File Title
1 Study: Shelf holding back key Antarctic glacier could break up in 5 years
2 Tracking down microplastics in Antarctica
3 Seagrass is not a miracle solution against climate change
4 Vulnerable to climate change, New York constructs seawall
5 Study confirms importance of Southern Ocean in absorbing carbon dioxide
6 Rising seas blamed as flooding hits Pacific islands
7 NASA selects second private astronaut mission to Space Station
8 Space Habitat Market size to grow by USD 94.92 Bn
9 Father's foundry job inspires Dr. Sharon Cobb to pursue NASA career path
10 ESA contract to advance Vega-C competitiveness
11 Launch of GeeSAT commercial satellites fails
12 New rocket test facility under construction in Scotland
13 NASA Completes Upper Part of Artemis II Core Stage
14 BWXT Delivers Fuel to NASA to Support Nuclear Thermal Propulsion
15 Microlauncher competition: first payload winners chosen
16 STOKE Space Raises $65 million Series A to Make Space Access Sustainable and Scalable
17 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Reaches a Total of 30 Minutes Aloft
18 Mars helicopter Ingenuity ready to fly again as radio link is restored
19 Locked in stone: Research may answer the question of Mars' missing water
20 Lower atmospheric processes are crucial to understanding Martian water loss
21 ExoMars discovers hidden water in Mars' Grand Canyon
22 New technologies make Chinese astronauts' in-orbit lives easier
23 On they march as China records 401st flight of Long March rocket family
24 China's Long March carrier rocket embarks on 400th mission
25 Investing recovery and resilience funds in space projects
26 New space economy ready to lift off thanks to Finnish innovation
27 Kepler Communications announces testing of Aether Network with Spire Global
28 Kleos' Patrol Mission Satellites Ready and Shipped to Launch Site
29 Understanding cobalt's human cost
30 New smart-roof coating enables year-round energy savings
31 Nike buys virtual sneaker firm as metaverse buzz grows
32 Technique enables real-time rendering of scenes in 3D
33 Oculus Observatory set to disrupt space situational awareness globally
34 Founding members of world's first independent space science mission confirmed
35 Stellar "ashfall" could help distant planets grow
36 New copper surface eliminates bacteria in just two minutes
37 US slaps visa restrictions on Congolese over wildlife trafficking
38 70 million years on earth, 40 years of decline: the endangered eel
39 Life arose on hydrogen energy
40 Newer, nimbler, faster: Venus probe will search for signs of life in clouds of sulfuric acid
41 NASA's Juno Spacecraft 'Hears' Jupiter's Moon
42 Deep Mantle Krypton Reveals Earth's Outer Solar System Ancestry
43 Cracking the mystery of nitrogen ice dynamics on Pluto
44 Planet decision that booted out Pluto is rooted in folklore, astrology
45 Sea level fall led to the decline of pre-Columbian societies 2,000 years ago
46 Farmed seafood supply at risk if climate change goes unaddressed, study predicts
47 Meet the Oystamaran
48 Opening a 50-year-old Christmas present from the Moon
49 Production of electricity on the Moon is in the hands of Estonians
50 Lunar robot wars
51 Advanced analysis of Apollo sample illuminates Moon's evolution, cooling
52 Spelunking on the moon: New study explores lunar pits and caves
53 Chinese Yutu-2 rover embarks on weeks-long 80-meter journey to reach Moon Cube
54 Mirror, mirror, on the Moon
55 Preparations underway for moon landing
56 CesiumAstro accelerates Active Phased Array Payload development for Lunar applications
57 DiCaprio and Lawrence big up science in doomsday comedy
58 Watching the Blink of a Star to Size Up Asteroids for NASA's Lucy Mission
59 Dinosaurs' last spring: Study pinpoints timing of Chicxulub asteroid impact
60 NASA's 'Eyes on Asteroids' Reveals Our Near-Earth Object Neighborhood
61 NASA Goddard helps ensure asteroid deflector hits target
62 Tiny meteors leave smoke in the atmosphere
63 Comet Leonard soon visible to naked eye?
64 NASA enters the Solar atmosphere for the first time
65 You can help scientists study the Sun
66 Parker Solar Probe data bolsters theories in long-running solar riddle
67 NASA's Parker Space Probe becomes 1st spacecraft to 'touch' the sun
68 China's FAST telescope detects over 500 new pulsars
69 Webb space telescope launch delayed: NASA
70 NASA's Webb Telescope will have the coolest camera in space
71 Webb telescope aims to answer astronomy's 'biggest questions'
72 Our Milky Way may be more fluffy, less wiry
73 IXPE Unfolds its Origami Boom for Science
74 Unveiling substructures at the edge of the Galaxy
75 Unique look at the self-destruction of a star is presented in 3D
76 Are black holes and dark matter the same
77 Super-bright stellar explosion is likely a dying star giving birth to a black hole or neutron star
78 Research reveals how plasma swirling around black holes can produce heat and light
79 NASA's IXPE X-ray telescope will study neutron stars, pulsars, black holes
80 Challenging Einstein's greatest theory with extreme stars
81 Einstein wins again
82 The tetra-neutron--experiment finds evidence for a long-sought particle comprising four neutrons
83 Astronomers Spy Quartet of Cavities from Giant Black Holes
84 Closing in on the first light in the Universe
85 Machine Learning decodes Tremors of the Universe
86 Einstein finally warms up to quantum mechanics?
87 Death toll passes 200 after Philippines typhoon
88 One in four Somalis face acute hunger due to drought: UN
89 Bleak outlook for drought-hit Iraqis: study
90 European stores pull products linked to Brazil deforestation
91 Soils in old-growth treetops can store more carbon than soils under our feet
92 England tree scheme takes root amid climate emergency
93 Colombian Amazon: casualty of peace
94 NASA-NOAA tech will aid marine oil spill response
95 Iran to cut oil output, prioritise defense in 2022-23 budget
96 Controversial North Sea oilfield project suspended
97 S. Africa energy minister defends oil exploration plans
98 US eyes NordStream pipeline as Russian pressure point over Ukraine
99 New study reconstructs preglacial topography of mid-North America for first time
100 Mammoths, Yukon wild horses survived thousands of years longer than believed
101 Solar-powered solutions on the farm
102 Solar parks could boost bumble bee numbers in a win-win for nature
103 Rocket Lab to acquire SolAero Holdings for its space solar power products
104 Rapid rise of decarbonization potentials of rooftop PV plus EVs in residential houses
105 Scientists propose novel bilayer structure for crystalline silicon solar cells
106 Microgrids and solar reduce risk of power outages
107 Seeds of crisis: Climate change, price hikes hit Dijon mustard
108 Europe's big meat and dairy firms accused of climate 'greenwash'
109 Brazil's unsung craft cheese winning fans in high places
110 China lifts embargo on Brazilian beef