File Title
1 ESA's Trace Gas Orbiter Finds Water in Martian Canyon System
2 Fourteen New Shrew Species Discovered in Indonesia
3 Sauropod Dinosaurs Preferred to Live in Warmer, More Tropical Regions
4 Hubble Spots Young Cluster in Large Magellanic Cloud
5 Toxic Microbes Helped Cause and Prolong End-Permian Marine Mass Extinction, Study Suggests
6 Juno Records 'Sounds' of Jupiter's Moon Ganymede
7 Scientists Sequence Genome of Coast Redwood
8 New Bird-Like Dinosaur Species Unearthed on Isle of Wight
9 Study: Neanderthals Transformed Landscapes 125,000 Years Ago
10 Hayabusa-2 Sample Reveals New Information about Asteroid Ryugu
11 Fossil of Giant Millipede Unearthed in England
12 Clouds of Venus May Be More Habitable than Previously Thought
13 Daily Consumption of 85% Dark Chocolate May Improve Your Mood
14 Paleontologists Find Exceptionally Preserved Embryo inside 70-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Egg
15 NASA's and ESA's Sun-Studying Missions Observe Comet Leonard
16 New Caledonian Crows Prefer Hooked Stick Tools, Safely Store Them Underfoot or in Holes
17 Astronomers Find at Least 70 Free-Floating Exoplanets in Nearby Star-Forming Region
18 HAT-P-11b Has Strong Magnetosphere, Metal-Poor Atmosphere
19 Iodine from Desert Dust Decreases Ozone Air Pollution, New Study Shows
20 Spectacular Artifacts Found in Two Ancient Shipwrecks
21 Radio Astronomers Spot Bipolar Outflow from Centaurus A's Supermassive Black Hole
22 NASA's DART Spacecraft Captures Its First Images
23 244-Million-Year-Old Giant Ichthyosaur Unearthed in Nevada
24 Scientists Turn Carbon Nanotubes into Tiny Transistors
25 Physicists Create New Isotope of Magnesium
26 Astronomers Snap New Radio Image of Small Magellanic Cloud
27 Webb Launches to Study Universe in Infrared
28 Hubble Space Telescope Views Lonely Spiral Galaxy
29 Trace Gas Orbiter Finds Water Ice in Martian Polar Crater
30 New Study Shows How Dormant Toxoplasma Parasites Manipulate Neurons to Survive
31 ASIM Detects Huge Pulsating Flare from Extragalactic Magnetar
32 Earth and Other Terrestrial Planets Formed from Inner Solar System Material, Study Suggests
33 High-Sucrose Diet during Adolescence May Contribute to Pathogenesis of Psychiatric Disorders
34 Scientists Find Ancient Hominin and Animal DNA in Cave Sediments
35 High-Resolution Atlas of Pacific Ocean's Oxygen Deficient Zones Created
36 Chandra Spots Four Cavities in Center of Galaxy Cluster
37 Study: Feral Horses Form Complex Multilevel Societies
38 European Wine Grapes Originated in Western Asia, Study Suggests
39 Faroe Islands Were Settled Before Vikings Arrived, New Research Shows
40 New Meteorological Phenomenon Discovered: Atmospheric Lakes
41 Paleontologists Identify New Species of Long-Necked Dinosaur
42 Hubble Space Telescope Observes Conjunction of Two Spiral Galaxies
43 Ultralow-Velocity Zones are Leftovers from Early Earth's Magma Ocean, New Study Suggests
44 Giant New Species of Begonia Discovered in Tibet
45 Archaeologists Find 800-Year-Old Figurine of Falconer in Norway
46 Triassic Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in Wales
47 TESS Spots Mysterious Dust-Emitting Object in Binary Stellar System
48 Researchers Sequence Genome of Lychee
49 The year in tech: Space tourism lifts off, NFTs go mainstream and Big Tech faces reckoning
50 Space telescope launched on daring quest to behold 1st stars
51 Spanish eruption's end brings 'emotional relief,' rebuilding
52 Louisiana researchers ID 14 new shrew species on Sulawesi
53 Edward O. Wilson, biologist known as 'ant man,' dead at 92
54 Thomas Lovejoy, biologist who championed biodiversity, dies
55 Zuckerberg buys more Hawaii land, including deadly dam site
56 China pursues tech 'self-reliance,' fueling global unease
57 US-Apple-Apps-Top-10
58 The AP Interview: Japanese tourist says space trip 'amazing'
