File Title
1 Scouting Active Supermassive Black Holes with NASA's Webb Space Telescope
2 New Artificial Intelligence System Enables Machines that See the World More like Humans Do
3 Rapidly Adjusting Moderna and Pfizer mRNA COVID Vaccines: How Scientists Can Update Coronavirus Vaccines for Omicron
4 Community Genetic Editing--Using CRISPR to Modify Genes in Multiple Cell Types Simultaneously
5 Keto Diet May Not Work for Women--Here's What Works Better
6 How TIMED Flies: NASA Upper Atmosphere Mission Celebrates 20th Anniversary
7 UCLA Breakthrough Points Way to Longer-Lasting COVID Vaccine
8 A Deadly Day on Mount Semeru: Destructive Rivers of Debris on Indonesian Volcano
9 Single "Lucky" Substrain of Delta Variant Accounts for 90% of COVID-19 Infections in Russia
10 Privately-Funded Venus Probe Will Search for Life in Clouds of Sulfuric Acid on Earth's Sibling Planet
11 Nationwide Study on Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness for Ages 12 to 18--"The Vaccine Works for Children!"
12 Ensuring that NASA's DART Kinetic Impactor Asteroid Deflector Hits Its Target
13 COVID Omicron Variant May Have "Significant" Capability to Evade Vaccine Protection--Even from Third Dose
14 Eating Daytime Meals May Reduce Health Risks Linked to Night Shift Work
15 Fate of Sinking Tectonic Plates Has Long Puzzled Scientists--Now They've Found an Answer
16 Tetra-Neutron Experiment: Understanding of Nuclear Forces Might Have to Be Significantly Changed
17 New Machine-Learning System Flags Medical Remedies that Might Do More Harm than Good
18 Discovery of Sub-Earth Planet: Ultra-Light and Super-Fast Exoplanet Is Not like Anything in Our Solar System
19 New Research Finds Potential Mechanism Linking Autism and Intestinal Inflammation
20 Quantum Mechanics and Machine Learning Used to Accurately Predict Chemical Reactions at High Temperatures
21 Discovering Dark Matter: New Clue from Mysterious Clouds Circling Spinning Black Holes
22 Breakthrough Proof Clears Path for Quantum AI--Overcoming Threat of "Barren Plateaus"
23 Dinosaurs' Last Spring: Groundbreaking Study Pinpoints Timing of Chicxulub Asteroid Impact
24 Two Common Over-the-Counter Compounds Reduce COVID-19 Virus Replication by 99% in Early Testing
25 Team Behind NASA's Newest Mars Rover to Honor Persevering Students--Here's How to Nominate Students for Awards
26 Experimental mRNA HIV Vaccine Safe, Shows Promise in Animals--Uses Same Technology as COVID-19 Vaccines
27 The Uneven Universe: Cosmic Expansion and Einstein's Theory of General Relativity
28 Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole Still Smoldering Long After Powerful "Death-Ray" Beam Outburst
29 Towards Megatesla Magnetic Fields by Microtube Implosions
30 A Successful One-Way "Blind" Phone Call at Mars
31 Hubble Gazes Sidelong at a Galaxy Where a Supernova Was Discovered by Amateur Astronomers
32 New Deep Learning Model Could Accelerate the Process of Discovering New Medicines
33 Unorthodox "Exercise in a Pill" Could Offer Simple Solution to Those Incapable of Physical Activity
34 Missing Genetic Switch at the Origin of Malformations During Embryonic Development
35 Explaining "Invisible" Black Holes: How Stellar Winds Can Create Disks Around Black Holes
36 Luminescent Sensor Identifies Valuable Rare Earth Element Terbium in Unexpected Locations
37 Study Finds Probiotics Significantly Improve Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy
38 NASA's "Eyes on Asteroids" Reveals Our Near-Earth Object Neighborhood in Real-Time 3D
39 Zero Gravity Causes Flattening of the Eyeball--New High-Tech Sleeping Bag Could Solve Vision Issues in Space
40 Digital Interventions: Smartphone-Based Treatments Effective at Reducing Symptoms of Depression
41 Fecal Transplant Discovery Could Improve Care for Life-Threatening Infections
42 Split Photons--New Research Predicts the Existence of a Previously-Unimaginable Particle
43 Challenging Einstein's Greatest Theory in 16-Year Experiment--Theory of General Relativity Tested with Extreme Stars
44 Quantum Algorithms Bring Ions to a Standstill--Towards Even More Accurate Optical Atomic Clocks
45 Human Skin Lipids Repel Bed Bugs--Discovery Could Lead to New Pest Management Strategies
46 An Enemy Within: Researchers Discover How Pathogens Hide in Tissue
47 Seeing Farther: Webb Space Telescope Is Designed to Answer Fundamental Questions of the Universe
48 Stress Alone Can Lead to Excessive Drinking in Women--But Not Men
49 Fast-Forwarding Quantum Evolution: Physical Features Boost the Efficiency of Quantum Simulations
50 Cannabis Use Could Cause Harmful, Toxic Drug Interactions with Prescription Medications
51 Breakthrough AI Technique Enables Real-Time Rendering of Scenes in 3D from 2D Images
52 The Google Earth of Biology--Visually Stunning Tree of All Known Life Unveiled Online
53 Iconic Video Games: MIT Spinout Harmonix Keeps Innovating, with Lasting Impact
54 Evolution of Personhood: Earliest Adorned Female Infant Burial in Europe Reveals Significant Insights
55 NASA Begins Testing Robotics for Daring Space Mission to Bring First Samples Back from Mars
56 Stellar "Ashfall" Could Help Distant Planets Grow--3D Simulation Provides Insights on Protoplanetary Mystery
57 Measuring Cancer Cell State Can Reveal Susceptibility to Variety of Cancer Drugs
58 Depressed COVID Patients Respond Much Better than Expected to SSRI Antidepressants
