Indigenous killings
80 A city girl's epiphany splitting wood
81 Wings and a prayer: Monarch surge brings hope for butterfly recovery
82 Can comedy help us achieve a kinder society?
83 A Christian Science Perspective
84 Business over tradition: UAE adopts Western work week
85 Political neutrality? China says US violates Olympics spirit with boycott.
86 Can neighborliness fight off pandemic polarization? Vermont says yes.
87 Biden administration takes on Texas in redistricting lawsuit
88 Emmett Till's case closes again with calls for justice unanswered
89 The case that could breach the wall between church and state
90 How charging parents in a school shooting could change the conversation
91 Finding their voice, and a gracious way of giving (animation)
92 Asteroid blasting and moon dust mitigation: You can major in that
93 New German chancellor Scholz launches post-Merkel era
94 Brazilian 'wonder berry' offers farmers and the Amazon a future
95 After defeat: Lessons learned coaching high school football
96 Why GOP is stepping up fight against vaccine mandates
97 Democracy under siege? At summit, there's more to the story.
98 How Native Americans are using video games to foster connection
99 Why Rohingya refugees are suing Facebook for $150 billion in US court
100 Plastic as fuel? Why 'advanced' recycling gets mixed reviews.
101 Points of Progress
102 Vaccine choice follows politics in US. Why doesn't it in Germany?
103 New Zealand government proposes ambitious plan to end smoking
104 Beauty pageant boycott: Why Miss South Africa is on her own in Israel
105 Preventing accidental war: Guardrails among superpowers can help
106 More nations join Olympic diplomatic boycott. Will that matter?
107 How Biden plans to lower the heat in Russia-Ukraine conflict
108 Spielberg's 'West Side Story': A remake that's a rethink, too
109 Reefs are in serious trouble. Can lab-raised corals help?
110 Political breakup: Nicaragua allies with China, ices out Taiwan