59 'So difficult': Winter snow, cold slam Northwest and Sierra
60 China calls on US to protect space station from satellites
61 China urges US to protect its space station from satellites
62 Autonomous trucker TuSimple logs first no-human road test
63 New Mexico tribes concerned about plan to power nuclear lab
64 Another round of snow before thaw comes to frigid Northwest
65 Tesla Model 3 recall over rear camera connection
66 CES gadget show shortened to 3 days; some big tech stay away
67 Pizza, mutant apes and a sea of NFTs: Web3 is here
68 Kenyan paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey dies at 77
69 Tesla says it delivered record 936K vehicles in 2021, up 87%
70 AT&T, Verizon reject U.S. request to delay 5G wireless plans
71 NASA's new space telescope 'hunky-dory' after problems fixed
72 NASA estimates metrics of exploding meteor that shook ground
73 CES gadget show stages a wary return amid COVID-19
74 Live updates: Virus forces changes in Vegas gadget gathering
75 Taking a step back: US colleges returning to online classes
76 Live updates: France demands masks for 11- to 6-year-olds
77 Thousands gather to oppose Dutch virus measures despite ban
78 Judge blocks COVID vaccine mandate for Head Start program
79 5 ways to deal with anxiety during the holidays amid the omicron surge
80 UK makes omicron contingency plans for hospitals, schools
81 Disabled community 'left behind' in vaccine rollout one year later
82 Live updates: 2,500 US flights canceled due to storms, virus
83 Prime Minister Morrison upbeat amid Australia virus surge
84 Fauci: CDC mulling COVID test requirement for asymptomatic
85 How will pandemic end? Omicron clouds forecasts for endgame
86 Schools adapt for return from break as COVID-19 cases surge
87 Sheep, goats join in German efforts to encourage vaccination
88 British PM: Health service under strain, but no new measures
89 FDA expands Pfizer boosters for more teens as omicron surges
90 FDA authorizes Pfizer COVID-19 boosters for 12- to 15-year olds
91 How students are returning to school during newest COVID-19 surge
92 Congress' doctor wants 'maximal telework' amid virus surge
93 Starbucks says employees must get vaccine or test weekly
94 Do at-home COVID-19 tests detect the omicron variant?
95 Man accused of orchestrating $4.2 million COVID relief fraud scheme
96 Live updates: Oregon reports over 9K new cases after holiday
97 US close to ending buried nuke waste cleanup at Idaho site
98 Omicron upends return to US schools and workplaces
99 Nurses ratify new contract, end nearly 10-month strike
100 Violence flares at pandemic protests in Germany
101 In locked down Chinese city, some complain food hard to get
102 Vaccine lotteries did not help increase rates of shots: Study
103 French presidential contenders adapt campaign to pandemic
104 COVID outbreak in Belgian research station in Antarctica
105 COVID case counts may be losing importance amid omicron
106 Former Theranos CEO Holmes convicted of fraud and conspiracy
107 England sees no need for further restrictions--for now
108 GOP governors accuse Biden of controlling the supply of COVID treatments. The alternative could be a bidding war.
109 France sees record 271,000 coronavirus cases in single day
110 Navy blocked from acting against 35 COVID vaccine refusers
111 Live updates: France reports record-high 271,686 virus cases
112 What will Silicon Valley learn from Holmes' conviction?
113 Chicago plans to cancel classes if union votes for remote
114 Biden urges concern, not alarm as omicron rises
115 How monoclonal antibodies work against omicron variant
116 Breakthrough COVID-19 infections and deaths rose during delta, but far outpaced by the unvaccinated
117 What the CDC's latest COVID-19 quarantine recommendations mean for you