59 Satellites Spot Tornado Tracks Across Midwest--Severe Damage and at Least 100 People Killed
60 La Nina Returns for a Second Winter--El Nino's Cooler Sister
61 Watch Stars Race Around the Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole at Mind-Boggling Speeds
62 Debilitating Human Parasite--Worms that Grow Up to 3 Feet Long in the Body--Transmitted via Dogs Eating Fish
63 Soggy Autumn in the Pacific Northwest--Saturated Soil Across Western Washington and Southern British Columbia
64 Scientists Develop a New Molecule that Blocks COVID-19 Infection
65 Scientists Create "Time Machine" Made of Human Cells to Reverse Pancreatic Cancer Progression
66 Webb Space Telescope Placed on Top of Ariane 5 Rocket in Preparation for Launch
67 Kids Treated with Whole Plant Medicinal Cannabis Had 86% Reduction in Epileptic Seizure Frequency
68 COVID-19 Pandemic Associated with Higher Blood Pressure Across the United States
69 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Touches the Sun for the First Time--Bringing New Discoveries
70 Planet Hunters: ESA's New and Future Exoplanet Missions
71 Flawed Diamonds May Provide Perfect Interface for Quantum Computers--Faster and More Secure
72 New Research Finds Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine "Highly Effective" Against All SARS-CoV-2 Virus Variants
73 Newly Proven Physics: Smuggling Light Through Opaque Materials
74 Citizen Scientists Discover Young-Jupiter-Like Object Missed by Previous Exoplanet Searches
75 Many Schools Have High Lead Levels in Drinking Water--Researchers Have a Better Way to Identify Them
76 Super-Bright Extragalactic Stellar Explosion--"The Cow"--Is Likely a Dying Star Giving Birth to a Black Hole or Neutron Star
77 Making Apple Spirits--Such as Calvados and Applejack Brandy--Taste Better
78 Community, Faith and Public Violence: Mass Shootings Occur Less Frequently in Towns with More Religious Congregations
79 New Details Discovered About How Our Immune System Builds Long-Term Memory
80 Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Exotic Quantum Particles--Less Magnetic Field Required
81 How a Virus Transforms Immune Cells into Cancer
82 NASA to Launch 4 Fascinating Earth Science Missions in 2022--Monitoring Our Changing Planet
83 Anti-Aging: Scientists Discovered an Enzyme that Is Key to Why Exercise Improves Our Health
84 Is COVID-19 Here to Stay? Biologists Explain What It Means for a Virus to Become Endemic
85 Successful Xenotransplantation Surgery: Genetically Engineered Pig Kidney Transplanted to Human Body
86 Artificial Intelligence Can Generate Plausible, Entertaining, and Scientifically Interesting Titles for Research Articles
87 How to See Comet Leonard (Before It's Gone Forever)--According to the Researcher Who Discovered It
88 NASA Selects Axiom Space for Second Private Astronaut Mission to Space Station
89 Double Drop Test Success for ExoMars Mission Parachutes
90 Surprising Discoveries on Mars: NASA Presents New Findings from Perseverance Mars Rover
91 Giving Bug-Like Bots a Boost: New Artificial Muscles Improve the Performance of Flying Microrobots
92 Disappearing Lake Tuz: Large Lake Is Now Just a Puddle
93 Check Out the Amazing Science Experiments Riding to Space Station Aboard the 24th SpaceX Cargo Mission
94 Supermeres Nanoparticle Discovery: New Clues to Alzheimer's Disease, Cancer and COVID-19?
95 CDC Failure: Internal Investigation Finds Design Errors and Contamination in First Batch of COVID-19 Tests
96 Physicists Unlock Secret to Synchronization--From Flashing Fireflies to Cheering Crowds
97 Color-Sorting Metalenses Boost Imaging Sensitivity for Smartphones and Autonomous Vehicles
98 Theropod Dinosaur Jaws Evolved to Become Stronger--Allowing Them to Consume Tougher Food
99 Black Holes Could Be Dark Matter--And May Have Existed Since the Beginning of the Universe
100 Cough, Cough--Researchers May Have Discovered Why First COVID-19 Wave Spread So Fast in US and Europe
101 New Research Shows Prunes May Help Rein in Holiday Cravings
102 Solar Orbiter Has Already Made a Wealth of Science Discoveries
103 New Study Provides Reassuring Data on Myocarditis Heart Condition After mRNA COVID Vaccination
104 Emerging Mutations: Viral Evolution in Animals Could Reveal Future of COVID-19
105 ExoMars Discovers Hidden Water in Mars' Grand Canyon--The Largest Canyon in the Solar System
106 Shifting Sands, Creeping Soils--And a New Understanding of Landscape Evolution
107 To Find the Very Highest-Energy "Ghost" Particles in the Universe, a New Detector Will Soar Over Antarctica
108 Tropical Fish Shoals Disrupted by Ocean Acidification and Warming
109 Parker Solar Probe: For the First Time in History, a Spacecraft Has Touched the Sun
110 Testosterone Drives the Dark Side of Success: Meerkat Societies Fall Apart When Aggression Is Taken Away
111 Catching DART Asteroid Deflection Mission's First Words
112 Advanced New Catalysts for More Efficient Clean Hydrogen Production
113 The World's First Optical Oscilloscope--Game-Changing Innovation for Communication Technologies
114 New Research Shows Plants Are Photosynthesizing More in Response to More CO2 in the Atmosphere
115 First True Millipede Discovered--New Species with More than 1,000 Legs Found Deep Underground in Australia
116 Why Is Poop Brown? A Doctor Explains