File Title
1 Building the molecules of life in the lab
2 Might microbes mine the Moon and Mars?
3 Viruses inhabit even the deepest depths of the ocean!
4 Teaching a computer to play the game Go is difficult
5 How do climate scientists make regional projections?
6 Can hidden sulfur cycling influence greenhouse gas emissions in wetlands?
7 Using Reishi mushrooms to filter methane out of the atmosphere
8 What is direct heating and how does it impact our future?
9 A new kind of battery that removes carbon dioxide from the air
10 Symbiotic fungi can save farm crops during droughts
11 A new model for predicting human population growth
12 Oxygen, nitrogen, and what happens when biology gets involved
13 The migration of monarchs has been disrupted
14 Cyanobacteria can teach us about climate adaptation
15 Hulk-like microorganisms in soil can survive high levels of gamma radiation
16 Does the age of grapes impact the smell of your wine?
17 What kind of bacteria will eat you when you die?
18 What influences the flavor of different wines?
19 For a Cooler Climate, Just Add Ice
20 Climate change alters cast of winter birds
21 Will climate change eliminate the ice age cycle?
22 Long-term effects of climate change facilitated by studying climate relicts
23 Expansion of Mediterranean hermit crabs into the North Sea thanks to climate change
24 Deep ocean communities impacted by changing climate
25 How does damaged DNA repair itself?
26 Scientists analyze the domino effect of breast cancer escalation
27 Shrinking ovarian tumors with personalized medicine
28 A personalized vaccine to treat ovarian cancer
29 Why do some breast cancer cells survive treatment?
30 New research finds negative effects of chemotherapy on kids
31 Smart robots could automatically identify Mars rocks
32 How can we search for life as we don't know it?
33 Can traps be an alternative to pesticides in aquatic farms?
34 The connection between puberty, body mass, and nutrition
35 How old and young people react to the Prisoner's Dilemma
36 Hundred-year-old dirt may be able to help restore damaged desert
37 Scientists use bacteria to remove uranium from polluted water
38 Artificial intelligence can learn to play a complex war game
39 Can a computer learn to play Settlers of Catan?
40 Just how nutritious are broccoli microgreens?
41 Can the Mediterranean Diet reduce Alzheimer's Disease risk?
42 Why your body thinks that spicy food is "hot"
43 Is lettuce grown in space nutritious and safe to eat?
44 Warming oceans are having an unexpected effect on certain fish
45 Mosquitos are more common in poorly kept-up neighborhoods
46 Researchers propose making concrete with human bodily fluids
47 Mars could host a deep underground biosphere
48 Searching for the first light of fireflies
49 Deep-ocean rocks mimic early Mars
50 Tardigrades help us understand if rocks can be vehicles for life
51 Are some people affected by touch differently than others?
52 Stem cells may be the key to saving white rhinos from extinction
53 Is your child a picky eater?
54 Essential oil-coated fabrics repel bacteria and mosquitoes
55 Medicare eligibility improves health care access
56 Intelligent life might be rare
57 First real-life trial of monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19
58 The shape of the continents is not a coincidence
59 Competent bosses make happier employees
60 A new method of detecting extraterrestrial life
61 How does testosterone relate to competitiveness?
62 How COVID-19 has affected mental health in the US
63 Are mRNA vaccines safe for pregnant women?
64 The first climbing robot for Mars
65 Could the "overview effect" calm political polarization?
66 Students inspired to study science by participating in real NASA missions
67 Learning about space motivates students to pursue science
68 Babies learn about eye contact early in life
69 Chess might help you become better at math, but not for the reasons you think.
70 Growing plants on the surface of the Moon and Mars
71 Breeding more nutritious Pacific oysters
72 Disease-causing bacteria can grow on hydroponic microgreen mats
73 Using Essential Oils to Preserve Delicate Fish Fillets
74 An electric tongue helps researchers study fish flavors
75 We must go deeper: Submerging net cages for healthier fish
76 When it comes to buying seafood, there are five kinds of people. Which one are you?
77 Implanting sensors in fish to monitor their stress levels in the wild
78 You may be getting catfished by catfish
79 Increasing Muscle Mass in Fish with Gene Editing
80 Three for the Price of One: Testing Sustainable Aquaculture Systems
81 Are Pink Salmon the Key to Better Fish Farming?
82 Farmed Fish Need More Exercise to Out-Swim Wild Fish
83 Smart farms should clean their greens
84 Cheese, wine, and...fungi?
85 Edible food packaging may cut down on waste
86 Saving Sushi: Groundbreaking Progress in Bluefin Tuna Farming
87 Pesticide exposure is harmful for queen bees
88 New Study Elaborates on What Aquarium Owners Already Know
89 Is Organic Farming Really Better? It Depends.
90 Growing plants with colored light changes their nutrient content
91 People power in Kenya greatly improves local fisheries
92 Decline in Fish Stocks at Puget Sound Hurts Diving Birds
93 Using radio signals from exoplanets to detect magnetic fields
94 Mysterious gas found near Milky Way's center
95 A different kind of child star
96 Neptune-sized planet could be the exposed core of a far-away gas giant
97 We can learn about life on other planets by studying viruses
98 Bacteria protect each other in space!
99 Building blocks of life may have formed from non-living matter
100 What is a fish's favorite color?
101 Fungi may be able to help clean up polluted water
102 Could "Fools' Gold" have helped build the first proteins?
103 What beached whales can teach us about antibiotic resistance
104 Scientists debunk what we knew about sperm movement
105 One way that oxygen can damage our DNA
106 3D Brain model shows how the herpes virus can trigger Alzheimer's disease
107 Is oxytocin to blame for mood swings from birth control?
108 Muscles lost in our adult primate ancestors still appear in humans
109 Fungi influence the recovery of pollutants in the environment
110 Tiny green organisms could have a big impact on polluted environments
111 Which came first, the cysteine or the egg?
112 A special kind of bacteria lets cement fix itself